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How can I make a dildo out of this spline?

Lathing and sweeping tools don't work. Not sure what to do.
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Lathing splines must be symmetrical. This is an irregular shape so it wont work. You will have to extrude and shape a cylinder.
yeah making a dildo is really easy. this just isnt the way to do it. Loft spline rings together and adjust them.
>he cant even make a dildo

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/3/ is dieing. prove me wrong.
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what is dead may never die
What never lived*
did /3/ had a golden age? i remember coming here and we had competitions with "terminal" and interesting posts

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>Turbosmooth glitches model
>Can't select model anymore
>Manage to select it by it's name
>Scene disappears as soon as I move camera
>Delete modifier
>3ds max crashes
>Use older backup of scene, this one is fucked
>Same shit happens after turbosmooth (only 4000 polys, polycount isn't problem)
>Reset xforms, attach object to a box, export it as FBX, import it back in in another scene
>It works fine now

Is this normal for a 3d software /3/? I'm legit asking, do 3d softwares just pull shit like this on a regular basis or is it just 3ds max?
I really like the fact that Blender is free but I'm so used to 3ds...

(Pic mildly related)
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I had strange things happen in Max, yeah. Pretty much no problems with C4D.

Blender is a meme, don't fall for it.
Some versions of Max have been very stable others been a mess historically. However novice users typically find strange ways to set off obscure errors in 3D software.
Like if you teach one of these programs to a small crowd you will get to see new errors occur that you never seen once while using them for years.
This ability to corrupt scenes by inserting occult keystrokes activating unknown shortcuts while modelling tend to go away with experience.
3ds max is by far the buggiest 3d modeling suite

I don't get it.
There's an almost fully featured 3DS Max 2004 floating about on the internet as abandonware, yet nobody ever bothered to hack it and patch file export into it?
Gmax thread
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why would anyone do that when you can pirate the latest max ?
But that's unethical.
Was it officially abandoned and allowed to be modified? If not, that's unethical as well, right? Go download Blender if you want to use horse shit.

spooky thread? skeletals welcome halloween general post your spoox here
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creepy dood i made guise
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Semen Demon.png
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Spooky enuff for you?
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why not
a wip im doing now, dunno how much further i will push the surface detail

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Poser a shit Edition
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Last thread was kill, looks like it reached the limit.
>implying crooked Hillary is that skinny

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Hey guys,
I looked around but couldnt find a beginner thread, and I was looking for some help on a walk cycle I made. Basically I have to construct a rudimentary animation portfolio before friday night - what do you think, and what would you include in said porfolio?

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silent bump
Polycount.com forums animation sub
Is that a better place?

hi guys, how to animate tank tracks in 3ds max? I watched almost every tutorial on YT and didn't find any relevant ones on cgpeers, but they all seem to use path deform modifier which is useless unless you want your tank to only move forward, any rotation distorts the tracks. or I'm doing something wrong. so tl;dr I want to tank treads to animate when I move a tank. what path deform modifier does is just what I want, sans rotation issues. pls help.
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if you parent everything to an emply and then rotate that empty, then it should work i think
nope, when I parent the spline to a dummy, rotating the dummy distorts tracks, and when I parent track mesh to the same dummy there's no rotation but also no animation,......
I think you'd have to group them up into larger sections.

From what I can see, there's like 30-50 sections to fit around one wheel?

Put them in groups of like 20-30, but split each section into 3-4. Then sadly, animate them go around the entire thing, one section at a time. Once they all go around, start animating the split parts, so that in the end, you have each split part fold around the wheels.

Something could be done with jiggle maybe.

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fuck uv.png
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So i have this simple "object", and i'm trying to unwrap it. Using Unfold3D and Legacy, trying differents configurations, but this shit can't unwrap proper.... pic related pls help im going to kil myself
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Did you mark uv seams num nuts?
You haven't created a seam anywhere around the corners. How do you expect to such a convex shape without cutting it anywhere?
It's like cutting a tennis ball in half and trying to flatten one half. It's going to crack somewhere before it flattens.
maya does that sometimes where something in the algorithm gets messed up and it just won't unwrap properly

it magically mixes itself eventually, no idea why or how

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Hey there, just figured since 4chan is fantastic for critique I'm posting quick and dirty renders of some of my models for feedback. I'm by no means a professional 3D modeler in any kind of industry, so rendering techniques to me are basically just model+texture+material+camera=good enough. So feel free to have at it I guess.

I use Blender too, if anyone needs that info.

First up is some renders of Korra and Asami from LOK, Ruby Rose from RWBY and Garnet from Steven Universe. They'll be NSFW a few of them since I make full bodies under the outfits. I want to put them in Source Filmmaker and want to use them for animation myself.
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Korra 30.png
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Ruby Rose. Just her Vol 4 gear.
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Garnet WIP 8.png
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Garnet from Steven Universe.

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Does that mean that moslems live in the 14th century?
Get back to /pol/ fucking racist
>he thinks Muslims are a race
fucking dumbass

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What hardware components should be prioritized when looking to increasing polycount when working in Zbrush?

On the macs at my workplace, I can get up to 40 million, though not very stable. At home, I can only get 3 million or so before it hangs up on me.
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do you use sub levels or just use bare polies?

Subdivision in this case. I was able to reach 7 million polys in dynamesh at work.
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My coworker talked with the Pixologic guys.
While the CPU and GPU are obviously important, the primordial hardware to consider is RAM. 32gb is okay, 64gb is ideal, and 128gb is the best, especially for big productions.

How viable is this?
Blender's tools for stitching clothing seem rudimentary at best, but they're as good as the tools I've seen in software for this specifically.

Also, I can't seem to use UV unwrap in Blender anymore, seems like it'd be a useful tool for making clothing since it converts a shape into a flat pattern.
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have to enter edit mode and select the faces you want to unwrap

also uv unwrapping isn't guaranteed to be 1:1 the size of the faces, you'll have to look for the option to make it so

don't forget to mark your seams before uv unwrapping
UV unwrapping doesn't seem to give me an unwrapped mesh as an image anymore.
It doesn't seem to do anything.

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New WIP thread.

Old one >>534790
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Lolo Shy 3.jpg
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Working on a new outfit.
work in progress: these dubs
Nice clothwork!

Satan is among us.

3D modeling /g/

Question : can you make artistic 3d models without having the talent to draw ? for example using 2d drawings from different angels. if so, what the best process to carry this out.
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You'll need a moderate level of knowledge to bring your characters to life. You can use both box modelling in 3dsmax or sculpting in zbrush with the help of ortographic planes to help you shape your 3d model. But there is no such program exists where you upload your 2d drawings and it just gives you a 3d model.
Yes, but when it matters you will suck compared to those who can.
2D and 3D art skills compliment each other, and the skillsets overlap. If you get better at 2D art, you will get better at 3D art and vice versa, so make sure you practice both.

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