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So a few years ago i was playing around with SFM, Didn't know jack about 3D in general but was having fun making shitty lewd r34 animations of my favorite characters.
After a while i got frustrated with the lack of models available and the seeming laziness of people who did shit skinning making their posted sfm models unusable.

From that frustration i decided "I might as well learn 3D and do it myself" ofc with grand plans of making fantastic models and everything.
One Piece Time skip 2.5 years where the first year i was wrapping my head around wtf a polygon/ topology was, modeling a bunch of crap but learned allot. Going into second year i made some decent mechanical models but not too refined, Started learning being cheap with poly count etc, then sculpting organic forms/ learning anatomy for some time.
last 6 months its been animation, locking down fundamentals of that while also applying that information on modeling for animation etc.

MFW after all of this i finally look back in SFM direction to see a shit ton of well made/ rigged and animated models!!
WTF!? Overwatch stuff animated in mass, AAA game models everywhere and seeming to get better and better on SFM lab.

Did i waste my fucking time learning all this stuff when i could have continued animating in SFM all along? The goal was more about outputting animation more than anything but had to create my own assets to do so i thought.

fk me
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you didn't waste any time, you know more than what most SFM users do. that's important in a lot of regards, sometimes i feel like my time spent was useless when there's times i don't have anything to show for it. but in hindsight i always learn something from my experience in just freely doing something, and stuff like that can't be acquired if you get lazy and just do shit like use SFM exclusively for 3 years while ripping models like a fucking faggot
Where do you think the fucking SFM models come from? The majority of people who make SFM porn can't model or rig for shit and can barely animate and render.
How could you possibly think that is more valuable over making the models they fap to?

The output is the main issue, They have so much already done and i'm still in the process of doing my first.
It's disheartening but other anon did touch on that subject it's taking a while for me to make my own r34 stuff.

Is anyone else in the same boat?

File: WIP thread tubbies.jpg (1MB, 1500x882px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WIP thread tubbies.jpg
1MB, 1500x882px
New WIP thread

Old one : >>537057
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Ok, i'm gonna make a tubbie as my first model.
Then I'm waiting for you hotshot ;)
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1MB, 1280x720px
Changed the go-kart pedals and added stuff

I'm pretty much done with the modelling. The seat is being modelled atm by a teamate.

I think I'll start texturing right away

Hey /3/, been learning how to texture in Maya and the displacement map keeps rendering like pic related. There is a dark texture on the object, but the displacement seems to be the base blinn. What Am I doing wrong?
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Switched to my computer, pic related is the texture's layout.
Do you not know how to print screen?
I do, I'm just working off of a shitty laptop (which I'm sure is part of the problem)

General question here: What would you say is the best program for 3D animation specifically?

I'm most familiar with Maya for building and I've animated some simple things with it, but lots of it seems really unintuitive, maybe just because I haven't used it enough but it's hard to tell. I've used Flash a ton, and that makes sense to me, but I don't feel confident animating in Maya yet. Are there any good alternatives I should be looking at?

I might just be a noob, but it seems really strange to me how maya automatically puts easing into every movement by default. I just want things to be organized and put together in a logical and manageable way.
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There is no 'best program'.

It's an illusive answer but I know it exists
old modo from 2012-13 for modelling, zbrush for sculpting, maya for animating

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Can I create a normal map on 3ds max with only one object (because with the projection technique I need an high poly and a low poly object), and when I create a clone of my object, I only get a black normal map.
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One object?
And where do you expect the normal information to come from exactly?
If you want to bake a smoothed normal you can just make the normal map uniform blue color, then it will be controlled by your smoothing groups
whats the point of normal map with no additional information?
Yeah I know but by creating a clone of the object and adding poly (subdivision ...) can it work?
Adding poly? you meant just adding a single smoothed out subdivision?
Again, whats the point?
It would work alright, but you will get typical baking artifacts
You will literally get a better result by setting up your smoothing groups properly

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Lets see if you guys can help where reddit probably wont. Maya user here using max for the first time and run into a wall... how the blooming bloody heck do I do this in max?
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the black & white maps are obviously alphas... I need this in one material applied to the model using different UV sets - only I have no idea how to do it in max and I cant find anything online for the technique of doing this...

The closest ive got is make three materials and then a multisub object to combine them into one however this means reading the colour map three times which I dont want... I think..... who am I?.... going mad.
Crate uv unwraps of the sections you want and then create the textures and render them in engine like unity unreal marmoset rage ect that way you get a better render and have all the maps separately done.
youtube how to set up multiple UV channels for different UV tiles (so you can use tiled maps and lightmaps) and export your model as FBX

As someone who doesn't know shit about 3d modeling, Does this board have any good programs for people like me?

>inb4 blender
I cant seem to find any good tutorials for it
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>I cant seem to find any good tutorials for it
You've got to be kidding. 50 percent of all youtube videos are blender beginner tutorials.

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So, I'm working in C4D R17 and have fought hard to finish this scene (kinda new to the whole thing, so it's been a learning experience) Anywho, I finally finished it, using an adobe fuse model and mixamo auto rig and animations. It runs fine in the edit view, but as soon as I render view or render it, the model disapears...I'm pulling my hair out trying to get this to work, andy help is greatly apreciated
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in the item list there must be some button that activates the render visibility.

Do i see a dildo there in the right image?
No, actually it's supposed to be a turd. I've been learning several forms of cartoons over the last few years, and it's kinda been tradition to make the first sample cartoon poop, it was more detailed, but I'd started over so many times that I just made a long capsule
I'm not sure how new you are, so this is written with the assumption that you are very.
I'm not at my desktop right now, so I can't screenshot it, but the only explanation is that you accidentally turned render visibility off on your model.
Although there is another possibility involving layers, you'd have to intentionally have gone in and added it, so I'm going to assume that's not the case.

In the object manager (the list of shit in your scene off to the right on a default layout), your model, and each model in the scene as well, should have two circles next to it.

The topmost one will either be green(on) or gray(default, which is on). The top circle indicates if your object is visible in the viewport or not.
The bottom one is render visibility, it's MOST LIKELY red. Simply click it to gray or green, and your model will show up in a render.
If it's already gray or green, you've got something else going on. Post your object manager if this is the case.

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914KB, 1220x740px
need critique. Modeling blender. Texturing SP.
IMO Grip looks like something between leather and shit. I've always had an issue with plastic things
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It's good desu. As you said, the grip is a bit off, but the trigger seems like the weirdest thing to me, probably should look at references?
File: Used-Colt-1911.jpg (338KB, 1350x845px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
338KB, 1350x845px
The overall grunge and edge damage with the rather orange/brown metal tint makes it more look like stone than metal to be honest.

Try to go a bit more to the blue-ish side and while I do like the edge damage in general, the random side damage might require some extra work.

The handle might also look a bit better if you try a different color like black to contrast the currently almost similar dark toned metal.

So either try to darken the metal if you want to keep using a brown handle, or try a different/darker color for the grip. (See picture).

The metal itself also is rather one colored, so try to variate that after making it a bit more blue, to then also make some random color variations in it to spicen up the overall tone of the metal.

For the rest it's a pretty good start I must say, so keep up the good work!
not sure if the checker pattern is correct
i think the trigger needs to comeout forward
something about the scale of the pistol is off but i can't put my finger on it

the wear is good

7/10 overall, needs better render too

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I've been looking at some speed modelling videos and I noticed some authors like to converge multiple (7+) edges into a single vertex. Is this a common practice or should I mostly be aiming for quads?

Pic related.
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Yes, you can do that, HOWEVER:
- make sure the area you're doing this in is completely flat, and
-make sure to have at least 2 edgeloops separating that area from any other area. The single faceloop in your picture will not be sufficient.

Simple, straightfoward answer. I can't thank you enough.

For a client I need to render out 4 different language versions of basically a metallic plate with floating letters in-front of it.

In each version only the letters change.

The renders take 30 mins PER FRAME! And The client needs the letters to be reflected in the metal plate.

Is it possible in Maya to render some kind of reflection pass? That way I could render just the plates once, and then the letters and passes and comp them together?

Is there a trick I can use to fake the reflection? I just need them reflected in a simple flat surface with some light bumps on the surface.
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depend on what render engine you're using. V-ray has that

google : [my renderer] how to render reflection and shadow

I've been googling all day for a good site/blog with FREE example C4D scenes for product design, because... lazy. Specifically furniture, anyone?
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Not sure about it, there are more sites with models not scenes.
we just want a couple of furniture renders, nothing too special
try cgpersia
they have plenty of models

[spoiler]avoid going there if you're a moral everything is piracy[/spoiler]

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So, I'm relatively familiar with C4D, been working with it for a while now. Anywho, I have recently decided to start using Fuse models rigged through Mixamo auto-rigger.

The problem is, I can't seem to merge animations together. I created a simple scene using the walking animation I got from them and I want the model to sit at the end of it.

If I use Merge, the two animations just appear on top of each other. Admittedly to this point I've never really tried animating, just modeling, so it's kinda new to me.

I know it's probably really simple, and that I'm just overlooking something stupid, but I have scoured google for the last 2 days and haven't come up with a solution.

Any help would be awesome, thanks in advance
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that hasn't been a thing on 4chan since forever, right?
I have been gone aside from a couple of random appearances for 4-5 years, thought it was still a thing
Still nothing huh?

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Now, I'm fairly fresh in modelling, and I haven't really managed to find any reasons to why N-gons are bad besides wonky stretching, yet I stumble upon them very very often (such as beveled corners, picture related).

If anyone could educate my inept ass on either why N-gons are bad and why I shouldn't use them, or if there are acceptable uses of them, that would be just lovely.
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>oh look it's this thread again
Wonky stretching, bad shading, bad deformations, bad practice.
Take your pick.
I'm content with the shading answer. Having a reason to avoid it is sufficient motivation.

Subdivide the mesh. If it pinches then it's bad if it's on a flat surface and it wont be animated then it's fine, so are triangles.

File: 12382098301.png (2MB, 1441x1073px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1441x1073px
Just saw this video. It is litterally the only video this channel has ever made, only 100 subscribers, but somehow they had the funds to create this video. Obviously they're funded by a big person. But how long would it take to create a video like this, and more importantly. How much does something like this COST?

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Solid 3 months of work by 3 people who know what they doing + rendering in a studio that does ads or shorts for a while now, +voice recording, or 3 weeks by a small 10 man studio studio
Thats a really high quality render with very good composition, the model is hand animated and has morph maps based facial rig, audio quality is also insanely good and has full clothing simulation on top. Even his fucking suit has a full fur for tiny strands layer. And motion blur and dof are render time killers.
And look at that hair aliasing, the fuck was the sample rate for each pixel? Its better than what i just saw while watching BFG a big hollywood movie,

No way this was done by any amateurs. I would say it costed 100k$ to produce minimum.
Problem is that the render quality is just insane, they would have to cough up for a render farm, and here with 5000 frame and 5 hours per frame easy on a i7 this would be around 10,000$ for the render alone
For U$10K, i can get the same result. Less than two months.
what the fuck did i just watch

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