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what is her appeal?
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Cute, dumb and naive.

being a best
Having won the MC.

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A Hambaga for me please!
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More Hambagas!

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>you come across a magic lamp
>you rub it
>Genie comes out
>tells you you've got one wish and it must be related to anime

what's your wish /a/
>inb4 more wishes
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Gunnm by KyoAni.
Delete /a/
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I don't know why Naruto has the largest fanbase of all media
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It's just a really good series. It has all these interesting characters with dramatic backstories and you follow their adventures facing unique challenges involving creative fights.
It doesn't. One Piece is much more popular
All their backstories are boring and cliche

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You guys told me this was good. It was one of the most childish cliche things I ever seen.

Except for the antibodies, those were fucking cool
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The sequel series Eureka Seven Ao is much better anon
We said it was BONES

such is the way of BONES
Eureka seven is weird to me.
On one hand I love the setting, soundtrack, and some of the supporting cast are fascinating.

On the other hand the weakest part imo, which is renton and eureka has the focus 90% of the time.

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>The new Kino no Tabi is being made by studio Lerche
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It's a flick.
are you not lying

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Time to add an edge to Isekai.
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I love edge but this is bad edge, nobody should stomach this shit.
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so, what happened to "his" girl?

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>fuck machine translation
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I would read a manga if it was called "Fuck Machine: Translation"
Why would you bother with machine translation? Chinese translators are cheaper the cost of internet traffic.
the fucker at volare busy giving his wife a blowjob and being a prick

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What a coincidence, I like Mami-san too!
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She is great.
don't lose your head
Ha ha titties

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Last thread an anon asked If I could scan all the undercover character profiles for the volumes. So dumping them now.
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Volume 01 front undercover.

Here we have two of the B-class girls on the match Nozomi watches on the first chapter. They're also on volume 1 cover.
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Volume 01 back undercover.

Here we have the C class player who was the instructor of the practice match between Nozomi and Sayaka and who later showed them the inside of the stadium. She seemed cool, a pity she didn't appear again.

Then the B class player who loses the match in chapter 2, where they ask Nozomi and Sayaka to give their opinion about which one they think would win. Also in the cover of volume 1. The winner of the match didn't make it to the character profiles.
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Volume 02-1.jpg
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Volume 02 front undercover.

The idol bro and the gangsta mom. Sad that the mom completely disappeared afterwards, she was a cool character for the introduction.

One of the stories the author wanted to draw would show Yuuko appearing again and now powered up., a pity he didn't have the time to do it. That was quite back and more likely because of the usual rushed schedule of mangakas.

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>Lets make our main characters guns
>Finns are rapists and elves

Who the hell though this was a good idea?
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The Elvish language, by Tolkien, is based on Finnish as is much of the mythos.
All guns are technically rapists, because they forcefully penetrate without consent of the victim. I wonder how the guns of suicides feel, being forced into consensual activity. Do they feel violated? Or do they feel fulfilled?
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I doubt it

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>52,017 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation
>41,970 Cinderella Girls Gekijou
>*7,876 Starmyu S2
>*6,603 SnK S2
>*2,270 Re:CREATORS
>**,742 Tsugumomo
>**,721 Clockwork Planet
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Where's Eromanga and FAG?
I don't think their first volumes are out yet.
>>*6,603 SnK S2
What a blunder. S1 averaged over 25k or something, right?

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Am I the only one who hates this fucking brat and wants to kill her?
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Stop being so tsundere.
She's cute! Fangs are great
I love that fucking brat and want to rape her.

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Who would win?
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Obviously the power grid, as it was proven.
octahedrons objectively best geometrical object
>liking 3DPD

>award winning novel adaptation
>mature characters
>narrative story structure
>FeMC is a cake in distress with tragic past
>no highschool/teen bullshit
>stunning visuals
>better looking animation than anything from last decade
>one year worth of production
>European XX century setting
>a bit of sci-fi with robot waifus
On a scale from 0 to second coming, how hyped are you?
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Don't forget
>a bit of adult content but nothing degenerative or insulting for women
>god tier writing
>more realistic than cartoonish style
First episode will be shown in anime expo at 7th july. Hope itll be leaked or at least screenshots and peoples impressions.

Novel is great. Art wise KyoAni seems to go all out, producing very detailed character art as well visuals. Ishidate is best KyoAni director so great fit for it.

The issue i worry about is that theyll try to tone down the novel. Most people looking at art and discriptions dont realizes how emotionally and content heavy it is at times - suffering, war, personal drama, shocking content. Author manages to create soul crushing narrative, balanced by Violets distance from those circumstances.

If first ark doesn 90% focus on the Playscribe past, getting married, achievements, birth of daugther, wifes illness and death, daugher slowly dieing in his eyes, him becoming a drug addict secluded wreck - then its sign that KyoAni chose to approach it wrongly. Because Violet presence in novel works mostly in contrast with arks characters issues.

Also her own story is far from happy too - being essentially a murder machine during war and assassin.

The story is really good, focusing on other characters - but at same time revealing stuff about Violet and worldbuilding: schowing circumstances of war that happened, different forces and people etc.

If they adapt just first novel in S1, then last ark will be culmination of that: actually showing Violets past as she was found and acted during war.

The biggest mystery of course is Violet herself - well never fully know what exactly she is: at least first two novels still dont reveal it fully as she mostly doesnt know her past herself.

She is often confused human, but with hundred percent certainity she is not and its one of key points - though she tries to become one emotionally.
>highschool/teen bullshit
you don't belong here

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