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What does /a/ think about Tower of God?
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New chapter was okay. I thought they were about to bring up Axis users but now I wonder why a family head is showing up.
I don't know why the author revealed axis in the first place. They aren't going to appear because they're basically gods.
Too many characters, cast is too large
Special snowflake MC has made the entire cast worthless. Never explicitly make your MC overpowered in a battleshounen while inflating antagonists to match. You know you wrote yourself into a corner when the characters themselves are worried about becoming useless because it's impossible to catch up with MC
Rachel did nothing wrong, MC is a special snowflake piece of shit literally destined to be gud and in-canon the world bends over backwards for him
Sage because gookshit

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Curiosity killed the cat.png
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What do you think of this? A little extreme?
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no step on snek
Definitely extreme, the quality of the series based on the 1 translated chapter doesn't seem to warrant all these threads.
We're just trying to get a TL-anon mainly.

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What the.gif
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Have I found the only one good amv?!

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the ending is already the good version of that though...

Sounds like some tryhard shit there worst naruto.

did you protect her smile?
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I'm not a cuck.
When does she ever smile? Bitter little shit.

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Is there any better feeling than when the comedic relief turns out to be the strongest character in a series?
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He wasn't the strongest, unless I'm forgetting something. He was pretty damn great, though.
He soloed Kazuma and Ryhou
haven't seen the show in forever, but wasn't he on like stage 2 way before anyone else was? Probably the coolest character from that show too.
he lacked the "MC gets power ups whenever" cliche, but from when he was introduced, he was the strongest... i think.

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>his favorite studio doesn't add screencaps from 4chan to its anime
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ITT: Anime that far surpass the source material
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Also, Hibike Euphonium was a better anime than Kekkai Sensen, and KyoAni is a better studio than Bones, who can't even release a final episode on time.
>pretending endless 8 never happened
>but one late last episode is somehow unforgivable
>wanting rushed shit over a well made, but late product
opinion invalidated
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oh yeah forgot my pic after captcha borked my post for the 31st time today

get your shit together google

who is the fucking traitor in bnha!!!!!
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If by traitor you mean who's going to ruin it for everyone, then the answer is the non-Japanese fans.
Holy shit kill yourself

I still can't decide if I should watch Kai or the original Z. Please help convince me one way or the other.

Things worth noting:
>Yes, I'm watching Dragon Ball first
>It's the Dub
>No, I really don't want to read the manga
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>No, I really don't want to read the manga

Literally why? You save so much time reading the manga and it's just better than both anime in every way.

But choose kai I guess.
Yeah I'm with this fag, read it thoroughly and then go back and watch the fights, and arale episodes for fun.
Watch TFS instead faggit

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Who is your favorite Rin?
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fate rin ishtar.jpg
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Old men


Have you watched AOTY 2017 yet?
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Yeah, the last episode of Eromanga Sensei aired earlier today.

what fucking place do you live in where 3pm saturday is monday at 12:30
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AOTY 2017 airs in Fall.

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Lakers Cell.jpg
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Would a revived Golden Cell be the strongest character in all of Dragonball?

>hasn't trained a day in his life yet after absorbing the androids he casually outstrips all the other saiyans
>he has zenkai boosts from saiyan genetics so he can just keep blowing himself up like kid buu and with frieza and namekian genetics he can survive in space and regenerate
>he literally is the perfect fighter and with even a little bit of training he can probably outstrip whis in no time
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nah goku always finds a way

This. All of this.
>his training method is just killing himself over and over until he's strong

Sure, why not.

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2009 a.jpg
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So what happened about the nyaa replacements? Did the cartel win? Or have you been using pantsu.cat? Which one has Japan adopted?
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don't be ridiculous. no one but the sperg lords who keep shitposting about it on /g/ use pantsu. fuck 2 months later and those retards still don't have the site working properly. nyaa.si has been the official successor to nyaa since a week after the original went down.
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I've been using nyaa.si because it's more visually appealing.
nyaa.pantsu is ranked higher in nipland, faggot

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who has the cutest pout?
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Is there a special name for the pout when they look like some sort of obese bird like in the OP?
Why does this turn me on so much?
Maybe because it makes me think of them with their cheeks full of my hot cum.
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not that I know of

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oh my ruber.jpg
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So why is everyone losing their shit over this?
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because its something his powers shouldn't be capable of doing
Where does that meme originate from? I think it was Akuma no Riddle but I'm not sure.

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