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>We will never see another Satoshi Kon movie with a Susumu Hirasawa soundtrack ever again
The day Susumu Hirasawa dies I'll fucking hang myself
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Did you just come to this realization anon? It's been years since Kon died.
>It's been years since Kon died
>7 years already
It hurts
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satoshi kon is a fucking hack and him enjoying susumu for his soundtracks is his only redeeming quality.
>make a film or series that hinges on mystery/plot reveals
>make the mysteries/reveals obvious before they happen
limp design. he spoils his own material.

(you) me all you want with your shit entry-level opinions


I like Chitoge
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You like shit.
I don't. She ruined the whole episode!
I do too. She's not my best girl, though.

Shit taste.

Do you care about purity?
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My waifu got fucked by an old man in her best friend's imagination.
It'd be hypocritical of me to care unless the impurity is way beyond my own.
As long as she's not whoring around, cheating on me, carry disease or she's loose and flappy, I'm not really gonna complain.

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How would you fight Shinka?
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By doing my best to make it look like I'm actually trying to win, while I intentionally lose.
I would fight her with my penis
I'd use dogs.

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Was this the gayer anime ever made?
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It's not gay, it's manly men and their manly friendship and beating people up. What's gay about that?
RIP Based Gori, no one had a better deep voice than you.

This is literally the manliest anime ever.

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Clannad means family
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No it doesn't, "Clan" means family.
"Clannad" is short for "Clan of Dore"

>Clannad is suppose to mean family
This was the author's intention
I'm not sure if he meant that it meant family in the sense that it is literally family, but that it is the representative of family, especially in anime, the same way somebody could say "Toradora means love" or something like that, I can't explain it well, but you get the jist
also, yes

What does Akane's butt smell like?
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Honey come

That looks terrible.
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smug karen.jpg
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Wouldn't you like to know

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Straight traps are the only acceptable kind. Faggotry will always be wrong.
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Why all these cute traps want to impregnate me? The manga
Truer words have never been spoken before.
Why are they so rare, though?

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Translations when?
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>it's finally out.
Holy shit, yes.
Now we need to beg translator-kun.
Raws where?

So what are you watching in new season?
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Knights & Magic
Made in Abyss
Hell Girl
Shoukoku no Altair
maybe Fate/Apo
I hope it's either the first legitimately good horror anime or Another-tier memeful

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It's such a great anime in so many ways, I get that it's older but goddamn where is the love?

If you have any memories of Vash The Stampede and Co. from back in the day please share, I just re-watched it for the first time in like 7 years and it still holds up.
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its a 10/10 in my eyes. vash stampede was a top tier male protagonist. funny most of the time, but totally a badass guy when needed
OP again, I just want to add that as I'm still watching the last episode, I can't make a decision between whether I relate more to Knives's pragmatism or Vash's compassion.

Both are equally valid ways to live and it fucks me up the way that message is repeated constantly through the show.
Trigun was literally the first Anime I've had ever downloaded, solely because a friend of mine would use the nick "Vash the Stampede" in every single game that he could, and it always surprised me that ppl would recognise his nickname.

It's definitelly in my top 5 animes. Fucking love it.

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So I'm 23 and I just watched a more boring version of Oreimo this afternoon.
I could only wonder what the fuck am I doing with my life; why am I still watching this shit?

The same SoL romance elements everytime; everyone in kimonos/beach episode/haremshit/story not going anyfuckingwhere because a character is dense or a faggot.

Age-wise or experience-wise - when is the time to stop watching this shit, or at least this kind of SoL?
I really don't know why I or anyone else ever watches this type of shit. Why do you? There's better ecchi elsewhere, comfier SoL, and more entertaining shows where the cast majority is middle schoolers if you are creepy enough to prefer that.

I feel like it was a complete waste of my valuable free time, wherein I could have watched a much better action/adventure/thriller anime.
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Oh hey, you posted it again. Are you frustrated?
File: 1487481807008.png (532KB, 975x847px)Image search: [Google]
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>I'm 23
>valuable free time

Fuck off, retard.

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Admit it. He was a more entertaining villain than anyone from DBS.
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Dragonball should've ended when the original Dragon Ball manga ended. Anything after Dragonball manga (including, no, especially DBZ) is shit. Americans are just too braindead and brainwashed to realize otherwise.
Im re-reading the DB manga and its really fucking good.
Should have never stopped being a comedy.
Majin Buu arc is the worst arc of the entire anime.

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Who's your favorite character in the Dragon Ball series ?
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Pre cell games Vegeta
Goku from beginning to current

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Why did they have the Ui and Jun VAs perform songs if they didn't intend to include them in the show?
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I would have liked to see them play at least once
Because they're just character songs, and it's not like the character songs ever made the show. And Ui's is one of the best.


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