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/3/ theoretically speaking, what is the easiest 3d job you can get as a freelancer? I just want to do 3d for a living.
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lowpoly modeller
retopo and unwraping

no art talent required, you can have the taste and art knowledge of a dead fish and do just fine
youtube 3d intros (never gonna make it baby's first c4d) - vj clips (1 min abstract loops are pretty easy to make) - motion graphics/after effects templates (videohive-tier i heard one indian guy made one million $ making only one wordpress template)
people who seem to be making a living out of 3d freelance

So I started using Blender about 3 weeks ago and about 3 or so days after getting started I figured I should start lurking here. I have really only lurked a couple times and something I have noticed has me a little concerned with my choice in Blender.

With that, I want to ask. Why do so many of you hate/ dislike Blender?

Right now im mostly using blender for my own personal projects but intend to integrate it into my graphic design business for product rendering and maybe more if I get better / good enough to do other stuff.
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Here's some good advice from an expert:
Disregard all the bullshit on this board. It would be better for you if you didn't lurk here. Instead I would advise you to read (!) beginner tutorials and learn as many of the keyboard shortcuts as you can. Then slowly start watching videos. Choose the ones where the person has screen cast enabled so you can see what they're typing at all times.
Go to blenderartists.org for more support. This place only has angry, impatient teenagers.
no reason.

people produce garbage with blender because the tutorial are not up to par with how fast the industry is moving. blender as a program is up to par but the tutorials aren't.

iv seen blender reels that blown me away, and that's only from the top 10% artists who really dug in and explored the program
>Why do so many of you hate/ dislike Blender?

It's just a board meme, like squatz 'n oats on /fit/ or "playstation home gaming consoles have no games"

The fact that it's free, runs on almost any hardware, and has really ugly default settings (for the love of god, stop using the grey World setting as your only light source!) so you end up with a lot of garbage much the way you get lots of garbage pbrush.exe doodles

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What are /3/'s opinions on The Models Resource?

Is it a good source for video game related models?
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old old content and mostly stuff from wii/gamecube
tf3dm, sfmlab and xnalara are better resources.
I kinda wish they would update faster instead of just once a month
I also feel like they're missing a lot of models that are available in others, specially from certain popular games.

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Doing fallout modding and wonder where i can find a slider body generator.


Should i sculpt it?
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Source for image.
CBBE Body studio.

It's a fallout mod on nexus.

What is the best 3D program for someone who has had no previous experience with 3D before?
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If i could find a good starter tutorial that isn't some teenager fucking with a block for 20 minutes.
this blender tutorials are ass

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We all know what we're good at when it comes to 3D, but what are some things you're not good at or lacking in? Even if it's just a little annoying to do or something you don't know at all.

I'll start: I'm pretty confident in modelling and animation, but I'm shit when it comes to UV unwrapping and textures.
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had it both at first then i realized the world of rendering and composition goes much beyond shaders and materials and sometimes it makes all the difference
I haven't gotten into rigging yet.

I also struggle a bit with rendering, and I end up sitting there staring at the rendering process.
Composing, rendering, and textures.

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hey guys, im trying to do a personal project with "Anime look" specially like Sidonia no kishi. while im studying differente frames i realized that "line" on the edge of the model based on the position from the camera. im trying to find a way how to do it. but i cant imagine whow to doit without post production. ┬┐or it's a prostproduction process?
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> i realized that "line" on the edge of the model based on the position from the camera

What do you mean?
Do you mean toon outline?
pretty sure it's Fresnel you need to look into

How do you make a "glowing" light effect like this?
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in which program ?

That particular picture was most likely rendered using either VRay or Octane, both of which allow for simulation of lens effects like bloom or glare.

That being said, you could also just use Photoshop to fake the effect in post production.
Either in 3dsMax with Vray or Blender with Cycles.

How do you do it in Photoshop? Any particular tool to use?

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can /3/ tell my why each face is rendering the world independently rather than one reflection for the whole model? using blender
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shut the fuck up bitch.

torrent for new C4D r18 ???
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want to be able to FINALLY multi-edit reflectance channel?
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theyre scrapping that shit software soon better start learning maya or blender, kidd
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>go from c4d to blender
if you dropped it at maya, it would have been and argument. shitty, but still. but blender? that's like saying to unlearn photoshop and learn gimp

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Okay /3/. This is my first thread here. How do you prefer making facial rig? With shape keys or with bones? I still cant decide. http://www.strawpoll.me/11550606
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Shit thread. The correct answer is both.
Yea, from what I understand, You use both. No?
Personally I use bones, but that's because it's for a homemade project with a custom engine that doesn't support shape keys yet.

An advantage of bone rigs is you can share the animations or expressions if you rig all the faces the same way.

Also it kinda depends on what you like more, sculpting or scripting.

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So this means we are fucked right? There's no way /3/ wouldn't be one of the first boards to get axed

The most we can hope for is a maerge with /gd/ I think
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right what board is this on
the op image is from /qa/
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Asian moot talked about the server overloading and they can't pay for the huge server traffic. So the boards getting the axe are probably the ones with the most population, most image wemb/gif uploads and most complained about. Which I'm thinking makes /soc/, /pol/, /int/, /gif/, /wg/ best candidates.

Their server overload problem wouldn't get fixed at all if they delete /3/ or /ic/. With a slight cocky confidence, I think I can say that we are one of the most productive boards with least population, I think we're in the safe.

How do i make a solidworks cad file read only

I dont want a 3d printing place stealing my prototype i've worked on for months
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Can't make any file "read-only", whether it's for Solidworks or any other software. Only way to do it is not to give out the file to anyone else.

If someone else has the file, they can do literally anything they want with it, regardless of how much you want to protect it. It's the same reason that every DRM ever can be cracked/circumvented.
I know that you could covert the file.to a pdf but im not sure if you can still use it in that form for printing

Anyone know of a file type thats compatable for a 3d printer to print but not an editing software like solidworks or autodesk?
Converting to STEP/IGES will remove most information about the construction of the model and will probably work with the 3d printer

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How alike eachother are free programs vs. paid ones?
Whilst the txt says none is "better", I assume they will be quite diffrent from each other. But by how much?
If I were to get good in blender, how much trouble would I have getting into Maya?

I have maya in my education-course, but was thinking of going for blender to get better at 3DCG in the course.
(And yeah ESLpost. Sorry.)
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noone cares which program you use , just if you make good stuff, only I think if you work at pixar or somewhere else where you need to literally work on the same thing with others (in the same program)
Yeah, I get that.
I just wonder how diffrent they are from eachother.
If I'll have to waste time learning blender and then have to re-learn everything for Maya it don't feel worth it.
you dont "re-learn" , you just get into an other User interface

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Does this program ever go on sale at a discounted rate?

I know it's already the cheapest tracker, but I wonder if it'll go on sale around the holidays.
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You know that Blender has motion tracking, and its free , right ?

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