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Does any of you know a link to download a cracked topogun ?
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just pony up for headus uv layout
I have to use topogun :/
you have to produce work, the tools are unimportant

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Does anyone know what the Maya equivalent of converting a mesh to an editable poly in 3ds max is? or i guess baking down all the layers of modification you added to it? because i modeled this thing at least 4 times now, every time i save and reopen it, its broken. the little floating polygon you see on the screen is spouse to be this big ornate pace around the object but it breaks every time i save. I think its because i mirrored it or something. Pls help. I just switched to maya from max few weeks ago.
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import maya.cmds as mc

original_selection = mc.ls(sl=True)
mc.select(mc.polyCube(ch=1,o=1,w=1,h=1,d=1,cuv=4), r=True)
mc.select(original_selection, add=True)
merged_shapes = mc.polyUnite(ch=1, mergeUVSets=1)
mc.select("%s.f[0:5]" % merged_shapes[0])
mc.select(merged_shapes[0], r=True)
mc.rename(merged_shapes[0], original_selection[0])

use that python script and that should do the trick - apologies if I've copied that wrong, I know fuck all about scripts, but this works great for me

there's the link I got it from
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side question: anyone know wtf is going on and how to fix it?

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Hey people,

So i'm wondering what software I can use where I can make some mechanical machines and have them being simulated.
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Houdini but the learning curve is hella

Autodesk Inventor can simulate mechanical assemblies. Not sure how far it can go tough
Pretty vague, but yeah maybe Houdini.

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Anyone have experience with Cinema 4D? I mainly have an After Effects and Film background. I was told it plays nice with AE and is the easiest of the programs to pick up?
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C4D is good and it does work well with AE. In the industry, it's mainly used for motion graphics but it has more features than that. I used it for three years at work before we made the switch to Maya.
You can right-click on nearly everything and scroll down to "show help" and it will jump to the according chapter of the Help files, which btw are great to teach you what all this shit means.
Use this feature!
It can do everything Maya and Max can and it's been that way for years, that stupid "HURR IT'S JUTS FOR MOTION GRAPHICS" is an age old stupid 3d meme, I have no idea why people keep repeating that shit.

Personally I use it vor Archviz but you can do pretty much anything in it and the interface is way more intuitive than Autodesk programs. It does have good AE integration.

>3ds Max
I have two heads I want to use one of the head's face as a reference to edit the other. Can I transform my reference and use it as a "mold" ? How can I do that?
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I'm afraid that nobody here has the ability to help you. There are only newbies here.
yeah, maybe you are

op, import the reference model into blender. From within blender add a
torus mesh with a shrinkwrap modifier on it. After a few minutes of translating vertices, you've have a perfect low poly model that you can work with in a game engine like windows media player
What about 3DSmax? I have the same issue as OP, I want to do a mod and edit one character's 3d head face based on another face. But I can only use 3DSmax. (I can open the file with a script on 3DSmax)

Hey /3/

How would I go about making pic related in C4D?
I've made most of the model with a torus and a few booled cylinders, but I'm struggling with the rope around the seat edges.

I'm making the seats by booling two capped cylinders together, but it's creating a super sharp edges around the outside of the seats..

I don't have a photo because I'm on a different machine. I'll attatch a sketch in mspaint though of what the seat currently looks like.
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I tried solving the blade like edge issue by just booling with a smaller cylander, but they're still too 'edge' like..
Bump. Anyone?


Trying to rig this rifle cocking mechanism. First time trying out rigging w/o tutorials. Can't figure out how to get the piston to travel only on one axis. It's assigned to the green bone in the GIF. I want it to slide along one axis like a piston in a rifle would.

Any help/explanations would be welcome.
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Try these.
>w/o tutorials

That's your problem. There are some good tutorials on mechanic rigging in blender on YT which explain how more than half of the rigging is made with all sorts of constrains and also empties.
>That's your problem.

I think he means after doing tutorials, he's now trying to do something on his own to apply what he's learned

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So i want to design a sequence in blender where a bullet goes trough a piece of jelly like cube. Any tipps?
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Become the jelly, experience the jelly
And then show remorse for the jelly
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You would normally use softbody type physics for the jelly cube, but i'm not sure if you can pull off the bullet piercing part convincingly with just physics alone.

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Fucking accurate
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I have a job :^)
how about you go and apply

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Fuck man speak English, I can't read this shit
?tnaw uoy od tahW

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What makes Maya better for animation compared to other software out there?

I use cinema4D and having recently bought zBrush because Mudbox isn't being updated and can't really match the zBrush workflow i'm wondering if i'm holding on with animating in Cinema4D when i've kept hearing Maya is better for animation etc.
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Maya has for the most part, better tools in animation for the industry. You can call it a meme or /3/, but it's actually very easy to work with once you get into it. Only other program I would think is easier to animate in would be Source Film Maker, but even then that's only for the animation aspect for beginners. SFM does not have the technical and diverse power like Maya, which is why Maya > SFM. If SFM ever gets PBR and a beefier engine, I could see it being very useful for quick renders but strong visuals.

Use Maya, for now.

Any details on the differences? I mean i'm already experienced animating with Cinema4D so any information on the tools Maya has that make a difference will be helpful.
fps rate
advanced rigs and procedurality / scripting
optimized for animation
older so most of the studio have maya to animate and other software to do other tasks

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Anyone got any tips on how to make 3D penis in geogebra?
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>in geogebra
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go over to /pol/ and find this guy, he can tell you.

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What are some good starter material/ tutorials I should read to get into 3d modeling? The software I am using is Blender. Thanks!
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Maybe you should start by posting that in the question thread that's on the first page, faggot. This isn't reddit.
When i was starting in blender i was watching tutorials on youtube. Channels like blender guru, CGgeek, tutor4u and so on. They have plenty of good tutorials, after about few months of repating what they do i was able to do anything i want. Sorry for english, poland here,
Hope i helped

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Hello people of /3/ .
I have a lot of extra vertexes to weld, but I'll spend an entire day welding them manually with the target weld. Do you know another command to weld them faster?

Pic taken from the internet
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select all vertices and press collapse. they will merge into one vertex at the average center position
yeah but if I want to weld them with the nearest vertex?
don't select that vertex, then select the all collapsed vertex to that nearest one you wanna weld to

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moving a 800.000 faces mesh in object makes blender stuttering. its turning in low fps. what the hell is that? my CPU is going up to 50% when that is happening. is that normal? I have a pretty ok rig pic related
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Probably the single channel RAM
physical memory usage never goes above 5 gb
so the only thing I can do is to lower the preview of my multiresolution modifier to 0 when working on my animations I guess. Still I am very disappointent on the performance of my rig

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