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Why was Gohan such a trainwreck?
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The Cell games led up to one of the best moments in all of DBZ, with the best song in the entire DB soundtrack.


Didn't make much sense that he dabbled around for so many episodes without bursting out with his usual berserk rage power up, but when it did happen, man was it good.
Blame the readers for rejecting him, he was supposed to be Goku's replacement
That was your first mistake.

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What sets K-On apart from most other similar shows? Why has no slice of life/CGDCT managed to match it in the six years since it finished airing?
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my eyes back there in the mirror where I left them

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mio = azusa = ritsu = mugi = yui

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You get to travel to the universe of a manga/anime of your choosing and meeting one character from there. What do you tell them?
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Confess my feelings to Tsumugi.
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I tell him, 「好きって事さ」
Sorry for typing on instinct and shaming my love.

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/a/ you've now been designated by NERV as the pilot of the EVA unit 04, the objective of the whole EVA program is to prevent and destroy any threats to NERV's geofront underneath Tokyo 3, this threats are known as angels, creatures of immense power, if this things get to NERV's headquarters, the 3rd impact will occur and you can then say bye to your ass, is up to you to save humanity or at least what remains of it, so will you take this mission /a/?
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Oh hell yeah, I get the cool EVA!
yes, but I would call in sick a lot
Not fun desu, I'd do it out of necessity.

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Was Lelouch the greatest hero Britannia never knew they had? Or the greatest enemy of the entire world, a villain to the very end? Were his actions justified against all the crimes and misdeeds he committed? Was the Zero Requiem the best solution for finding peace? Is he the best anti-hero in anime?
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Very clearly not an anti hero.
It reminded me of crime and punishment
He never set out to be a hero or a villain, he only did what he had to do to make the world a better place for his sister. That's it.

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Post the edgiest character from the last anime you watched.
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this shitty edgelord
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This dork.

Everyone was a little edgy in that. Hard to find people who weren't.

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How different would DBZ be if the Kienzan was actually successful and hit its mark whenever he used it?
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>Krillin kills Nappa and Vegeta
>Piccolo still alive so Namek never happens
>Goku never becomes super saiyan
>19 and 20 successfully conquer earth
Thanks Krillin!
>Implying he wouldn't just Kienzan 19 and 20.
He would be the first to die.
>kienzan's Nappa
>Vegeta obliterates Krillin preventing him from saving Goku later

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>Protagonist lineage is not special in any way
>their parents are nobody important.
>they dont house a power demon/spirit and or god.
>no access to special techniques due to their ancestry.
>any power they get is Completely their own
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Basically Guts
> /thread/
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>[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Rinne - 62 [720p].mkv

Next week, FINALLY, Rinne's mom
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when more Anju
Will you buy the Rinne nendo when it comes out, /a/?
Those are some odd colored eyes.

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SAO is the best anime. Prove me wrong fags.
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Youre wrong because Macross is the best anime.
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>Best girl hasn't appeared
Boku no pico

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Is this show worth watching? Anything like K-ON?
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>Is this show worth watching?

Mediocre. It can be fun and comfy enough but the characters are basically archetype templates that receive little to no development (other than maybe Honoka), and the dance segments are awful 3DCG. It's basically an advertisement for the albums.

>Anything like K-ON?

Only in the most superficial sense (high school girls' music club). K-On has a smaller core cast but develops and fleshes them out much better, and is about the character relationships and interactions rather than working towards a lofty goal (Love Live is about the girls trying to become the top school idol group). K-On's art and animation is also an order of magnitude better.

I haven't watched Sunshine so I can't tell you if that's better or worse than the other Love Live.
Yeah for nico nico ni
This post is accurate.
And I can add that Sunshine is worse than original.

Am I gay if I don't feel any sexual attraction to the characters in lovelive? Whenever I read about it online it's always sexualized

I actually loved the story and found it really touching. I unironically cry every time I watch it.
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No, they're your daughterus and not your waifus.

I feel the same way.
It's not your fault, there wasn't much fanservice to speak of. All the lust for the characters is generated by fanart and doujins.

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which gj has best butt?
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What would you do if Megu bullied your prostate while giving you a blowjob?
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What is /a/'s thoughts about other anime from other countries beside Japan?
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>other anime
>other countries
You mean cartoons? Anime can't be created outside of Japan.
File: 1445703087737.jpg (106KB, 560x510px)Image search: [Google]
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>anime from other countries beside Japan?
This is bait, isn't it?

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Is there a stronger villain trio in all of anime?

I feel like they would have turned most protagonists into mincemeat.
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Too bad the charadesign is shit.

Did the black girl do anything? I forget.


KLK had plenty of flaws but character design was not one of them.
Does DIO count? I mean technically there have been 3 right?

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