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ITT: girls who deserved to lose
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Oh look! Another "OP is a cum-gargling faggot" thread
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So since Fate/Zero and UBW were massive successes, and since Fate/Grand Order has become so insanely popular, how big will the budget be for the Heaven's Feel movies?
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It will only be good for the action, voice acting and music. Shit for everything else
And your reason for believing so is because?
it will flop.

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Left or Right?
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Left for me, please.
All the women in my family have massive tits, so "big tits=family" is forever ingrained in my mind. Give me flat chest/small tits all day long.
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>APOSIMZ 005 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Thanks rippers!
Here's my wife guys, say something nice to her.
Thank you.

>No S3
>they make a fucking pachinko out of it
>English scanlation is way behind
>Not even a s2 for Akagi
It's not fucking fair
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Kaiji thread I suppose
Could they even fit the rest of Washizu mahjong into a single 25 episode adaptation? The first season adapted up to like chapter 110 and even skipped a mini-arc, but Washizu mahjong alone is almost another 190 chapters long.
they can do pacing differently, but i rather if they opt for 37 episodes, too bad we'll never get this thanks to fucking Japan's retarded weed posession laws

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im so fucking ready
Where is yoh yoshinari and why is he not doing autographs?
It's going to be a harem anime centered around inferno cop, mark my words.

Why he didn't tell it to Boruto earlier?
What was his problem?
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He wants to see if he's worthy.
Is there a reason why Tobi didnt just use this shit on Naruto when he was sleeping? the faggot literally woke Naruto up to tell Itachi's story

Drama and plot reasons.

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New chapter up, dumping.
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Is Araragi a slut?
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Yes. It's a blessing and a curse for all the women in his life.
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No he's just being tested.

Really really tested.
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Does /a/ agree?


2位『花の詩女 ゴティックメード』

10) "Space Battleship Yamato"
9) "The Adventures of Gamba"
8) "3000 Leagues in Search of Mother"
7) "Mobile Suit Gundam"
6) "Daicon IV"
5) "Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer"
4) "Laputa Castle in the Sky"
3) "Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back"
2) "Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica"
2) "Hana no Utame Gothicmade"
1) "Ping Pong The Animation"
1) "Osomatsu-san"
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Wow, that's a lot of gay shit dude
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Good lord, the last time Otaking was in the US was at OTAKON 1995, at the Penn State Scanticon in central Pennsylvania.

Is he still around?

*Correction, he was also at Anime America back in 1996 apparently.

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can we talk about how great this episode was????
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As great as fun can get. GREAT AS FUCK!
Very satisfying ending. Even get to see Based Naito one last time.
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Fucking great. Everything from the Okada match to the main match to TAKUMAAAA was fantastic.

Also, I really hope all that Ibushi dick sucking at the end means he will win the G1 this year,

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What does /a/ think about soul eater?
Is Maka a cute?
Or you prefer Tsubaki?
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Why was Maka such a good female protag?
Good anime, even if it deviated from it's source
I want into Soul Eater two, should i read it or watch it?

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New one since the other got archived.

So anyone interested in Kamijo Atsushi's works? Need a translator, I've bought some of his super old works, also want to finish SEX once and for all. I'm interested in bringing to life Chrono Crowd too. Who's with me?

Also, god damnit, can anyone tell what's with the new ebj rip? I haven't heard anything about it and I need. Ppl at jc forum won't say anything and all the scripts shared there are ded
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Maybe it's time to make a tool for the desktop viewer. How much stuff on ebj is browser-only anyway?
Lol never used the desktop viewer I should try it. Which are the pluses?
Maybe the quality is better but it uses some custom format anyway.

One a 10 scale what do you rate Anzu?
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First boner/10
I miss times when YGO girls have proper cowtits.

who killed him?
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Thanks for spoilers, asshole
I did.

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