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Is garbage!
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will be a mother soon!

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Where were you when /a/ made it in anime?
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Guess they really are our guys

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Hibike's novel isn't ga-
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When the fuck that scene happen?
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>so desperate that you resort to printing out fan-fiction
Just after OP picture :
“Okay. Okay,” said Reina, burying her face in Kumiko’s shoulder. Kumiko could see Reina’s long, straight fall of hair. There in the shadowed corner, there was nothing to illuminate her.
The two stayed there like that for a while, until Reina, seemingly satisfied, released her embrace. She scratched her cheek self-consciously, then sat down on the steps.
“C’mon,” said Reina as though it was obvious, and Kumiko complied, sitting beside her. She accidentally stepped on Reina’s skirt, but she didn’t seem to mind. Kumiko noticed Reina’s pale thighs emerging from under the navy-blue fabric.

Yeah, nothing gay.

Remember when PA Works used to make good SoLs?
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We're famous now boi
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Is that for fucking real? Sasuga Tattun
>implying that's 4chan and not futaba
Don't ruin OP's fun.

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Was it kino?
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no it was vino
No, but the ending was.

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>Hell yeah I'm a scientist but I also flip the bird and smoke cigarettes. I like to mix a suit jacket with a t shirt and jeans because I'm clever but also laid back. Did I mention that I smoke cigarettes? I explain things in layman's terms so dummies like you don't get confused. Cya later baldie *sparks a cig and flips you the bird again*
Why is Ogura so fucking irritating?
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>Getting his fingers chopped off in an interrogation
>Heh... just leave me two, a smokers as good as dead without them
>Wait, no! Sorry, I need three to flick ashes.
This guy is a terrible character. He literally got two fingers chopped off just because he wanted his cigarettes from the car before telling them anything.
You mean a fucking rad character?
Literally japanese Rick.

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What's the point of this school uniform? It's not even sexy because it's so fucking silly.
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It's very sexy.
It's something out of a doujin where young girls go to slut academies to learn how to suck dick.
Sisti a shit.

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New chapter in a few minutes
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He got mentioned once to goku in "heaven" from the manager as something like a hella problem. And that it.
Youd think he would have appeared in a hell episode already
He probably met his parents which resulted in them getting reincarnated and is separately living human lives now.

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is 25th, waiting for English rips.
Korean scans here
Korean anon translations in this thread
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bumped for rip n tear
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I knew i should have posted the "flashback minor rape" pages to bait everyone.
learn from your mistakes

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So who was the love interest?
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Who wasn't?
Surely not the landwhale

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Anyone looking for this upcoming trainwreck show? since the main writer is Ichiro Okouchi.


Also to 3hzfags, this is 3hz+Actas show, not 3hz show, show some respect to Actas and put the studio name to your summer anichat, since none of any 3hz shows sold as good as GuP.
Oh and yeah, please enjoy Actas classic mid-season delay too.
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It should be a fun ride. The threads will be a nightmare though.
I'm not gonna watch how they kill the loli off this time.
Another CGDCT but in more darker setting?

Or one of them is a trap?

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Yes. Me. Is there a problem?
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Is this you?
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Nah, this is me.

Translated interviews of the skaters from the Yuri!!! on Life guidebook here:
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But that's Barcelona
Nobody tell him.
You were good at geography I see.

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