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Would you let them invade your house?
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as long as the bring food, alcohol, and cuddle with me as we are all passed out on the floor.
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>tfw no 2nd season
bottom right is yurika faito, bottom middle is space ojou, bottom left is ghost, top left is landlord, top right is molepeople princess, who was middle top again??

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>Dual audio
>Default audio is dub
>OP is in Japanese
>Sit through the entire OP enjoying myself when suddenly "GEE WILLICKERS SAKOORA THIS DONUT SURE IS GOOD"
>Get so angry I punch myself in the leg
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Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut
Anon, that's common knowledge
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Here comes the aeroplane.
>I'm a retard that can't into player settings.

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So how is this franchise not just Pokemon for "adults"?
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Fate is literally the greatest franchise to come out of Japan. Your favorite series wishes it could have even a fraction of Fate's quality.
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>Pokemon for "adults"?
That existed long before Fate. It's called Shin Megami Tensei.
I wish you'd have asked this 10 years ago, so I could have told you to fuck off.

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Are we finally getting some progress?
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I used to be able to tug a 2003 Tacoma with my scrotum. Probably still can.
I sure hope so after the author has been putting off this finale for ages now.
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Wide thread.
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Yoshinoya-sensei sure has nice, big tits.
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Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to draw mouths like this?
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SHAFT apparently.

Newfuck, go home. Newfuck, go home!
This isn't very convincing considering what you're using.

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more smol Yusaku when?
fuck off
Seeing as there's really no one to provide a flashback,even Yusaku himself, not soon.

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If you like left more than right you're a NTR cuck and there's no helping you.
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what is right then?
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Right is a pure and loyal girl.
I bet she won't event sell a basket of apples

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The UN is about to ban lolis from the face of Earth and Japan has chosen you to defend the case. What's your argument to save lolis?
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It's not real.
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The United Nations has no jurisdiction over the domestic law of any country. I think loli shit is disgusting, but go ahead, "ban" it. Just like how the United Nations "banned" war and human rights violations 60 years ago, that sure worked out great didn't it?
Burn them all and good riddance

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Fucking finally.

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Remember when Bleach had shinobi and shit? Chu-bura was the hypest shit.
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Was this filler?
anime wise it wasn't
Bleach filler are always better than actual content.

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So what's actually going to happen? Remember, we are in one of the most crucial points of the manga.

>casca is not going to be the same even when healed
>guts making a decision what to do next based on casca's character
>godhand making its moves
>other stuff that we don't know about now

This is it lads, shit's going down really soon

mfw hiatus right fucking now
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>>casca is not going to be the same even when healed

You mean she'll become an edgy and angsty cunt?
It was implied many times that she isn't going to be the same even if healing is successful.

Don't know how she's gonna change, but that's interesting for sure.
I actually hope this is the case, one of the main themes about casca is that she has always ceded control of her own life and ambitions first to Griffith and his dream and then to guts and his dream. I think her coming out of this and wanting to go stab the shit out of Griffith regardless of guts/everyone else feelings on the matter and regardless of the consequences will drive the story forward quite nicely

Also it would be cool to have all the progress of guts characterwise in terms of using his sword to protect put to the test by the one he was protecting

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Anybody notice that an anime, regardless of the quality, becomes instant success when ClariS appear in OP/ED ?

Look at how objectively shitty Eromanga is, and thanks to ClariS they got Eromanga to compete toe to toe with Attack on Titan in Japan this spring-17 season.
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ClariS are old hags now so who cares
>thanks to ClariS they got Eromanga to compete toe to toe with Attack on Titan in Japan this spring-17
But new season of Titans flopped horribly.
Their songs are bad but I still like them

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Not remotely close to being as great as everyone made it seem
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>It's a faggot watches everything later and calls it overrated episode
still by far the best thing Yoshitoshi Abe ever worked on
Nah its bretty good and for the time was working on some pretty far forward ideas about mass comm we taken for granted now

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The opening and ending are great too.
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I thought recommendation threads are forbidden?
This isn't a recommendation thread though. Just posting unappreciated Animu.

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