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So can we all agree that girls who don't wear panties are always worst girl?
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She does wear panties. She made them invisible.
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Good thing Aqua wears panties then.

That's just a fan-theory based on the anime design.
there aren't enough of them to judge collectively imo

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disgusting. Lyn sucks at drawing.
so lumi was not raped - good to know
I might not have to drop the series in that case
>so lumi was not raped
Of course. Is too soon for getting the story so dark.

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Cartoon from cartoonnetwork.com, come on bro keep up.
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Komi-san is too pure for this world.

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I wish Miuna was real and she was my friend.
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I wish Miuna was real and she was my lover.
I wish Miuna was real and she was my daughter.
I wish Monday was still alive.

I just ignored it. I knew nothing about the series until 12 hours ago I started watching it. I watched every episode of both seasons without stopping once. All I knew about this show was that I kept seeing Kirino on /a/. It was always "Times best girl won" or "times worst girl won" and it was always the same picture of Kirino. But why
I watch this shit, and I loved it. I loved every fucking second of it, and then the last episode hit.
The last few minutes of the last episode fucking crushed me. Times best girl won? Times worst girl won? Who fucking won here? There was no fucking winner. 31 goddamn episodes in a fucking day. 31 fucking episodes of all that fucking buildup, only for them to kiss and fucking pretend it all never happened. People say that the author's ending got censored, so I read the last volume of the LN. The same fucking disappointing ending as the anime. So why, why does everyone say Kirino won? Does everyone just forget the end? Does everyone just leave it at episode 15 and call it there? Why did this ending happen, why was this written. 31 episodes of something that I thoroughly enjoyed only for it to be fucking trashed right at the end. WHY WASN'T I FUCKING WARNED, WHY DOES EVERYONE PRAISE IT SO MUCH AND NEVER MENTION HOW AWFUL THE ENDING IS
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because /a/ is not your personal review service you collossal Eromanga secondary faggot

now go watch a good show like Flip Flappers or LWA
Read a chance encounter, they're still fucking, just not announcing it to the world
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>a good show like Flip Flappers or LWA

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Just wondering if this is part of the canon or an 'if' route like Re-zero took.
If its anything like re-zero then its likely Mayumi is set to lose, although i thought they'd release something like this after the story? Also seems off for them to do it since the shipping is a major part of the story so why jeopardize it?

Just wondering what the hell this is. I'm guessing that its like 'SS' and the 'Lina' special novels and just goes into a special canon side story related to the character (leo, Erika, Lina) but not the actual story.
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>if this is part of the canon or an 'if' route like Re-zero took
Who knows really. I've always thought that "if" routes were for characters that lost/will lose in main story, but Rem supposedly may win in main story too, so it probably depends on what author wants.
Also, we already had this thread yesterday.
Translations?Just saw the thread in the archive and saw that it's and IF she was chosen for that Idol project. Is it even a LN?
We need more info. If this is a Mayumi IF story then there are several members in my group who would be interested in TLing it.

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Why did Sagiri act like Umaru here? I thought she was better than that.
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A face full of cream?
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This is a Japanese dragon.
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i want to impregnate freddy
Me first.

That's now how this works faggotcuck.

This show is one of the biggest disappointments I've ever sat through. It was so good for an entire 44 episodes. When Gaelio says he's about to defeat McGillis while he's rising into space and the awesomeness of that moment.
Such good aesthetics and even though many characters lacked development, I still enjoyed their design. The frames and suits you see are also so good. Giving off their primitiveness, but also emitting power. The sleek design of the more powerful ones and actually seeing them broken down.
But those sinal fucking episodes man. I was enjoying the ride so much and was gonna put it as my favorite one, but then they just ruined it.
It's now a situation of everything about the show is awesome, except the story and characters. The dialogue turned to shit, the pacing turned to shit, it all just turned to shit.

All I feel is disappointment.
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I honestly hope there's a sequel to redeem this show if possible. I'm kind of glad I waited to watch this show. I didn't have to wait week by week just to have the dagger get pushed inch by inch.
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>It was so good for an entire 44 episodes
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>It was so good for an entire 44 episodes

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How much anime episode do you think the average /a/ user watch per day?
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I watch around 1 episode a week but Im on the low end so maybe the average is like 2-3 per week?
There was a time in my glory days when I would watch 2-5 episodes a day. Now I watch one every few days and binge entire shows every other week or so.

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I wish. That would mean Eriri would have won instead.
She is still the main heroine and is the center of the story. It's just that, not all main heroines get their happy ending, sadly.
Nah. That's obviously Megumi. As much as I'd enjoy Eriri winning most, Megumi is the main heroine of the story. We see through Tomoya's eyes and the heroine for him is Megumi whom he chose from start to finish. The series' title is taken from the game that alludes to that.

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Flashback to back 2006: Haruhi was one off the biggest shows on the planet, everyone wanted Aya Hirano to be their waifu, and Yamakan was going to be the next big anime director.

... What happened?
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The Haruhi bubble exploded. It was overrated to begin with. Endless eight being adapted the way it was was the final nail.
inb4 bassist
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>It was overrated to begin with
Unbelievers shouldn't be allowed to talk.

Your pet is now transformed into an anime girl, what happens?
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I stop fucking it I guess
my pet is a dirty lazy bastard male cat so no fucking thanks
but the neighbor puppy will turn into a cute fluffy loli so it's ok
Im sorry to tell you but you gonna get cucked by your cat.
No fluffy loli for ya.

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>Shizuka initially assumes that Ryou is a lesbian, but Ryou is in fact a man who dresses like a lady.
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I wonder why I never noticed this before. Picked up, I like straight traps desu.
>fanservice anime
Another example of why for the last few years I have considered myself done with this medium, with few exceptions.

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>Madoka thread with actual intelligent conversation
>0 replies

>Obviously shit bait thread
>Hits image limit

Starting to think this fandom was shit to begin with.
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It was good in 2011 you just missed the boat
Post Mami's tits.
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