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Don't do it.
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Too late:

Fucking disgusting. Diaper-fags are almost the worst. You almost take the cake, if it weren't for cuck-fags and scat-fags.

Every time I look at diaper-fags I feel as if I am looking at creatures born in a dimension of pure chaos, there is no way those things are even remotely human.

I can almost understand feetfags and respect their weird fetish, but I fear I will never understand diaperfags.

Characters pure enough to ride Flying Nimbus.
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She was definitely a closet pervert. She was practically gay for the loli.

I just finished this after putting it off for a while.

So Konatsu was in love with Kiku this whole time? Is this an asspull or was there foreshadowing that I missed?
How did you feel about the ending?
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It was trash like this show.
I'm surprised you watched something you consider trash in its entirety.
There wasn't really foreshadowing in the straight forward sense, but given everything we know about her character it isn'thard to imagine that she had complicated feelings for Kiku, and that love was involved. She certainly never seemed like she actually hated him like she claimed. Not to me, anyway.

Is this the worst ending out there?
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only ending worse than toradora's
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Yes but it's not the author's fault. The faggot got censored.

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here you go, back to the front where you belong
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I think it's about time to admit that episodes 1-18 of Kare Kano are Anno's best work
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This is easily Anno's best work
Anno had nothing to do with that

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Will we ever see another series as perfect as Haruhi chan?
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Sure, we had WUG Zoo.
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We did already

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Would you fight for the survival of humanity in space?

Or let it all die for a few years of tits and ass?
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Years, you say?
Space. Because they give you a designated breeding waifu pilot.

Though after seeing Amy and co. again i take that back, Gargantia and brown tya sounds more fun.
Space because sex isn't as important as killing squidpeople

Episode three is here and shit just gor real.
How are they going to defeat Yurulurungurur?
R.I.P. Levi-tan.
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Looks like our heroines got eaten.
>it's a vore episode
At least they got their priorities straight

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Never forget my wife Satanichia.
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Didn't you hear me?
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I'll never forget the smell she makes after using the toilet.

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Did Hiromi deserved to win? I wonder if Noefags are still salty over the ending.
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Eat a dick.
never fails
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Times when the right girl wins.

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Which Hina would you Love?
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This is one of those rare shows where I generally love them all. Kaolla is my original delicious brown but I think Motoko takes the cake.


I was just glad that someone was introduced that wouldn't just put up with Naru's shit. When she knocked the shit out of Naru, she instantly became my favorite. She was best girl and deserved to win. In fact, anyone but Naru should've won.

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No decent copy of it out there from what I can tell, but Kiznaiver's OP deserved a much better show.
Code geass first OP

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Think of a anime girl you like

Got it?
Did her voice actress ever voice hentai before?
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Dunno but she might as well voice hentai.
Her moaning beats normal hentai voice anyday.
No, but she anonymously starred in a JAV several years before becoming a seiyuu, and had to go in hiding for a few years after the otaku found out
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Mamiko Noto.
Not that I know of, but god I wish it would happen.
Preferably opposite someone like Joji Nakata or Norio Wakamoto.
Her feathery, breathy voice against one of their steady, baritones.

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They have Carl's Jr in Japan?
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In Tokyo, yes.

Stop asking.
Yes, but it's called Hardee's
It's as shit as it is in America.

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