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*breathes in*

They replaced the main character with a female because the show flopped due to the fact that the main character was a male earlier.
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What show is this?
Futari wa nervous
Is this rezero season 2?

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So, which form is stronger?
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Right looks better.
Who cares about abitrary power levels?
super saiyen blue because it uses god ki
What makes God Ki better?

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ITT: characters who, if given more attention, could have significantly improved their series
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Komaeda fucking off wasn't the problem with his part in the story.
Play the games.
I have, I meant if DR3 involved him more instead of having him basically accomplish nothing. He was one of the best parts of DR2.

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>parents overseas
>Sits by the window
>Best friend is a geek
>Second friend is a dudebro
>Obligatory Rei clone
>Tsundere brat with fang
>Megane girl
>Cute imouto

>Beach episode
>Haunted house or maid cafe school festival

Why do we even bother anymore?
It's always the same crap
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Who are you quoting?

It can't be helped. You'll have to use 'that.'
>Jane Margolis: Well, then why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it's the same thing.
>Jesse Pinkman: ...no.
>Jane Margolis: Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? Because it's new every time. Each time is a different experience.

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Tower of God it's a masterpiece
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Why tho
I enjoy it, but I wonder how long is it going to take to finish. Ihope it doesn't turn into a bumbling mess like GOH
it's ok, however don't post this here or retards are gonna be mad and spam the thread with literal shit

Remember, that for every moment that Neptune is on screen Purple Heart is not.
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That is clearly a Nepgear thread.
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New chapter of Chi No Wadachi is OOOUUUTTTT
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It's been out for two days already. And why was there a break anyway?
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No idea.
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Lets see who can some up with the best goddess' in anime.
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Have you seen Assassination Classroom?

What did you think of it?
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I have not
Manga was good anime is trash
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It was pretty great
Second season especially

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New pv is out!!!!


Some old enemies are back, Meicoomon mega looks awesome!!! adn Omegamon & Alphamon vs Jesmon & Meicoomon mega!!!!
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remove meiko
Meicoomon was a mistake.
>new PV
>nearly a third of it are flashbacks

I'm just hoping that the uneven movies (1,3,5) are the good ones.

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Just wanted to let you know you're the only one.
impossible. they'd never adapt the cavalry battle arc. it'll be 4 seasons long alone
>he thinks it'll happen

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seriously what the actual FUCK is this shit? how badly did you have to do in order to ruin one of the greatest animes in history? simply why?
the only way to better this gay shit is apologizing for doing it and cancelling this lack of respect for all DBZ fans
what happened lads?
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its just Tori giving the fans exactly what they want (ussj Trunks, Broly...)
No Wonder its shit

The whole thing is just so lazy and uninspired, Goku and Vegeta being reduced to à bunch of clowns
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agreed m8
anyone watching this garbage should simply die

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ITT: Romance Manga or Romantic Momements
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The second.

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So who the hell was funding these guys?
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But they weren't the government

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Can we talk about this shitshow? Just finished reading it. What the fuck was the author thinking when he came up with all of this bullshit. Is the prequel better? I also know there's a sequel, but it's not translated.
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All of them are terrible.
I still might read the prequel. Want to see what other asspulls the author has come up with. The manga started out pretty great desu but it all went downhill after those first few chapters. Most of the class just died in like 5-10 chapters, no questions were really answered (the fucking virus hypnosis bullshit that sets people on fire and kills people in strangest ways was absolute bullshit). I also know that the MC fucking dies in the sequel anyways.
The prequel is shit too. Maybe the only entertaining part is just the psycho bitch

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