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How do you feel about Kabedon?
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Remember when we use to say rape was the way to say Hello in Japanese. Anyone lurked here long enough to know what i mean.
>circa 2012

>lurked here long enough


hello, neo-/a/
It makes my heart go doki doki.

Hunter x Hunter arc ranking?

For me:
Hunter Exam
Yorknew City
Heaven's Arena
Zoldyck Family
Chimera Ant....
I'm currently watching chimera ant and it's terrible so far
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>Hunter x Hunter arc ranking?

Phantom Troupe
Chimera Ant
13th Hunter Chairman Election arc
Hunter Exam
Greed Island
Heaven's Arena
Zoldyck Family
York Shin was the absolute best, don't really care about the others.

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I'm so confused. So is he evil or not?
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>Kill all your crew
>Rape your best Friend GF
>Doom the entire planet to be part of the plan
>Not evil

Bruh .... everything he do is mere act because it's support his dream of making his kingdom for his own he could care less if people dies outside his walls from starving all the monsters he spare on the world
if tell you he didn't feel shit from leaving all his crew who supported him and died for his case to the slaughter then this dude is really just asshole
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read the manga

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>no konosuba episode today
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That show was shit.
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kimi no na wa.jpg
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>tfw you will never get to watch kimi no na wa for the first time again
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I haven't seen it yet.
Why would I watch a genderbend story without the porn ? I can't satisfy my latent homosexuality like this.
I still haven't seen it.

What if Imagine Breaker has the potential to be a total reality warping power and Touma really is just a level 0 scrub with a weak version of an overpowered ability?
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If that happened he still wouldn't be able to be kept the same temperature by Uiharu and I'd be ten percent happier with myself.
What if Touma actually has some overpowered ability and the Imagine Breaker is just there to seal it off?
Why doesn't he try? He just goes around punching people for no reason all day and failing his classes.

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What is the most iconic anime related song of all time?
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Cruel Angel's Thesis

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What is something you wish AI helped society with?
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Ending my life
Literally everything so we wouldn't have to work.

Wait, is that a fucking-
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Candlejack is attacking people that dont even say his na-
Look between her legs

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>haha I was just pretending to push your son off a cliff
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Japs are weird-ass motherfuckers, homie.
No shit my auntie was one of these crazy over protective parents. My cousin was over one day and went to the toilet, a few minutes later he called out to his mother to come and wipe his ass for him. He was ten fucking years old.
How is that relevant to the thread? Are you in love with him?

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OVA tonight, what do you hope to see?
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Posting Ebins
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Shh, Kumiko is sleeping!
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Kumiko is a treasure, /a/ fails to realize this

Reina usually sleeps beside her.
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Why am I still reading this
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Why are shy glasses girls even allowed to live?
File: kissxsis-8504221.jpg (203KB, 800x1130px)Image search: [Google]
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For scenes like this.

Wish this was more graphic, she is a cutie.

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What is the boobiest anime?
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You think medaka can break a penis with her vagina bones?
This, and it's horrendous.

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Are you ready for more Free! ?
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This has none of the class that Free had
I'm not sure why that guy is hitting the water feet first.
>naked gay swimming men

Funniest shit I have read all month

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