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we are not 2chan.
I got to appreciate their attention to detail
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Highly intellectual post

>you wake up
>you see angewomon in your room
>she is now your new partner digimon
Wat do?
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Get her to take off her helmet

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What was the purpose of this scene?
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Pandering to fujos.
So that you could relate.
It's just training anon.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
I hate it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.

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What was her problem?
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She did not embrace her perfection.
She was a good waifu trapped in a shitty show.
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Her boyfriend NTR'd her with himself as a girl.

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How are you taking the death of anime, /a/?
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Pretty well, I'm actually enjoying anime more than ever
Time to work on your backlog, anon.
Pretty good. Can't wait for next season. Might be following more than 10 shows.

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> Elfen Lied / Brynhilder author says fuck it and draws basically hentai

Are you reading it?
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Yeah, I'm "reading" it.
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no because 15 years after elfen lied lyn still can't draw for shit
>A low-functioning autist who can't even speak was my ideal self.
>I would have been able to be her if I didn't get these stupid powers.
holy shit

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Does /a/ like Sakura Quest?
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I'd quest the one with the glasses.
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I like all of them

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When will they ever learn?
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they are both midgets man. and there's no problem with that
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it always blows my mind when i see official height and weight rankings. i always subconsciously view chinese cartoonbook characters as being normal western height, but then it turns out everyone is 4 foot something.

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>start watching Gundam
>there's a war every 2 fucking years with Zeon

So why is it a big deal again?
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The One Year War cut the entire human population in half. Everything after that might as well have been a slapfight.
Add to that how the following wars are just grudges and resentment from the One Year War resurfacing.
Only the late UC era wars (Cosmo Babylonia, the Jupiter Empire, the Zanscare empire) are not directly related to Zeon, and even then they use as excuse for the war the same one as Zeon and the machines used for said wars are based on the technology born during the OYW.
>and even then they use as excuse for the war the same one as Zeon
Gee, I bet it's just because they shamelessly copied it and not because it was an actual issue or something.

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She'll come back one day, right?
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Nope, dead franchise.

Everything is getting a "revival" now these days, so who knows.
After Nichijou S2
At least you have a completed series in manga form.

post and rate
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2/6. I hate depressing, pretentious shows like NGE and its ilk. Anime should be warm and fluffy, like all the series in my 3x3.
I need to watch more warm and fluffy shows.
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This is the first 80's anime that I have watched and wew, characters behaved like today's eastern Europeans - 15 years old smoking, drinking alcohol, going out to discos.
Did it portray 80's Japan correctly?
Now I kind of want more of this meguca.
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Don't call her that.
There's a ban on the portrayals of minors smoking and drinking in anime and manga. So no, it won't happen.
Oh, I got this one recently, but it's worth to watch?

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Just a few more days until we get the AOTY.
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Haven't watched an anime since Luluco but I will watch this one for sure.
You mean AOTD OP
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Anime of the dick?

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New chapter of a pure, cute gyaru doing cooking things is out
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