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Hey guys i'm a 2d animator and i've been wanting to work on my own backgrounds for many shots.

I'm thinking of maybe doing the layouts in 3d so then i could take the camera inside, take stills of the angles i want for the 2d shots and then i'll be able to draw over them for the final comp.

Is there something simple I can use to do basic shape layouts of objects/interiors or will any 3d model application do?
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Try Sketchup, it's pretty intuitive, and there's some good rendering plugins if you want some basic lighting direction too.
Will look into it thanks!
Don't listen to this faggot, sketchup is garbage compared to blender, max or maya. Get it or get out!

Max noob here. Can some kind soul tell me what the hell I've done to make this nonsense happen and how I can make it stop? Thaaaaaanks.
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uninstall and use blender
As much as i dislike Blender, I'd actually probably take it over Max now. Max is dying if not dead already, and such a pain in the ass to use over the ease of Maya.
Do you have snapping turned on?

I wanted to make a game similar in style to pic related and wanted some help choosing a programs. I know spine seems to everyone's go to but how similar are the other two?
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Godot with Blender and photoshop should be enough.
Anima looks cool but it doesn't have ffd
Those butts mmmmmmmmmmm

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Hey guys, I have a quick question.

I have a bunch of 2d animated assets I want to use in a mobile game, any idea what it'd cost me to have them possibly converted to 3d models?
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Depends. How are the models?
Are they like sprites? Vector images?

You'd have to make the 3D meshes from scratch anyways, but depending on how the assets are, you could use them as a reference.

That's the pack.
More just curious, if I was to ask someone to 3d those drakes etc, of what I should offer per drake xD

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Is there a way to preserve the changes in topology you made at subdivision 1 to be in the exact same location at the highest subdivision level? I figured a workaround where you could turn off the smooth modifier, but it causes sharp edges around the areas that were affected. This causes a lot of cleanup work that has to be done.

In the picture, I did an extreme example where I only moved one vertex. Usually what I do is more subtle, where I move a lot of vertices to fix the topological flow or subtle changes to silhouette etc. I just want the vertices I move at the lowest subdivision to be in the exact same location at the highest subdivision without any artifacts.
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dont think so
you could fuck around with morph targets and layers but it would get too complicated
Yeah that sucks. I'll try some test with morph targets and layers.
i would try storing details as a layer
i would do this by stroring a morph map
going to lowest sub level you want to modify
deketaing all sub levels above it, then subdividing without smooth back to the level you stored morph map at
now add layer, switch morph map with recording on, use any brush on the model for the layer to record a brush stroke, and turn it off

now you go back down to lowest sub level
go back up without sooth

now you have this blocky mesh with your change but divded a lot
now turn on layer
now use morph brush to recover every part outside of the model outside teh one you modified
or just mask that part an use blend maps

all this is theoretical, dunno if it will work, just try it u guess i did stuff this way but usually tiny changes dunno what it will produce form lowest sub level

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Hello /3/, 3DCG beginner here.

I'm trying to get into Maya after a few months into ZBrush. I've torrented Maya LT 2016 but it ran like crap. Started, and it took around 15 seconds to be interactable (max/minimizing window, clicking buttons), etc. And when it does get responsive, a click on anything takes another minute to yield any results. Also, double-clicking on the polygon button opens up the window for settings, but clicking create does nothing and it gets stuck like that until I ended the program through Task Manager. Any idea why this happens? Does anyone in /3/ have a suggestion on what I should do? Perhaps a better torrent that works?

Here are my specs:

Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz

And the torrent used is: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/11760603/Autodesk_Maya_LT_2016_[64-Bit]-[FirstUploads]

>inb4 torrenting
>inb4 learning 3D on a laptop
>inb4 get better hardware

I'm still learning, please don't deny me. Thanks a lot, /3/.
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Don't bother with any Autodesk LT products.
What should I torrent, then? For the purpose of learning?

The actual Maya.

And download it from the actual website of Autodesk. The student version has no limits or watermarks.

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Can someone edit the following 3d model to look like pic related?http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:73484
Thanks in advance.
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give me 6 months and Ill have AAA model ready
Where will it be posted?
in your dreams ;DXDXDXDXD

Toyota corolla liftback 1991
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reflections look good but tyres look too fake, get some normals on those bad boys

numberplate looks off, too glossy cant see the didgets

its mainly the wheels for me, they just look too not real
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is this real

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can someone troubleshoot this please, because i cant figure out how to fix this.

Im trying to use GoZ from Zbrush 4R7 -> Maya 2016 but its not working, I have no problem bringing in models from Maya to Zbrush, but nothing from Zbrush to pay. I read that you need to install MentalRay for maya, I did and its still not working.

any ideas?
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not your personal tech support

tfw not wanting to help a nigga out...

So I'm down a hand for a bit and buttloads of hotkeys aren't really an option. Are there any especially mouse-friendly modeling programs out there? I just need polygonal modeling shit, so no need to factor in rendering/texturing/animation.

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blender uses a bunch of hot keys but can also be easily used with a mouse


Solare Cortina Magic Hi - Baby Stroller

we been through this already. if you want to model wristwatches,cameras and dinosaurs you would weep in the opposite direction, so lets get this thing going.

bonus points for

>high poly model
>textured model
>good render

you have until sunday best of luck
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>Challenges /3/ to build an RPG
>Get only a few submissions, a lot of people complying about "UH TOO EZ GIMM RAEL SHALLENJ!!!!!!! 90 PERSEMT CYLIMDERS"
>Make real challenge
>0 submissions 2days left
I feel you bro.
He got one submission, if I remember correctly. Now the other argument instead of to simplistic, who would want to make a realistic baby stroller?

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Any amateur architects look to voice chat and work on revit projects together?
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you mean doing free work for you? sure i'm in
No, i just don't have any friends who are interested in this kind of stuff.
Pic reminds me of those stick figure videos from Portal 2

Seeing all these techniques and terminologies like UV maps, mesh, bone rigg, ect. Did you feel overwhelmed going into 3D modeling?
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I did. But whatcha gonna do. I like the feeling of looking at the final product and that keeps me motivated to do more of them.

i thought only 10% of the population are even capable of modeling because movies looked so good
Sculpting still overwhelms me. I can't wrap my head around the tools and the interface.

Traditional modeling seems simple in comparison.

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Where do you pirate 3d models from?
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Nice one!.gif
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tf3dm, deviantart with a "XPS" query, or ripped straight from poser
Pixar. I have an inside man ;)

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Previous thread:

Outstanding questions from previous thread:

What is the w dimension?
Is it possible to use the inverted normals method of making cartoon outlines in maya?
Is there a mask selection tool in 3Dsmax?
Is there any reason to use topogun / 3dcoat vs. a down subdivided mesh from mudbox?
Are there any sites specifically for cycles shader examples?
How to get better at UV unwrapping for someone only familiar with Maya?
Is there a way to have a "straight curve"" in the soft selections in 3ds max? Like, instead of having a pinch or a bubble, making the deformation linear, like a cone.
What is VXGI? Is it kind of path tracing rendering or what? I do understand that it's voxel based, but I can't get WHY and what is this about, and reading about it doesn't really help.
What are some good sources for learning online (Maya in particular, but I'm also interested in Nuke and the whole vfx pipeline)?
I've never rendered anything before and every time I open the render viewer everything is ridiculously darker than it is while I'm in the workspace with the lights activated. Even when I change the gamma. Trying to render a PNG with Arnold.
I need to accurately move and duplicate zsphere chains in Zbrush. There's no immediately clear way to do this, and the only plugin I can find that says it helps with this issue is old as fuck, crashes often, and is really unclear.
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Working on Zbrush and I'm trying to lower the amount of poly, but the problem being is that Decimation Master never worked, it always forever stays on the "computing, please wait" , and ZRemesher also always gives me a "Unable to Open File, user/shared/ZbrushData/Temps/objOut".
Is it possible to get the full -1 to 1 range in blender internal's lambert shader?
What should i use to render in real time?
How do I git gud at weight painting and assigning deform weights in general? Is it mostly a question of getting good topology around bendy parts? Are there any tutorials about this specifically?
Is there a simple method to make sure that all your quads are planar?
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Can someone explain what is going on, Every time I try to unwrap it- it just completely fucks up. mostly the arm .

I looked around all my model to see if there were any breches of the seams- nothing- so then I thought there was doubles- nothing.
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Found out, I just had random pins I placed.

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