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Yozakura Quartet thread.
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A time traveler has appeared
New chapters fucking when? Also almost every girl here is a semen demon that doesn't get any porn
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The reboot is as close to S2 as you will ever get.

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Was alright. The last arc felt pretty muddled, ending was abrupt and confused me at first.
REALLY awesome.
He is best H-artist I've seen.

WTF is going on

what happened to gran
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Rerolled account and whaled hard
Who? Djeeta was always the protagonist.
Gran was a mistake.

Is this one of the best anime to be released?

fuck yes
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Dragon Ball GT
If you're a middle-school shounenshitter, sure.
What anime would you consider good?

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After 10 years I finally realize her full name is a pun.
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>10 years
My respects
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The anime was really cute and for some reason one of the soundtracks popped up in my head today when I read some other manga. The nostalgia.

Some of the character songs are really good.
Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 years since anime was good.

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Yfw Shinji has kissed a girl and you haven't
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but I have, granted it had to be forced upon me because my autism prevented me from seeing the signs she liked me but still
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Yfw Shinji has kissed a cake (at 14) and you haven't
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and even had mental sex with Asuka during instrumentality, and you havent

Please be careful in handling this delicate maiden.
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Why is she so perfect? it really hurts.
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Is that 3d in my anime?

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Yo dawg I heard you like Mom incest and loli so I put your Mom in a loli so you can loli while you Mom

>The August issue of Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine revealed on Monday that manga creator Bow Ditama is launching a new manga in the magazine titled Shōgakusei wa Mama demo Ii desu ka? (Is it Alright if the Grade School Student is my Mother?). The manga centers on a man having love problems at work, when a girl appears before him who turns out to be his reincarnated mother.
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This is going to be by the KissxSis mangaka by the way
No way this is going to capitalize on even 5% of its potential. There's probably going to be a bunch of random whores stealing all the screen time away from loli okaa-san.
>Yo dawg
I just realized it's been literal years since I saw that. I don't even remember who that nigger was anymore.

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Nanachi is getting married!
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To me.
But Mitty is dead.
She's dead!

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Why is she such a fucking roastie?

Awful character 2bh
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She's behaving like a 3d woman

It's disgusting

She's supposed to be a fucking god
all replies before and after this post were submitted by OP

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why is it that only intelligent people prefer asuka over rei?
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.
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You have to be intelligent to prefer best girl over a literal toilet as a waifu
>intelligent people
Why aren't eva threads deleted?

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So help me, if none of those HorribleSubs faggots rips this from Daisuki before they take it down I'm going to screen record every single episode and then not upload it anywhere!
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why don't you just ask in their IRC
Is there anything on Daisuki worth ripping? I know they have a lot of old Sunrises stuff but I never knew if they had new subs and shit

>yfw she has a high alcohol tolerance because she's trying to drink away her loneliness
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Why is a beautiful young woman like her lonely?
Holy shit I've seen New Game twice and I never realized that. Based Dogakobo with the deep lore.

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I must have missed something. I have no idea what's going on with Ymir. In my binge watching of season 1 and 2 in 1 day did I miss why she cares about Historia or why Historia has any significance to the story so far other than the church people hid her identity to the outside world for some reason we don't know yet? Did the English subs leave out information? I feel like I'm missing something.
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Ymir, much like myself and Reiner, wish to engage Historia intimately
historia is rightful princess whose bloodline made a deal with titans or something. If you look at the ending theme you'll see a girl with a horned titan. That's one of her ancestors. She cares for historia bc they're lesbian.
Season 3 content

I'd tell you to read the manga but a lot of people find the art unpalateable or speedread/only read part of it, which is worse than not reading at all.

Is this worth reading/watching?
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I've re-watched it once or twice and think it's worth a watch, though if drama isn't your thing I'd avoid it.
The QUALITY hurts a bit. But the music makes up for it.
Some of the the character development is pretty shit though.

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