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Is Nagasumi is the greatest harem protagonist aot? Yes.
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all of time?

Also it's not hard to be the greatest when you are the lead in the greatest show ever.
Thumbnail looks like san-chan-san is eating fish.
I keep seeing people call this anime and the mc got almost everytime its posted, how much of that is actully true nd not just a meme?

What's the first anime from the 80s you ever watched?
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none cause I have a life
..you watched the sequel to a show you hadn't seen?
Gunbuster; it was mediocre.

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Is K-on the greatest moeshit anime in the world?
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It is but that is like being the world's tallest midget
It's not even good let alone the greatest.
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Yes, the best anime from the best genre. Haters can go to >>>/v/ down the hall from here.

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uchuu patrol.png
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Why is my favorite anime one big advertisement?
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This season, so was mine.
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Sure is big
It was a pure show.

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>/a/ is one of the best and most moderated board on 4chan

-random /a/non


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That's just how stupid that some people are. You might either accept it or fight it to no end.

Of course we need better/more moderation. There is nothing in the world which does not.
Nice touch with that red text OP.
What does moderation mean when the site accepts mobile posters?
Some autists spams a thread, gets banned, gets new ip and mods stop banning him because whats the point he'll get new ip anyways.
Not to mention the occasional nipple mods.

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volume 5 college.png
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was this a worthy continuation or just a greedy cashgrab?
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It's as if your favorite band came back together after several years and released a new album but it lacks what made their original stuff good in the first place.
pure kino
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KyoAni should just give us Haruhi S3 or K-On College already.

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What's the smartest anime?
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Yuru Yuri.
Eva is fake deep though. All the "deep" religious symbolism means nothing, the studio admitted they just did it cuz it looks cool.

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Netoge thread
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I wonder what her favorite Love Live songs to cover are.

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>robust storyline
>believable background
>complex, interesting characters
>not sugarcoated (death happens, deal with it)
>the coolest digimons of the franchise
>Rika is CUTE! CUTE!!
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Arguable, it had the worst main human-digimon pair.
At least it's not Xros Wars.
i agree.

tammers is a more mature and realisic take on the whole digimon concept
shut the fuck up and just admit adventure was the best

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how man days left?
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still can't believe the final thread got a fucking sticky

really, not worth it.
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It was my best shitposting period on /a/. Although I'd say it did not feel great.
>over 7000 replies

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What were they thinking?
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I have no idea, but I'm still surprised by how good it ended up.
buy a subaru™
"let's make a nice show."

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>sending your spec op unit on a top secret mission to slaughter every man, woman, and child in of the same blood in their sleep

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It's hard to feel sorry for them when Kishi's stupid ass wrote them to be mentally unstable psychopaths on a genetic level.
Zetsu played everyone like a bunch of suckers. He made things worse between them than they needed to be,
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>fatass baker lady was going to be part of a bloody coup d'etat and Itachi was ordered to kill her to make Konoha great again
I liked it better when Itachi was portrayed as a psychotic mass murdered and not a retarded brother lover. IIRC during one of his flashbacks his parents even say "OH WELL, WE KNEW THIS WAS COMING".

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why was this so great
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A great parody of isekai with a good amount of comfyness. Also, the characters are really endearing.

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This is Chihaya. Say something nice about her!
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Chihaya Pereirão.
Season 3 when or never?
>people forgot the only good looking sexhair girl in anime
She deserves a great boyfriend like Taichi.

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don't make it take place in pseudo-japan
>make the angry autist the protagonist
>he already went through highschool and would now be an official hero even being the best of his year
>at one day he wakes up with stronger power
turns out AfO modified his power and wants him for his team
>he joins AfO
>gets really close to and even does some Jobs for him like stealing some shit or kidnappping strong heroes who work for private buisnisses
>in this dimension heroes are more akin to hired mercenaries because that's what they actually would be if the world would suddenly be filled with superhumans...

basically buisnisses hire strong superhumans to protect their shit so other superhumans can't steal it and the title "hero" has lost all it's meaning
>Deku still gets the power from all might before all might dies but at that stage in his life he actually hates the world
>Kacchinator gets the job of finding the succesor of OfA
>he finds out that the succesor is a kid who was still in the unlucky generation of the 20% with no powers and who says that they were both in the same class in middleschool once
>by that point OfA's succesor is basically the only thing AfO fears because it is already been two and a half years since OfA died
>and the fact that a former quirkless guy is the proclaimed savior of the world can't even use 1% of it makes Kachhurrito so angry that he wants to immediatly kill himself

i mean he wants to kill deku
>but somehow Deku escapes death and has to ready himself
>he tries to get stronger and fails but he garners some attention from some good guy who is being inspired by him
>long story short he finds the former master of all might who is half the time almost dead
>Kaccchan the mighty meanwhile keeps quiet and doesn't tell OfA about deku
>he wants to figure out how he got the power and get it for himself
>though AfO can basically read his mind with a power of his
something like sensing emotions or some shit
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anyway one big plot point would be that OfA and AfO both die at the same night though i think OfA will die before him...
>the world is at the brink of destruction because of shiggy
>and kacchan is by that point the only one who can stop him
in the end he kills shiggy and the people can decide themselves if they want to get out of the matrix or instrumentality or whatever you wanna call it

also an immortal guy appears in there somewhere
Less stupid costumes
Drop the high school bullshit

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