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Small, firm, real tits
big, fat, flabby, fake tits.

Remember, god it watching.
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Flat, budding, and small.
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Big tits all the way. Remember, god hates chestlets!

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pa works.jpg
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KyoAni has the best visu-
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PA Works stuff is pretty, but the visual direction is often flat. It presents the scene intelligibly and draws them nicely, but outside of a few of their series there's rarely much use of framing or visual metaphor to make them more interesting than just putting the plot in front of the camera. That's not something you can often say of Kyoani - even in their shittier adaptations, and there's certainly no shortage of those, you can usually open an episode to a random frame and ask yourself what the shot is telling you.
>MUH chromatic aberration
>MUH fish eye lens and blur
Eat shit.
Wit studio did a best work in both kabaneri and SnK

Alright, who the fuck would want to fuck one of these mutants?
I'm guessing making the sexbots unsexy was deliberate and symbolic
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Nope, it was just plain censorship because japs thinks westerners can't handle nudity despite the first movie was a huge success.
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>Alright, who the fuck would want to fuck one of these mutants?
my boner says otherwise

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This is the ideal body type for female anime characters
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What's going to happen those two cute sweet girls?
>artist has good art but draws utter shit fetishes
Such a waste.

MC with cannon big dick for jap size
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when it was it confirmed for ryo?
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Since we know that 11cm is average, how much bigger do you have to go to have what is considered a big dick?

ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself.
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[Spoiler] I go on /pol/ sometimes for fun [/Spoiler]
We all do that but our Führer Hitler is reserved for only pure arian races. Prove your german heritage.

Why did they kill him off so soon?
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they didn't kill him off soon enough
He's a plot device, not an actual character
Because him being the actual hero would be to fucking obvious. And because we get the pretty fucking awesome story about Shi-Moh growing planet-sized titanium balls and FIGHTING DA POWAH we all so dearly love.

Was it autisim?
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Id call it childhood trauma.
Sur ei guess

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You have 5 seconds to post what shows you're watching next season and why.
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You lose anon.
That one with the blonde Turkish trap and some others I can't think of.
Wait people actually watch anime ? What a bunch of f/a/ggots.

Why nobody is talking about the greatest anime of universe?
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because while it had a few nice moments it was terribly rushed, especially the ending, meaning it is objectively inferior to similar anime that did not botch their endings.
Kinda agree but... anon, this OST make me cry like a bitch everytime...
Lurk more.

"Yoshifumi Fukushima was a mistake"
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what does Quitela see in the crystal ball, fellas?
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nah keep the guy
he's great at triggering people and creating content to start arguments in this shit hole
>shit hole
Are you implying that /a/ was ever, you know, good?

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Are you ready for Yukino 1.5?
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I am ready for Iroha+Yui combination
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Screenshot (62).png
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Screenshot (60).png
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What the-
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Where is mami
She was headed there too but stopped for a quick bite and never wound up making it.
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Do you think your waifu would like Death Grips?
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She very well might.
It would probably end up traumatizing her
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Nobue-chan from Ichigo Mashimaro would like em

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What's your favourite anime?

What's your favourite manga?
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boku no pico

kodomo no jikan

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