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how do I know if my model has too many polygons for a game to run smoothly?
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You test it in you engine, in a high polycount scene.
Alternative google: %gameenginename% average polycount per character.
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id say as a benchmark under 60,000 for a full body. lora from the newish tomb raider game runs at 40,000 faces. although as a test in unity it lags pretty bad. i have a really low poly model at 1,000 faces for setting up animation rigs. also your eyes are a bit far apart but the rest an't bad mate

explain something to me, are cheap looking 3D, robotic limbs, shit cloth animations (not folding), proper squatch and strech, proper cartoonish (anime) renders, old school deformations, like something 3D animation isn't suitable for?

Is 3D animation better for realism than NPR animations?

Is 2D animation still supreme if your goal is to make a cartoon?

All toon 3D animated shit I see from pros look like crap, or too realistic (Pixar).

Is this an inherent problem with the medium (3D animation)?
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3D can emulate 2D but not many get it right. 3D Pixar is fine and I'd say the majority prefer that over 2D now. It's your opinion that the Pixar style is worse and it doesn't line up with the entire demographic, because yours is the opposite of the majority. Both 2D and 3D have their uses, why can't you be happy with that? In 30-50 years you're probably going to be seeing 2D start to fade out, but obviously not completely.
>like something 3D animation isn't suitable for?
Overwatch has squash and stretch and looks great.

>All toon 3D animated shit I see from pros look like crap, or too realistic (Pixar).

Wakfu looks fucking great on a technical level (you may not like certain designs but that's strictly preference).

The new Guilty Gear game (Xrd?, I think) looks great too.

>Is this an inherent problem with the medium (3D animation)?

It's a lack of tools and techniques. When a studio comes out with a method that works, they rarely share it (understandably), so everyone else's baseline is to use shaders and techniques and such from 20 years ago.

And finally, pic unrelated or what? I don't really care for lolishit but I've seen those models on Sketchfab and they're well made and look great (again, from a technical perspective). I don't know if they animate well but they certainly could be redone to anime well.
my biggest concern is cloth simulation under NPR shit.

even pixar shirts don't fold like cartoon shirts (anime).

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Are these pretty good stylized models or am I easily impressed?

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My last work tell me how uo fnd it
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to find what?
i like it.
the camera angle is kinda weird for interior and the pillows/couch could use a bit variance in the pattern.
how did you make the texture of the cover?
is it slightly transparent where the "net" has holes?
Whats up with the camera angle? Looks really neat but i cant see what i want to see in a interior model shot. Rendering is really good, v-ray, Arnold?

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i think i need glasses guys
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press z

In this thread, post an object you aren't quite sure how to make, and we'll try to provide a good guideline for you on how to go about making that object.

I think this will be good practice for both newbies and pros as we'll discuss how an object is made before actually trying to make it.
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revolver cylinder please
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Use an 18 side cylinder with 6 cylinders inside it, evenly spaced out from each other and logically scaled (use reference). Bridge all the edges together and put on the subdivide modifier when you want to add in more detail, such as those valleys (or whatever they're actually called) in between the chambers.

There's a really good revolver cylinder tutorial online already.

I've always wondered what software makes your edges bend like in your renders. Assuming it's maya?
How does that work?

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will companys hire 3D artists that only know blender even though they say 3DMax in their job description?
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they don't give a fuck about blender.

if you're good you will be hired anyway.
is not like a software could be learn in one weekend if you're not mentally retarded.

blender is good enough to practice your skills, look up the blender foundation videos.

is not that blender is crap, is that your skills are garbage.

remember, spend 4 hours daily practicing during one year every day and you'll see results.

>inb4 the 8 hours daily meme retards

Let's see, the schools are churning out tens of thousands of 3D artists each year who are trained in the tools the professionals use.

But they won't hire one of the qualified artists with a diploma and skills to use the software they want, they'll hire that neet who learned Blender in his spare time.

What do you think?
blender is just shaping up in recent years to become something useful that is industry worthy.

you could always make good stuff in blender, the thing is there are a few "blender masters" that are the top 1% who are working the rest are people tinkering at home because no institute teaches blender (there are a few however).
people who take blender seriously end up producing good stuff.
the key is to always take criticism and be open minded.

does this count
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wtf is 3d sprite modeling

you mean voxels? i guess it looks like a voxel but you made it with polygons so no, it isn't. https://voxel.codeplex.com/
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this is cool.
the workflow is odd you seem to just be duplicating squares on a 3d plane. If you're holding all visible perspectives to a high artistic standard, i can see this being useful for making trippy 3d backgrounds.
or 3d sprites. you have more liberty doing this in maya than you have in voxels.
May I suggest using magicavoxel


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Why is Z up in some software and Y in others?
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no reason
How do you know it they are "up"?

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wtf is the Maya equivalent of spline filet and bevel?

the fillet tool that's in the list is retarded as fuck and dosnt even work.
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I think you're assuming you know what curves bevel and fillet do in Maya.

Are you using the EP or CV curves tool? What curve degree are you using on said tool?

i just started using curves in maya so idk the difference between EP and CV, what i do know is i loved the bevel and filet in max and in maya it dosnt work the way i want it to

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hey guys this is my demo reel what do u think I worked pretty hard on it

subscribe if u like
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It's like on the very edge where I'm not sure if it's ironically bad, or if you tried your best but aren't very experienced with what you do yet.

If you are serious, you've got a lot of work to do.
Mostly everything you could've done wrong in a demo reel, you did wrong.
He is posting a mugshot and a name with it.
Unless he aims to become a comedian i'll take this reel as serious.
And its problematic.
Quick take it down, only 115 people have seen it.

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Let's discuss traditional modelling vs sculpting for characters.

I enjoy more vertex modelling than sculpting t.bh sempaitachi.
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I enjoy using the correct method for the correct task.

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Should I start making low poly crap pack assets?
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If 100k+ per year isn't enough of a motivator, I don't know what is.
They are top sellers though. Which probably means they sell final product tier stuff with shiny polished graphics and complete codes and stuff, rather than some shitty lowpoly crap.

the people who make the top stuff usually studious that specialize in making unity assets.

rarely there is some nut that can do top tier stuff by himself and package & present it perfectly

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Short movie from WooTeeF studio. Just for fun.
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No, anon, I won't subscribe to your channel.

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