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>Fuuka 152 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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It's Maki's Birthday!!!
Everyone wish her a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Maki!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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maki button.png
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Happy birthday Maki
Here I was wondering who should I fap to this time

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Why Japan thinks that men wearing lipstick is something cool while the rest of the world think it's fucking faggot?
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I don't think eccentric visual kei demons are representative of the norm
He is a demon. Human custom and demon custom aren't the same.
I like them, but are scarfs okay to wear nowadays without being seen as a faggot?

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It says here you're gay, /a/
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I'm sorry.
Don't care.
I assure you I'm a solid 60% straight.

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>The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
Good 'ol Funimation.
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Funimation tends to do good dubs, so I'm looking forward to this, but so far their marketing has been given to the fucking C team.

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Croix did nothing wrong
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But she raped akko.
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Did she have friends?
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Izetta on the front page!
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>>she was so pretty
And that's how Izetta fell in love with Finé.
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So that's how a broken promise to the viewers looks like.
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This comes with the final BD.

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Why are there still no good rips of this movie?

Holy shit it's been 8 months and there still isn't a decent torrent.
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Because this movies is shit, so no one wants to bother with it
You are a faggot
Anime movies always take forever for home releases.

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Take that, faggot.
>OP is a faggot
03 > Brotherhood
Fuck Shamballa though, that was terrible

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maybe someone pick this up
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Woop woop
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Woop it Tsuredure anon
What did she look at, /a/?
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[Title is 'Detective']
Nashimoto Yukari
Year 2 Class 1 Cooking club.
A gluttonous girl. She wants to confess to Sonobe-kun during the school trip.
Sonobe Kazuya
Year 2 Class 1 Student council secretary, Wind Instrument club
He often give snacks to his classmate, Nashimoto-san. He thinks Nashimoto-san would eat his leftover snacks in general.

I have
A boy I like
"Did you confess already?"

"Wh...what're you...??"
Separate yourselves by room
"You said, right?"
"You're gonna confess during the school trip"

"I dunno who the guy is"
"But good luck!!"
"I'll give this to you!!"

I wanna cofess
But maybe there's no chance anymore.
...I'll still take this though.

What would you do to Kanna Kamui's plump butt?
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Put my face in it, take a nice big whiff, then lick her butthole for hours.
Literally the only wide hipped loli ever animated.
I would hide it away and tressure it.
There isn't enough fatbottomed lolis
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Shitty animes /a tricked you into watching
Pic very related
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OP didn't post anything so I'll start.
Kyoukai no Kanata
You never watched that

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Based on the script posted here: >>155975021
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3rd time I watched Steins;Gate.
Anybody else love this anime?
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If you love it so much why haven't you read the VN and the sequel you double faggot
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dr leskinen.png
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I really like it, but the VN is better.

I got the Gehenna Stigma ending (bad) in 0 last night
I couldn't find it in my language;
I don't like being called a faggot;
I like that image

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