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What does /a/ think of Blame?
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The anime seems to not be nearly as good as the manga.

I can definitely believe this because I watched the anime and fell asleep 10 minutes in waking up to one of kissanime's pop up ads
Manga is great, i haven't finished it yet as its a heavy read.
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I felt like the ending was pretty abrupt, but overall I liked it.

I'd really like to get the artbook one day too.

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what the fuck was the point of this character
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leave speedweed alone
He is the main character

Red hot blow-by-blow commentary

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Name a more catchy opening.
Protip: you can't
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Name a more catchy ending.
Protip: you can't
Kyuranger ED

fuck your protip, I just did


specify anime next time op, this isnt /a/
maid dragon
maid dragon

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What was this about
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Faeries and Paradogs
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The decline of human civilization.
Satire or something
That's what people say anyway

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Stream up
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Moar bikini pics n shieeet. Need more pawg ebina.

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So I just got done watching Charlotte for the first time after a friend told me about it, and I have to say I really liked it. Part of the reason why though was probably because of the main character. Too often does anime just have a main character, or cast of characters, that are so sweet and cheery that you'll get diabetes.

Yuu though was a complete asshole from the start. He used his power to just cheat through school and throughout the story as shit gets real anytime that he's left alone for too long he devolves into a self-absorbed spoiled prick that lashes out at the world like any 16 year old in his position possibly would

So /a/, I don't usually come here but I'd like to know what animes/mangos you know that have MCs, or at least leading characters that fall off from the stereotypical highschool student/young hero trope that most anime tend to push.

Keep in mind that even though I don't come here often I do read/watch some of the more popular shit that people tend to talk about. I'm up to speed with Berserk and Jojo, and I've even red Onani Master Kurosawa or Fap Note like some people like to call it I've gone as far as to actually read all the light novels for Oregairu after Season 1 aired.

Just don't give me Moeshit.
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Lurk for 2 years before posting on /a/ crossboarding newfy.
That one show romantic comedy snafu something, just search it
>and I've even red

Will KyoAni ever make another 20k+ seller? Or are their days of doing ridiculously successful shows over?
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I feel like they're as likely to do it as anyone else. Seems there's always some degree of luck and unpredictability involved

>torrenting manga when there's visually no difference compared to online scans
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Bait? It's not a matter of quality.
Gotta put it on my ereader somehow
Yeah I agree OP.

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Chapter 3 dump
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Thanks for the storytime
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>Rin fucks old men for money
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You're not even trying mate.
Tohsaka Rin pleases old men for money!
Not nearly as bad as saving a thumbnail
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So we all agree that Konata is the pinnacle of the "otaku girl" archetype, right?
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She was outclassed. I'm sorry.
Our queen!!
No Tomoko is. Konata actually socializes and has a job and isn't socially awkward at all.

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I just finished watching the series. What next, /a/? I'm curious to see End of Evangelion, but do I watch Death & Rebirth first or does it really matter?
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I wouldn't really bother with Death & Rebirth personally, just watch EoE.
thanks anon!
Nice dubs,
You don't need to watch death & rebirth, but you will not be prepared for the end.

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Greatest love story ever told
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I despise what he became, Ashton becoming what he despised most and not keeping his stalwart virtue even as a monster ruined it for me. But it producing this this conflict in me and it leaving me wondering what could have been is exactly what makes it a great story's end. So therefore fantastic writing.
11/10 would slaughter helpless villagers to breastfeed a cute vampire girl while also wanting to self insert as the hero that kills them both.
Best end. Loved how Ashton got so jelly at the end that he forsook humanity to be with his cute vampire waifu.
Which one has a dick?

>To Your Eternity 021 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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"Please feed my ryona/guro fetish" the thread.
nah, that's sick
I never saw the appeal of beating the shit out of girls and fapping to their bruises
guro is okay though
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what if its dudes?

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