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>Make cute girl who loves dead people and bones
>With younger man who loves her
>Already engaged her fiance

Why does Japan do this?
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God knows there's a lack of young protagonists getting the girl
I firmly believe that her fiancee doesn't exist at all. The reason his LN is selling like shit is exactly because of that
/ss/ doesn't sell.

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TWGOK belongs in a museum for how a series that started so great can become trash. Started to go downhill at the Goddess arc and was killed completely at the time travel arc
It ruined Wakaki's career for a reason.
Got any sales figures to back that up?

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I find it hard to start new anime or continue my backlog. I only really feel like rewatching K-On, and I pick a random episode or two every night. Is that weird?
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Too sexual.

Hey now, they're not supposed to be lewded.
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Just watched the episode where Mugi wants to get smacked.

My sides accelerated to escape velocity for basically the entire episode.

First episode with the new and I assume final OP/ED's.

The ED is kind of sad... I don't think I'm ready for this shit to end.

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Who was that webm with the burger being sliced with a knife and fork?

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How do you feel about ufotable?

People often mention Kyoani as the studio with the highest production values in TV anime but I think ufotable is much more impressive with their visuals.
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Uh, not really.
Their visual effect is good. But their animation is meh.
>he hasn't realized kyoani is a meme studio yet
I really like them, but they need to branch out more. Fate makes money, sure, but having some more franchises would allow them to expand their audience.

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This isn't how you treat maids! This isn't what maids are for!
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Rem is very wrong: that's EXACTLY what the maids are for. Ram agrees, don't bother taking the clown cock out of her mouth to ask her about it.
Hey OP can you post pictures of your room/apartment/basement?
I want to see if my hypothesis on people having a maid as a waifu is correct.
That is exactly what maids are for

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On the scale of 0 to second coming, how much you hyped about Violet Evergarden, the best anime of our generation?
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could she be any more of a saber clone?
She could be saber herself.
She could be an actual saber clone, like saber red, purple or lion

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absolute retards that the MC has no business being in love with
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I felt bad for her and all the stuff she's been through. This is what happens when emotionally unstable people suddenly enter a war zone.
>tfw you can never listen to zips again because of this bitch

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It wasn't that bad
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is El Elfo still around?
Valvrave was AOTY.

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Okay here we go
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My balls got itchy
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[Right side] Ousai Academy: Second year in the Judo club, Mitsuba Mutsumi

Difficult question


"This is hard"

Q: Tarou-san bought 3 oranges and 5 apples at the market. How many are there altogether?

"I didn't become stupid, okay?"

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Can you remember the first anime girl that you developed a crush for?

I remember tuning into Bleach every Saturday night on Adult Swim hoping she would at least make an appearance.
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Kari from Digimon.
Sheryl from Macross Frontier

dam hips dam voice
I had a crush on Kairi because I liked girls with short hair and her voice was cute af. I wonder if her VA is still active.

>top selling anime
>it looks like SHIT
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Nobody cares about the show
They just want their SSRs
It's fine you faggot
The animation quality is nice as well.
What sells is good, obviously.

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It's been three years since it ended. Thoughts in hindsight?
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A very good sexy and cute combination
Ryuko a shit
I agree. Satsuki, Mako and Makos mom the best.

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Maki-chan kawaii?
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Yearly reminder that today is Maki's birthday.
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happy birthday maki
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Yeah, someone was going around spamming that in a bunch of threads; it's kind of hard not to know actually.

I'm OK with Maki, but don't see what exactly is the big deal about her that some people make. Not when Honkers and Kotori are in the same show as her.

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LABO soon and more Duel Links shilling
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>tfw most people only stuck around for the worse than a black screen memes.

>tfw vrains threads keep dying.
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White Orca Bafamut
I hope LABO is exciting this time

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