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So me and my friends were signing up a 3v3 basketball tournament, this is the text based logo which will be printed on our jerseys (Don't hate me though it's still a prototype) Is it lit or shit ? And i still didn't know what should i make for our logo, can you guys give me some advice ?
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Its ok, i think the word "the" needs improving
Maybe make the "over" red and the "the" black in a similar font to the big text
try deleting the W and replacing it with the three scratch marks, it should read just fine and look more creative. No "the."

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Why Patreon?
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This design is something that a child could and probably has made.
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>coin going into a slot

this is genius

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I made trailers for my books. What do you guys think? I'm not a pro when it comes to video.

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And the science fiction book.

You made lots of ink reveals and faded in-between them.
I think it would be a lot more interesting if these reveals faded to nothingness while the new reveals reveal themselves on other portion of the screen.
Not sure if I'm explaining myself

>23 seconds of dead time with scaling glitch stock footage
>everything else is the title
>date in the last 5 seconds
I don't know what the book is about but VHS glitches doesn't scream sci-fo to me. Gives me more of an 80's not-quite-horror vibe, like the critters movies.
I think that the book name is bad but that it's ridiculousness is your selling point, exploit it. Ditch the beginning and go just for a dramatic reveal for the whole title and the date.
The music is spot on

Yeah, it was my first ever attempt at using the multiply effect. And I was just guessing how to do it. I think in the future I'd spend more time finding different ink effect stock for each one.

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what do you do when your client thinks he/she has an "aesthetic sense", "amazing design ideas" while not being a designer, or if he/she is "in the wrong profession and should actually have been an artist"
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pretty much the same you do with shitposters
provide some insightful and sound reasoning on why they are wrong from an objective point of view
if you succeed, client should stand corrected and actually start appreciating your work.
I agree with this. However in the end its the clients opinion that counts.
If he likes his ideas and designs, try to working with them. You don't care about what you think looks good, you care about money and you are only gonna get that if the client thinks its good.

I can't count the number of times I sold logos and designs I wanted to shoot myself for to clients who were actually satisfied with my "work".
Downside is you cannot put these abominations into a portfolio, because everyone else they are horrible

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I need to know if this image works with anaglyph 3D glasses. Can someone help me out pls?
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I don`t have 3D glasses. Sorry
File: AIVfewu.png (226KB, 334x249px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I tried with picrelated and no, doesn't work at all.
you are supposed to use 2 images that are very close to each other to give the effect and that's far far away from what you made
lmao nigga what were you even trying to do those are 2 completely different pictures

how is that not supposed to be a button you swipe from left to right. FUCK
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I think you are retarded, but I think the width of the button implies some sort of linear movement.
Doesn't help that it's approx thumb sized

File: IMG_2798.png (44KB, 150x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not entirely sure if this belongs here but I was wondering if any of you could identify the font used in this?
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bump, i need this answered
I'm no expert but that looks semi-hand drawn
bumping the slowest board after half an hour.

that whole thing is made with an ae template
I can't find a standalone download but it's included in this pack
font should be inside

Hi, im a noob poorfag looking to steal vectors. Anyone know any decent sites i can download/steal vectors
I only know this one http://allday1.com
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freepik works most of the time
if you wanna get packs, limit google searches to rutracker
Thanks bud

File: IMG_0065.jpg (245KB, 1536x2048px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some shit i did! Feel free 2 shit on it
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The fuck is up with her nose and eyes? She looks fucking dead and soulless. Jesus Christ.
Her feet looking fucking weird too. What the hell. Just no. Stop. Learn how to draw humans mate.
First of all >>>/ic/

And second of all, you traced it to get the proportions correct (fine depending on what you're trying to achieve) but have no idea how to paint/render so it ended up as a mess

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So i dont know shit about gd i ask you about this because you may have the answer i have a frind that is a gd and he hates persona 5 because of the UI he likes simple things i think minimalist is called is he wrong about it what do you think about this games UI?
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your friend might be a pretentious douche
persona5's ui is top tier
Half the HUD elements when you're exploring don't need to be on screen all the time, but it's very good overall. Without it, the game would look very low-budget, so it was smart of them to have the UI in your face a lot of the time. Plus, you never notice it because it's so fast, but all the attacks have 2D effects that appear just as they land, which helps things feel more dynamic.

That's describing the Japanese version. The English version adds some super ugly elements, though some of them were unavoidable, because so much of the game was clearly designed with Japanese typography in mind. Still, that's no excuse for not keeping some of the UI localization half-finished. A lot of the text outlines weren't redone for the English version, so you often get cases of there either being too little or too much space around the text that was put inside them.
File: chavopersona.jpg (301KB, 1276x928px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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/v/ and /gd/ here, your friend a shit, minimalism was always overrated, I'm tired of games looking like a fucking ipad display with sterile and boring buttons and text.

I cum all over P5 UI, I dont even want to play that weeb game, but damn, the whole thing looks so hype, and the way it's animated intensifies the feeling

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