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>This is a boy
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I want to fuck that boy.
Thank god
Schrödinger's dick. It can be either a boy or a girl until the dick has been shown.

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lelouch laugh.jpg
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i still can't believe how astronomically BTFO the lelouch is dead fags were after nearly a decade

do you think they'll ever be able to recover? how many committed suicide?
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I'll be fine as long is "Suzaku deliberately missed the vital points" or something.

Now, If they make the code=geass copypasta canon I'm afraid I'll kill myself.
Others may die too.
It's called Lelouch of the Resurrection. So maybe he did die but comes back with some supernatural revival shit.
It's already been confirmed that it involves a Lelouch who didn't die.

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yamakan vs shinbo.jpg
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What are your guy's expectations for Fractale and Madoka? Will Yamakan save anime like he promised?
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continuation fucking when? I would love to see the rest animated.
I'm watching Infinite Stratos and not any of that grimbait.
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Penguindrum is coming out this July. I sure hope Tomoko Kawakami voices someone in it.

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Name a darker manga than Spider-man the manga.
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Anything by Junji Ito.
Homunculus had it's moments.
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Story of the worst super hero in the world

Not only does he not save anyone, but I'm pretty sure half the time he was actively trying to kill them, or just plain let them die. Also an absurd amount of chapters centered around rape. Everyone dies.

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All right, here we go. First chapter is done.
Out of respect for Rapeman, I'd prefer it if people didn't upload works deriving from this translation onto Batoto.

Also, rate my translation.
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"One" "First" "Fiirst!"
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Post that one manga panel/page that always hurts when you see it.
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midori no hibi.jpg
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And dropped
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Love and lies are already intertwined though.
>twitter screencap

Delete yourself

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woop woop
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[Title is 'dot to dot']

[Ehhh, lazy]

When I invited my crush to hang out...
"Sorry Himemiya"
"If we're alone, it's kinda..."

Wanna die...

"What's with the gloomy face!?"
"You constipated!? Hahaha"

Wanna die
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"Oh!! Are those tickets!?"
"What's up, a movie??"
"I'm open, okay??"

"Wanna go?"

"I'll go, I'l go!!"
"Thanks Himemiya!! Yeeaaaahh!!"

Alice isn't gonna go though

"It's gonna be in an hour"
"Is he waiting there already?"

How long will it take for him to go home?
Probably a short time.
He's gonna leave right away, right...?

Fun fun

Maybe I'll go check on him
And see him freak out.
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"He's not here..."

You were so happy about it,
But you went home?
What's up with you...!!

There was no point coming here.
And Alice thought he'd freak out
Should've left him alone...

"Haah... haaah..."

You only came now...?
You're 30 minutes late!!
This guy is undateable...

Alice will just watch him
Until he freaks and leaves

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It's called skindentation, you UNCULTURED SWINE.
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>thigh indentation
muh dick

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This manga was terrible.
Especially the ending
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The girl is so cute
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Goodnight, PunPun.jpg
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Like life

I think that's what they were going for.

Also off topic: have you seen the designs of the IRL prints of these?

Saw it in Barnes & Noble the other day and it gave me a hard-on instantly.
Nobody wants animu to be like life, that's why they're animu.

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Is Galko-chan a slut?
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She most certainly is.
*is not

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Is this the peak of the Harem genre?
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It has its flaws, but since the harem genre never evolved past it and even today's harems are carbon-copies of it, yeah, I'd call it the peak.
Love hina literally killed anime forever
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nice dubs

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Which Ama would you gami?
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Hibiki or Nishishi.

Have you been doing your vital exercises?

The Ani Tore BDs are out now. They feature numerous improvements. Especially XX, which adds around 30 seconds of new footage per episode, including an extension to each girl's confession scene.

You can get them here:
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EX BD Changes.jpg
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EX fixes the godawful CG dance scenes.
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Ani Tore BD comparison.jpg
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XX has much more significant changes.
Akiko seems to get special focus with the new scenes.

New teaser for SHAFT's new film "Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom?"


Looks more interesting than the original teaser at least.
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What the fuck is that crab?
What kind of crab is that?
Kyoani and Yamada on suicide watch. Will they ever recover?

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