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What's the first thing you notice about this image?
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My penis becoming erect.
>this is a depiction of three individuals

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it didn't take much time for her to get over her boyfriend's death.
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Because she's in an ecchi anime faggot.

More accurately, because she's a woman.
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>because she's a woman.

Wow didn't see that one coming.
because she is a SLUT!

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Do high schoolers in Japan actually still buy erotic magazines and stash them under their bed?

Do you?
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Japanese high school boys do.
Japanese high school girls have sex for money.
No. All the anime where this happen are either based on old source material or are written by old people.
No, I stash them on top of my bed

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>America is depicted in Anime
>Its ALWAYS new York City or hollywood, nothing else
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Wrongful praise of Iron Menstruation comes to mind.
why is gattsu eating a candy bar
I like the picture you used

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/a/ at this point is an eyesore full of cutesy and ecchi bullshit. It's like the generic harem anime that pops up every single season managed to manifest itself into one board.

I just wish to have a separate board for the sole purpose of discussing boys/men series (Shonen and Seinen). Doesn't matter if loli/moe genericness is what fills threads up, doesn't matter if the board is inactive because of that. Just give us some place where we can escape this shit and discuss good series.
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You want new board?
Too bad, you got dubs instead. Hahaha
/ma/ manime board NOW!
Go back to /v/.

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>What I'm watching next season.
Hopefully it will be better than this season was.
What are you watching?
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Nothing because seasonal anime is trash.
this. long runners are the best, hands down
I watch every show every season unless it's a second season of something I haven't watched yet

Was it comfy or boring?
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Boring and unengaging.

Almost made me want to drop anime as a whole.
>Entire thing: painfully generic
>last episode with Djeeta: overwhelmingly entertaining

They should have gone anime original since main story is boring garbage

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Which one /a/?
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Rin. I am an old man, and I have money, and so the meme say she will please me for it..
I choose option C.
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Right, but pick up a lance and age 10 years or so.

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can girls love middle aged men?
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Sometimes but not usually
Japanese teenage girls can ONLY love middle aged men.
damn, forgot I was reading this manga. I need to catch up.

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Does /a/ like /fit/ girls?
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monkey stronk.gif
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>Does /a/ even like girls?
Better question.

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The shounen shit era is over, those are the most popular mangos in japan right now!
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OP and SnK are shonen. Wtf are you talkin about?!
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take a look at them.jpg
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>shounen shit era is over
this is your /a/ from now on
> babby's first manga
read or lurk moar

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Anyone voiced by Yoko Hikasa is automatically the best character of their series
Prove me wrong
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That was easy.
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Are you high?She withheld information from Makokto on countless occasions yet when he didn't tell her something out of genuine good will she flipped her shit and behaved like a feral bitch. She also tried to get him killed during the last trial.

Besides even if we ignored all of that Celestia is still best girl.

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Is this true?
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Are all guys who drink and smoke assholes?


Last episode today guys.

Season 4 probably happening.

Subs in about 1 hour.
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t. Imaizumi
File: DDQzh9TUIAAJuwG.jpg (114KB, 1200x675px)Image search: [Google]
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Why the fuck was she bullied so hard?
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Why must you hurt me this way? FGO US and now this, enough already.
>Mash and the protagonist just sit there and watch for 5 minutes as she's slowly dragged to her death
This scene was beyond comprehension. Was she that much of a bitch that they just decided to let her go?

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