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Who was in the wrong here?
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I will always stand by Kanan being in the wrong, especially if we talk about current time events, not the past, there's hardly any justification for her or Dia, for that matter.
About what?

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New chapter is out.

Last two chapters were great - ch. 58 introduced a normal, supporting side character and this one is just Komi and Hihito.
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Komi is an ?????

You are correct
hand holding when

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I want to be the Magic King xD. Believe it! I don't even have magic xD
Its push by shonen jump tobe big shonen wait for anime
bnha is shit but black clover is even shittier sorry

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Just checking /a/'s taste, you all still think he's a garbage MC right?

>muhh waifu
>muhh my life is meaningless without waifu
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>>muhh my life is meaningless without waifu
It is though. He has nothing else since he got iseikai'd
And honestly? Even though the anime was mediocre at best, I still think Subaru is better than your average isekai mc But that's not saying much
>special power to come back to life when he dies
>dies several times to solve a problem early on
>gets killed over and over and figures out how and why and solves that problem too
>becomes a massive faggot afraid of death afterwards

yes he's a faggot
It's a shit anime with shit people watch like (You) for example.

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I've been wanting to see One Punch for a long time, I just finished it, but...Make me take a big disappointment to realize that it is an overrated series
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The only thing overrated here is the thought that your opinion matters.
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sure anon

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It's that time again
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a side series where Bell's dreams that he's married to Aiz and they do cute couple things

plot twist: Aiz isn't an autist
>loserfag from /a/ goes to Nippon land to find waifu
>gets shit on by Jackie chan chads and eats shit
>waifu girl similar to NHK crazy feels bad for him
>anime details the life of their antics
>end with them having a hapa
>becomes Elliot Rodgers

The message is to refrain from race mixing.
Okay so like, what if, WHAT IF!? There where a bunch of cute girls..and they did cute things and they where all cakes

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What a waste of everyone's time
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I could tell by episode one, why couldnt you.
first few episodes were actually passable tho
first three episodes were decent. it went downhill from there.

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Airing in theaters 11/11
Taneda has risen from the dead
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I can't WAIT to see my girlfriend Sharo-chan!
I guess Taneda finally gave birth. Boy or girl?
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I wanted S3

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PV: https://youtu.be/92WZhUB8bfU

Thank you based Kirara
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Reminder that there's a trap in this.
Picked up.
Isn't this the one with multiple boys?

I will never forget my wife Rem
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Fuck off maidposter. The only good character in that whole ducking show is ayylmao mcbobcut.
She's ded.

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Dumping the latest chapter.
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Got dropped by TSP, but its translator is separate. So if any anon wants to typeset and clean it, it's ripe for the taking.
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>no Madoka
I thought Japs had crazy strict copyright laws.
>I thought Japs had crazy strict copyright laws.

i'm pretty sure they got permission beforehand.

S-Sonna namai na shito SHIRANAIIIII
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>I don't know a shit by that name!
What did OP mean by this?
Please study more Japanese.

Now that the dust has settled, we can agree that this deserves a spot among the cult classic, isn't it?
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No. This is just riding on Oreimo's, the true cult classic's, coat tails.
Novelist who writes about incest writes about novelist who writes about incest while pursuing incestuo relationship with his sister.
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>Everyone and his faggot roommate watched it
>cult classic

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It's been a long time, what's his name again?
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Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin

Sanic the Eunuch

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