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Is Mecha the best genre of anime? Its certainly one of the longest lasting and one of the more famous examples.
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If the viewer is into mechs, sure.
No, it just have the most pretentious fan base of all them out there.
Well per anime they have the most interesting characters, settings, animation, design, OSTs, and directorship, so yeah, they are.

And on't get me started on the plots..

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Why is Mars superior?
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Long black straight hair and not a dumb doormat.
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sailor mars 2.gif
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Black hair is the best hair
It is.

Black > Blonde > Red > Brown

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What can they even accomplish?
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gay sex
>implying their species isn't monogendered

They'll both end up pregnant with eachother's spawn
If frost was as powerful as frieza they could do a lot. However frieza is soon going to see that frost is a chump.

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What do you think about Hachikuji?
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>carries a heavy ad bag but still manages to walk
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She's great
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She's very brave.

Which anime has the best ED art and music? And Why is it Outlaw Star
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It's not I like you or anything, /a/
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DRAW my wife haruhi please
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Draw a female version of yourself seducing another female version of yourself

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Best 3-episode OVA series.

Everything afterwards should have been wiped from existence.
Nah, Ulla was cute.

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Minmay a shit.
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Minmay a best
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Am I the only one that finds this anime unintentionally hilarious?

A lot scenes with the titans just crack me the fuck up, is like a entire anime made out of reaction pics from 4chan, that or character being killed in a really funny way.

>two characters are talking while on a horse.
>character looks away from a second then looks bad at the other person.
>the other person out of nowhere is being eaten by a titan.
>the horse face is all ''Sorry my bad, should have seen that one coming!''
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lol just got caught up on the anime and manga today and saw that scene
the titans seem too goofy to be scary sometimes and the anime often doesn't seem to do a great job of conveying their scale
during the first episodes of season 2, when a group of titans, one stops, looks at the main characters, jumps like doing like a spin or some shit and then starts chasing the characters

how is that mean not to be funny???


Something that is true is that the anime make the titans look too small, the "15 meters" titans always look like they're only 8 meters

Would you bully Deku, /a/?
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No. He's cool and I'd hang out with him.
Dude would be a good workout buddy I feel
I'd make the both of you eat condoms until you're able to fart out balloons on command.

Why is his universe even on the Tournament.

Only weak universes had to enter right?
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U11 has the highest mortal level of the participating universes.
What I'd like to know is how does that universe 4 or 5 have a Yardrat if it isn't paired with universe 7?
Because you don't understand how averages work

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>no re zero ep today
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I love Emilia
Good. The less trash anime, the better.
Even better when the moronic fanbase gets upset.
There's literally no point to the series after episode 18.

Are they ever going to redeem this obnoxious asshole?
>Has a pretty based backstory
>Has the best Quirks in a small town and realize he's small-time compared to Quirks globally
>But somewhere near the end of the first season, they said, 'fuck it, just yell all your lines'
>Can't remember anybody's names
>Barely seems like he even wants to be a super hero

I guess his only redeeming quality is that he hasn't gone full-Yosuke, but goddamn he's an obnoxious prick
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>Barely seems like he even wants to be a super hero
So you don't actually read the manga?
stay mad

he's best boy
You should read the manga, OP.

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Could SSJ5 Goku beat Legendary Super Saiyan Broly?
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He could probably beat two ssj4 brolys fused together
What if fused SSJ8 Broly had help from Buu Broly?
His baboon ass is probably a brighter red than his chest.

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Do you think she survived Vichy France?
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Damn son, Nadia.

She would've been fine in the puppet regime, the farther south the safer.
She's a valuable hostage, Jean wouldn't build V-2s without proof of life.
But didn't she and Jean live north?

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