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I'm trying to render an exploding bottle to compose it on a video, but no matter what I do I can't get the correct alphas in my output

Arnold just makes everything solid white (100% alpha)
The only thing that changes that is opacity, but it looks horrible when o turn down opacity, because it controls opacity of everything...

Is there a way to render the correct alphas with refraction without changing the opacity?
I don't want a black background on my render...

The Image doesn't have anything to do with what I'm doing, it's just to illustrate what I wanted to get, instead all the white part is solid white. With black background baked into it

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I would think solid alpha is correct for glass. It refracts/distorts everything behind it, how would you get a correct-looking result if you had transparency?
This. Include your video footage in the 3D scene so it actually refracts and reflects in the bottle, then render.
Don't you just render the frame with refraction, render an alpha pass without refraction, mask the refraction using the alpha, then adjust as needed?
Why would you end up with a black background?

so i'm trying to model a pice for D&D night any beginner tips to make it less shit?
Buddy is getting dangerously furry and this is for him so........
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Get better friends
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WOOPS wrong image

Looking for cad model of a ford fusion and toyota RAV4. Or vehicles similar in shape/size. Anyone know where I can find something like this? Importing into CAD so .step or something would be best
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Good luck, all good 3D car models cost $150+ and the free ones look like absolute shit. Better off just making your own model.

What do y'all think of Turbosquid? What's the best image seller?
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Scary elsa model.jpg
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>What's the best image seller?
If you think to make enough money to live of it just forget about it, this even aplies if you live in some third world shithole. The amount of time you put into making your models is just not worth it in the end.
unity is much better but approval rate is smaller

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I am making a character for a cpt. toad clone, but it has no name. any suggestions? (since I have to hand it in at school, the name can not be offensive in any way). also, I know this looks horrible, but it's my 3rd month that I use a 3d modelling program to make something.
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>3rd month that I use a 3d modelling program
If this is true, stop relying on your teachers and start watching YouTube tutorials at the very least.

Name him: Mining Clown-Bandit Torso Man
yeah Im trying to, just dont have much time. and obviously he is unfinished. Still have to add backpack, legs,... , create a realistic shader and unwrap him for ao backing, normal maps and texturing. but thanks for the feedback!

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Hey /3/, Im a total amateur in modelling.

This is supposed to be a lambda, and around that is this glass "case". How do I get rid of those wired stripes?

The inner lambda model is emitting light.
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I don't think you've provided enough information to be certain what is causing the problem...

1. Check your topology

2. Make sure that the glass casing model does not directly touch/intersect with the interior model as that may cause artifacts.


The inner faces of your "glass case" look like they are at the exact same spot as the 'outside' faces of your green core. Layering multiple faces up at the same place is an issue because your renderer doesn't know which face you want to be visible. (neither face is closer to the camera) You're probably seeing through the seethrough glass case and seeing these artifacts.

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What do you think about SketchUp, /3/? Is there anything else as practical as it?
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I've used It, It's best for shitty 3d sketches, I use SolidWorks now.
its good for planning.

for example you want to design a road or a section inside a house sketchup is a valuable tool.
you sketches can help depending on what you want to do

This, im an architect and I use it to make quick models before using 3dsmax and making more complex models

Anyone have HDR maps somewhere?

Or at the very least a bundle of free ones?
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Eh, probably shouldn't have used a large one.
Google Joost free skies marmoset

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does anyone have experience with making them?
any good tools?
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I made one once in C++ using SDL 2

I wouldn't recommend going that route.
Made one with Unity for university.
Was pretty much a walk in the park.
For 3D games, Unity is great with Android. Also there is a huge community and a lot of resources available.
It is also good for 2D games, although lighter and open source solutions like Cocos2D might be a better choice.

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sup /3/

first anime-like sculpt, mostly im stuck with face

ive polypainted quickly to see how it looks

any of you guys can give me some feedback?

appreciate it
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( You )
thanks for the reply
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Face reminded me of Oblongs

>tfw models are good but presentation is shit.

i only use hdri backgrounds to render my stuff, no extra lights.
and no, i don't have keyshot.
is there a way to overcome this?
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Marmoset Toolbag.

you can have good presentation with just hdris, as long as you use a good one and know how to post process a bit. it just depends what you consider 'good' presentation. not everything has to really dramatic lighting. if you want to show all the texturing clearly for example you might not want rembrandt lighting

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how hard is to make this?
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Not as hard as my dick.
take a year or two off and draw 8 hours a day, that's all it takes.

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I know being a 2d animator is near impossible. But how is the american 3d animation job market? Im interested and have done a tiny bit 3d animation before.
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like any animation job market, its very hard to work salaried on it.

You should be an animator/rigger
or some kind of hybrid
not just an animator
From what I can gather its shit. They all get treated like expendable commodities.
it's okay if you're good
if you suck you will have a hard time.

go for it if you really like animation. but don't only learn animation in my opinion, get decent as something else as well so you're slightly more valuable. rigging is related so that's not a bad suggestion.

How do I animate in solidworks?
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print your models and stop motion

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Don't know if i should make a thread for only this but anyway.
I want to make a gameplay demo in Unreal4, my experience with programming, modeling, animating etc is practically 0, but after a couple days playing around with blender this is my result. I want to make the models low poly, but i stil want it to look smooth. What i was wondering is, will it look smoother if i play around with the lighting in unreal or should i just add more detail?
Also any tips on how to make low poly look good?
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That looks like shit also you didn't even smooth shade it you FUCKING IDIOT.
Didn't even know that was a thing in blender lol
its stylized

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