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will companys hire 3D artists that only know blender even though

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will companys hire 3D artists that only know blender even though they say 3DMax in their job description?
they don't give a fuck about blender.

if you're good you will be hired anyway.
is not like a software could be learn in one weekend if you're not mentally retarded.

blender is good enough to practice your skills, look up the blender foundation videos.

is not that blender is crap, is that your skills are garbage.

remember, spend 4 hours daily practicing during one year every day and you'll see results.

>inb4 the 8 hours daily meme retards

Let's see, the schools are churning out tens of thousands of 3D artists each year who are trained in the tools the professionals use.

But they won't hire one of the qualified artists with a diploma and skills to use the software they want, they'll hire that neet who learned Blender in his spare time.

What do you think?
blender is just shaping up in recent years to become something useful that is industry worthy.

you could always make good stuff in blender, the thing is there are a few "blender masters" that are the top 1% who are working the rest are people tinkering at home because no institute teaches blender (there are a few however).
people who take blender seriously end up producing good stuff.
the key is to always take criticism and be open minded.
hmm lets see

>hire the guy who just came out of college who demans 80k/year because his 6 digit debt so he can continue his greey life because he only got his major out of financial reasons


>hire the NEET who will gratefully take the job for half the salary of a college gratuate and doing work daily that he loves with skills he gained purely out of interest

Hmmmm let's see.

>hire guy who just came out of college has all the skills your need and is desperate for work because the schools are churning out more graduates than there are jobs for and will work for whatever he can get


>hire NEET who only knows Blender and will piss and moan about having to learn other software will try to preach "muh open source" to everyone in your pipeline, has no proven work record but thinks he deserves 80k a year even though there are more talented artists willing to work for less.

It's an employers market. Anytime my studio has a job opening we're flooded with applicants. HR takes first crack at them and disqualifies anyone who didn't actually read our application requirements (one of the biggest ones which is right on our company's website is "DO NOT CALL". You'd be amazed at how many people either don't read that or think the rules don't apply to them and will call to see if we got their application. Yes we did, and now it's just gone into the trash, thank you very much).

If we have an opening that requires skills with a specific software if that software experience is not in your application packet then into the trash it goes. After HR gets through rejecting all the unqualified applicants what's left goes to the appropriate manager of the department that's hiring and they weed through looking for who they think is most qualified and begin the interview process.

There will be dozens of people all equally qualified for the job so sometimes it will come down to non-job related things. My boss told me he once hired a guy because it came down to 10 qualified people for the job and of all them this guy had a face he felt like punching less than the others and if he had to look at him for the next 2 to 5 years he'd rather look at this guy's face than the other 9 ugly people.
>hurr the world ends outside of the US
>without basic basic knowledge of : 3dsmax, maya, photoshop, zbrush, mari, substance painter, blender and gimp
Of course u can choose blender to learn but u should at least open the others just in case someone want to hire you to work with one of these
u'll need at least a couple of weeks to learn the workflow with maya gl lad
just check out how this board is dead. cant have enough skilled people no matter how good they got their skills
Small studio where you are expected to make shit?
Or a position that looks for knowledge in a specific package?
Dont even bother.

But if you are good and are trying to get a job in a larger indie team or aaa then they wont give a shit if you model in wordpad by typing out vertex positions and save it as obj.
Actually just watched an panel by ID software, lead artists was talking how he dont care what you can do overall or what you work in, just as long as you are good at one thing and are ready to learn.
But i guess if you are asking they you wont really blow anybody away with your folio, so if you are starting its better to at lest know how to use max and maya if not to be proficient in the them.
Then you can just say you know they and hope for best later,
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>NEET trying to get a job without a degree
You could always just... I dunno, learn 3ds?

It's not like it takes that long. Maybe a week, tops.

This board is dead because the working artists are too busy to hang out here and thanks to /b/ 4chan is considered the cesspool of the internet so nobody worth anything would ever think of coming here.
to be fair most student portfolios i seen are mediocre as hell

i think that you companies companies have a poor understanding in what to look for in the first place, i see many workplaces that require 1 man army's or a particular software that is vaguely relevant for the work to begin with.

that's what happens when companies are managed by managers and not by the engineers and artists that work within those companies
If you're exceptional and emphasize that you are excited and fast to learn new programs, you could probably get hired. I would learn Maya and 3DS anyway, just because you wouldn't have to feign knowledge, you would already have learnt these programs to boast about on your resume.
only reason i see to use a certain software is if you are doing heavy vfx/film where scene coordination is important.

in games/commercials/tv shows i doubt it even matters
I started out on Caligari's TrueSpace (Yeah, I'm old. Blow me), but it became abundantly clear that I needed to learn a Major Player Software Package in order to become hireable. This was back in 1992 when the only "CGI" most people knew about was for client/server web pages.

The only reason anyone says "Be eager and ready to learn" in public is because they don't want to look like "big jerk" or it means they use proprietary software (But you're still going to have to know Modo or an AutoDesk Product or LightWave [LightWave especially for T.V.]).

Point being: yeah, get your head around 3d with Blender, but don't waste your time becoming a pro at it. If the place is using off the shelf software, you *will* need to know how to use whatever off the shelf software they're using.
I guess that entirely depends what kind of company you're working for. If the company is working in Maya, then you're going to work in Maya. If the company is mixed licenses, then you're going to have more leniency. Many bosses will be dickholes about it, some won't. I would still learn Maya just because it's the industry standard. Plastering Blender on your Resume could even make the assholes who look down on freeware not want to hire you. Ultimately, you do you. But the best chance of success is learning the most used softwares in the industry.
>(one of the biggest ones which is right on our company's website is "DO NOT CALL". You'd be amazed at how many people either don't read that or think the rules don't apply to them and will call to see if we got their application. Yes we did, and now it's just gone into the trash, thank you very much).


We get a lot of "the rules don't apply to me" when it comes to millennial applicants and we have a do not call policy for applicants as well. Most companies do because it takes someone away from their work to answer your bullshit phone call. Problem isn't so much the millennials but the idiotic boomer helicopter parents who tell them stupid dumb ass shit like "you got to pester them everyday so they remember you and eventually they get so annoyed with you bugging them they'll give you a job just to shut you up".

I doubt that approach even worked when they were entering the job market back in the 60s and 70s but it sure as fuck doesn't work now. The worse is we get millennials not only applying for jobs with outrageous demands, calling us to demand to know why we haven't hired them yet but also getting their parents to call us to demand that we hire their precious snowflakes.

Anyone named Brandon, Storm, Skylar is always going to be a pain in the ass when you see their name on a resume.
if it was up to me, i wouldn't dismiss people based only on their software of choice.
finding good cg artists locally is a problem as it is. relocating artists from abroad is even a bigger problem
Not him but I could relocate an indian/chinese workaholic for 2/3 your salary, 2500 payment extra for relocation. He would probably be just as good as you, maybe even better. Plenty of indians, asians, middle eastern artists and studios of the like take a ton of work from NA so you waving your Blender flag might be okay for some, but there's an Indian or slanty who knows Blender, 3DS, Modo, and Maya plus the associated material packages like Vray and etc.

What's better with you than slanty? I say this as a slanty.
an indian/chinese who worth a shit won't relocate for slave wages, you must think that indian's/asians are retarded and can't do currency conversion.
i bet you didn't even know that china and india are both the biggest economic powerhouses in the world
Whos to say that guy is worth shit? I know several great indian and chinese artists and they make their fair share. But plenty artists who aren't in the same position as them will seize the opportunity as I have found people that I described to work for our studio. Some nationals, but a lot were freelancers willing to do more for less. I speak from experience, not spite.

so you are basically bragging about slowing down your own local economy just to bring in some wonderboy from the east to do all of the work.
the reason why you are so afraid of hiring people locally is because they might reach seniority and the point of negotiating wages
It's a matter of our own local economy. Like I said we employ some nationals as well. National does not mean white or etc. A national could be asian or indian, but they have been bred too often expect high salaries and 50k right out of school. The reason it's often times slantys and indians and middle eastern people who take work is because they offer lower prices. It sucks balls to work in 3D for those nationally because even though we surely boast some of the best talent in the world, we get outbid by those who are foreign. So wheeling it all back to my point, would you blame us for hiring foreign when it's cheaper and the same quality? We don't employ thousands, we're not a car manufacturer or etc.
yeah because those students are fucked if they don't cover their debt quickly as possible.

as for the student vs. self-taught dilemma. i think self taught people are better at learning new skills for obvious reasons, they don't need a teacher to spoonfeed them with homework that are relevant to the industry.

its the same deal with cs graduates with no portfolio or experience to speak of.
Well don't get me wrong, there are students that come out of school with great skills. I'm sure they fine work just fine and will be great artists throughout their lives. Their peers are not so lucky, and there are more of them than the bright examples. Also please know we are not required on a moral or legal level to hire students. It's not our job to fulfill the hiring quota with students. That sounds like suicide to me.

Too each their own, I guess.

The primary points of a formal education are to 1) demonstrate you can learn skills and have a certificate to prove it, and 2) to gain valuable networking contacts.

4 of the last 5 jobs I got were because someone I made friends with at school got a job at a company and was able to recommend me to their boss before they'd even posted the job online. That's 4 out of the last 5 jobs I got that never got posted because they'd found someone to do it before letting the general public know they even needed someone.

Make friends with fucking everyone in your class, even that weird ass brony retard who smells like cheese and won't shut the fuck up about libertarianism. Make sure you're everyone's buddy then you'll have people on the inside at a number of companies post graduation. It amazes me how many people fail to see the importance of networking skills. Make friends with your profs too.

The connections you make in college are more important than the skills you learn.

Or, you know... stay in your mom's basement and every time she hints you should maybe go looking for a job say "MOM!!! I'M LEARNING BLENDER!!!!!"
>have to suck dick in order to be noticed by employers

not a good look m8
if anything it shows that you are scared of competition and id say that's true for alot of students.
their teacher probably fills their head with lots of bullshit before they graduate.

i know you love to associate blender with neets and virgins but if you need a degree to become an artist you are already at a bad spot to begin with

It's not a question of getting noticed by employers. It's a question of getting hired by employers before the job listing even goes public. Out of the last 5 jobs I took 4 of them I got before anybody else who might have been hired even knew the job existed.

You need to use every asset at your disposal to get work. Your talent. Your skills and just as important your connections. No shame in exploiting every advantage you have to get the job.

If I was a friendless neet the only jobs I'd be able to apply for are the ones the studios list. Since I made friends with people in college who are now in the industry, I get hired for that job opening that the neet never knew existed.
>It's a question of getting hired by employers before the job listing even goes public.

i know that its not how it works. because companies are willing to go a long way into finding skilled employees so they are just gonna shell out jobs like that.
either im misinterpreting what you said and you meant that you have a buddy system and got in via "recommendation" which is not a healthy practice, but it can work.

Actually the company I work for does that all the time when it comes to piece work. If we're looking at a deadline and we need some piece work down and it needs to be done in 2 weeks and somebody at work knows a freelancer who can do it then we just call that person, bring them in, quick interview and put them to work that day. It takes more than 2 weeks just to go through resumes when we post a job opening.

If you're working freelance then it probably is very important to have connections at a lot of company because you're going to be relying on temporary piece work for your job and you're going to be dealing with very tight deadlines. If you do a good job those companies you work for will keep going to you when they need someone to work on a tight deadline.

Might not be as important for people looking for permanent full time employment but connections would be invaluable for a jobber.
>Lowering my salary so you can whore yourself

Kys, you're that cancer that is killing the industry
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