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visiting bratislava from 15th august to the 18th
got any recommendations?

we are 3 guys and we thought to make 1 day sightseeing + bar night
1 day environs
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Someone can inform you better but here's the jist:

Has a nice vibe and everywhere will be accessible
Visit the castle and get a good view over the city. Walk down towards the cathedral/old town. Really can't remember the name of the "old town" but it's where the square is.
All around there are bars and coffee shops and restaurants.
Avoid the international bars as they just charge more. Go to a local bar.
They wait you at the table. Eat local food it's all great. Beer in local place should be €1.50ish
Try the local blackberry wine
Walk along the river

The city itself isn't that beautiful more the old buildings.
Go for hikes out of the city if you can. Not sure about busses but there are lots of nearby smaller towns with castles and hikes and shit

Where are you staying, what's your nationality?
Try Kozes, Krusovice and Pilsner beer. There is one beer called something like no1 or similar to that it tastes like shit.

Course of money vary highly in city so be smart and ask, find on internet, where is best.
Bratislava ain't worth a thread of its own imo.
From what I remember, Flagship restaurant is good and seems like the place locals go to.
Go to the castle, have a a few beers there.
Take a walking tour. (the guides have to out-do the city am I right)
Don't go to a place that says authentic Slovakian food in English. Those are tourist traps. Real places will be written in a language you won't understand.

My wife made very good friends with a foreign student in college. As a gift, I want to send her to visit her friend in Shenzhen. Anything to consider? From what I've read, the place seems pretty upscale for china, and thanks to her friend, she'll have a room and local guide. Anything to watch out for? Anything that's must see/do/eat? The wife is black. I'm guessing they're treated the same as any other foreigner, but I confess ignorance. Is that something that needs to be taken into account?
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Ask for some souvenirs. The latest thing I got from Shenzhen that I love is a portable solar USB charger, works so good!
If she has someone to hang out with, she's gonna enjoy it a lot. I enjoy the architecture in that area, the airport already I really liked.
I guess your wife's friend is best suited to pen an itinerary. I don't know her interests. At any rate, make room for all the nice Chinese crap she's gonna come back with.
I've heard that Shenzhen has a very impressive consumer electronics market. I've also heard it has a lot of this bullshit.

>Her interests
Music, clothing, and an insatiable hunger for Chow Mein. Might be her favorite food after an In-n-Out double double. If we go out for Chinese, it is very rare she orders anything else. Do native Chinese even eat that shit?
I'll be frank with you Chinese are sometimes a bit prejudiced against black people. I would cross the border at Lo Wu several times a month when I was an expat in HK and black people (often Nigerian business men) were always kept longer at the immigration counters, their stuff more thoroughly checked at the customs and so on. I was in Fuzhou last month and things haven't changed really.
She shouldn't take it too personally I believe this comes from several waves of illegal immigrants trying to establish in China.
Other than that I would advise her to go visit a spa with her friend, I believe she won't be offered the same extra services as a man, but the actual spas are extremely enjoyable.
Lo Wu station also has a huge shopping mall filled with bootleg electronics, accessories and stuff. Worth a visit imo.
Also if she has never been and won't have a chance to go again, then I'd say a couple of days in HK could be great. Mainlanders enjoy it to so her friend could take her.

I was in Chiang Mai for a month, the city is okay but streets smell like sewage.

So i'm looking for


city/country. Any suggestion?
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if the people are smart enough to put in plumbing they're smart enough to earn high salaries

good luck trying to find a place that defies reality
Kampot Cambodia if you want peace and quiet. If you are still in Thailand you could go there overland in less than 24.
Taiwan is the underrated Asian country imo. It's cleaner and more developed than SEA, and while it's more expensive you still get way more value than in the west. You can eat out for less than $4 a meal, cost of living is cheaper, etc.

File: mecca3.jpg (531KB, 800x1204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and my brother recently went to a mosque in my country. I pretended to convert to islam so that we could go to Mecca sometime next year on umrah. My brother would make a very convincing muslim. And even though he says I'm more knowledgeable on islam than most converts, I'm still worried I might get into trouble if I'm found out. I don't really feel like memorising entire chapters of the Quran in Arabic.

Any thoughts?
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You'll be fine.
Also, you're weird.
File: 63474330.jpg (100KB, 1024x683px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Haha i have actuslly considers doing this. But now that they build that hugeee clock tower next to mecca, i think it will feel more like a trip to a theme parck than the holiest journey on earth.

Imagine someone buidling that in jerusalem of bethlehem. Insanity.
What has this got to do with travelling beside the fact your end destination is retardation?

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Now I have a choice to go to Mexico with some people,
It'll be a couple of grand.
I'm not sure if the experience will be worth the money.
And, I never left my own state here in Australia, lol.
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What part of Mexico? If they are going to some small little town for the Real Traveler™ experience, its gonna be poo. If you go to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, it will be pretty awesome.

Where are you going?
I have never been to Mexico and I have lived in California my whole life.

My Mexican boss who lived in Mexico for 25 years refuses to go back to the shithole.

Mexico sucks, they completely fucked up there tourist industry, and now their whole economy depends on cocaine, illegal immigrant and marijuana smuggling.
Do Mexicans like crispy crunchy taco shells at all?

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I'm a musician that's going to travel to Lima, Perú for 2 weeks later on this month

Basically i'm going to work the first one and then i have the second to do whatever the fuck i want

The problem is that i'm a musician so i have very limited funds (can't sort to pay the plane Lima-Cusco for the machu pichu trip so i guess i have to stay near lima unless i find a cheap way to go there)

I basically love photo, mountaineering, hiking, dark tourism and urban exploring (like thebohemianblog) and i can play classical music programs for food

What are my options here expert gentlemans and ladies from /trv/?

pick kinda related, took it on Valparaiso Chile a while ago
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File: 1476376570959.jpg (26KB, 236x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i'm a musician so i have very limited funds

Go to Caral, Nazca and the Islas Ballestas. Maybe Trujillo if you can stomach the distance. One week is not a lot for Peru, but it's way too much for Lima. Especially considering altitude sickness flying to Cusco would be risky.
File: Look at me.gif (33KB, 198x198px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Look at me.gif
33KB, 198x198px
Bump for peru
lima is alright, find a nice hostel in the miraflores area so you don't get stabbed, then try some world class ceviche for an unbelievable price. i hung out in miraflores for about 3 days, it was kind of an upscale shopping area but it has awesome bluffs where you can wander around and then head down them to check out surfers and whatever. you can research if you want to, but i just asked what areas were safe and explored.

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Where is somewhere I can live that is 1) cheap 2) I can surf/generally be in the ocean 3) the locals speak English or French
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Morocco ticks all three of those boxes.
Go windsurfing in Dakhla if you really want an adventure.
Morocco it is then. I've actually never windsurfed before because of the expense for gear even though I currently live in a prime area.

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this is gonna sound crazy, but should I run away to japan and be homeless their illegally?

I lived in japan for 5 years and went to school there, I know moonrunes and moonspeak but I got real depressed, coulnd't find a job and came back to my parents house. Ever since I came back I've been a neet/hikikomori because of the culture shock. I can't stand life here in my country mainly due to mass immigration and multiculturalism which i thought i coud avoid but is hitting hard. I haven't talked to anyone since I came here. The government thinks im dead.

I'd rather be homeless, risk my life in Japan than live here which is what I should have done really at the end of my visa stay. I know its really bad to stay illegally, but i dont plan on doing crime or anything and keeping my head low, i sort of have an idea of where to get food. Im open to living in other countries as well with low crime where i can quietly be homeless..
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Okay, so let me get this straight.

>you don't like your own country because of immigrants
>you're trying to become an immigrant in another country
>you are intentionally planning on doing something illegal in a foreign country; the VERY thing that most immigrants are criticized for
>you want to be homeless on purpose
>meanwhile, actual homeless people are wishing that they weren't in their current situation
Japanese society hardly cares about its own people. What makes you think you would have a chance as,
1. Someone who isn't contributing to their society
2. A foreigner

Japan doesn't care for bums and foreigners. And you plan on being both of those things. Get a fucking clue.
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You realize police have a right to check anyone's ID at any time here, right? And that they do frequent checks of foreigners they deem suspicious, right?

If they see a raggedy gaijin, especially one sleeping on the streets, and find out he's living here illegally, he's being kicked out and banished forever at best or going straight to prison for a few years at worst.

You'd be better off running off to Thailand or something. People will just think you're another grimy backpacker and leave you alone.
Maybe there is another option you aren't seeing here! I think the best course of action for you is to fucking kill yourself as soon as possible.

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Which US National Parks or Forests are worth checking out? Which of them are the best?
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I've been to most of the parks so I'll tell you which ones stuck out to me I guess.

Acadia is the best on the east coast (it's not called Arcadia).

I've gone out west many times on road trips with my family as a kid, and we've been to Canyonlands and Arches many times. They're underrated parks that aren't heavily visited like the Grand Canyon, so hiking on the trails is actually pleasant.

Olympic and the PNW is beautiful in general
Yosemite has way too many people and you might be disappointed, although the drive to the park when you're going up the mountains is insane.

Death Valley is a place that everyone should drive through at least once, I've never been anywhere else that was so empty and featureless on such a large scale.

Go to the Everglades before they get completely destroyed by land developers and aquifer overuse. There's really not much to do there though, it's more of a nature/biodiversity preserve type area than a park for human recreation.

Carlsbad Caverns is probably the most impressive cavern system you can visit in the US (besides Mammoth Cave, which has huge underground amphitheater like areas, but not as many typical cavern features like statalctites and stalagmites, etc.) If you go at the right time of the year, you can watch all of the bats in the cave leave the mouth of the cave at sunset - This was a really unique experience that you wouldn't easily see anywhere else.

Go to Alaska if you can desu - Denali was insane - I'd like to go back when I'm older and go camping or something there - You WILL see plenty of grizzly bears if you go here. Glacier Bay is beautiful if you're able to see it by a boat tour.
>You WILL see plenty of grizzly bears if you go here.

How do you stay safe from the grizzes?

Nice "map"

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hei hei /trv

Two months ago had a chance to choose redundancy at work. That gave me an unexpected freedom and some extra money- not a lot by any means. Decided for the better or worse that this might be my best chance to cycle around the world. So I set off from UK two weeks ago with the route pictured in mind and a goal of 40 030 kms from that by bicycle.

Did a 23 day trip across Europe 2 years ago with around 100 euros (2400km by bike and 2400km by hitchhike) and shared it here afterwards. That plus some other cycling trips around the edges of Europe is the extent of my experience.

In Naples now, Greece is next. Have no intentions of making a blog out of this, but from time to time I'm happy to share some of my few pics and answer questions you folks might have.
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Got to listen to my favourite Mike Oldfield track here
File: 20170724_150652[1].jpg (5MB, 8192x1760px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5MB, 8192x1760px
Absolutely loved Cevennes National Park. Climbs and descents mixed with a relaxing lack of traffic and abundance of hot and dusty mountain-bike trails made for a perfect finish of the first week
File: 20170729_200044[1].jpg (5MB, 5312x2988px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5MB, 5312x2988px
A beast of a camp spot between Imola and Florence. I expect to hold this moment dear for a long time as I struggle along

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Will I look out of place traveling with a suit? I love suits and I'd feel weird without one on.
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Are you going to the jungles of Borneo or Paris? Because that makes a huge difference when it comes to fitting in wearing a suit...
people will think you are a Mormon.

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Hey, /trv/

I'll be in South Beach Miami for a few days next week. I've never been to Miami in my life. I'm only going there because my company decided to open a new location and they need people to cover a few shifts there. I'll be staying around Washington Ave, close to Lincoln Ave which has a mall and it's basically the shopping district for tourists.

What should I expect, and what should I do in terms of fun? Hooking up with women, dancing, places to eat, etc.

Any past experiences strongly welcomed. Also /Miami thread/
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bump x2
Miami is amazing if youre making money and are in a good location. Sounds like you have both.
First thing is the best food is in Little Havana, not South Beach. Check out Versailles and Cardon y El Tirano on Calle 8.
Second thing is South beach nightlife is very fun, usually free cover but drinks are pricey. There are some really great clubs like Bodega but your age will play a factor, most of the clubs are understandably geared toward 20-somethings
The Beach itself is fun just avoid any tourist trap restaurant on Ocean Drive (there are a lot of overpriced ones in lincoln rd mall too). Good food is abundant in Miami and can also be cheap, don't fall for the $50 sushi meme designed to separate people from daddy's money
Also be aware that in Miami there is a huge gay presence and a huge Hispanic presence. If you have an open mind this us a huge plus, the gays know how to party and youre in for the best Cuban/Venezuelan/Mexican food of your life. But if you cant tolerate hearing Spanish a lot or seeing man on man pdas, youll be miserable.
Finally, start getting /fit/ if you arent already. SB is where the Equinox gym 10/10s like to parade around - you'll want to be in shape.
Have fun and dont buy into the Miami is awful story - it is what you make of it and is only awful if you are poor, in a bad location or anti-social.

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download (1).jpg
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Going to Taiwan in a few days.

What should I expect and what should I wear for the summer heat?
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If youre nor used to heat, stay inside during the middle of the day, its a pain to do anything with the humidity and heat. Also expect in my opinoin the best of asian food. Its like they took the best from each country and mashed it up in their own.
expect concrete on the west, green on the east.

if you're into contemporary art, better look up some exhibitions. okay, i actually ran into some awesome art just strolling around, but i got the feeling that there was much more to those.

also i appreciated that jade cabbage for some weird reason.

food is just so, so good. google taiwanese food and make your list.

the random streetfood i loved the most, out of the chains din tai fung was nice, esp. their soup dumplings.

my personal favorites were the many forms of the beef noodle soup.
Din Tai Fung is the Olive Garden of Taiwan. Tourists should not go there. Stick to the night markets, they look pretty gross sometimes but the food is good.

Visit elephant mountain in Taipei, and a couple markets, and the Ximen and Xinyi districts. Go to Tainan (a few hours south) if you have time.

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Sup /trv/, pic unrelated.

What's that drug tourism hotspot in Southeast Asia that has the "happy pizza" and river tubing and stuff? Vang Vieng or Siem Reap or something like that? Is it still active, or have the authorities cracked down on it? About five or so years ago I remember seeing a lot of posts about it here, including photos of restaurant menus for "happy pizza" with shrooms all over it.
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File: Capture.jpg (22KB, 215x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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cambodia and laos both have this, especially in areas of high budget/young tourists.

Vang Vieng would definitely have it available, Siem Reap as well. Even if its not specifically advertised, you can always ask for it and see if they have it.

Drugs were readily available in all other parts of cambodia, especially in sihanoukville. People in cambodia will actively come up to you and try to sell you drugs of all kinds, regardless if you look like someone who would want them or not.

Be aware that in cambodia and lao, there are harsh laws against drug possession and use, and although for the most part 'everyone' does it, a cop can still completely fuck you for it and put you in jail, especially if you dont have a large bribe.

Ultimately, whats the point of going overseas just to do drugs. The drugs you want are readily available worldwide, so you may as well do them somewhere safe with people you can trust. Furthermore, the quality of the drugs can be extremely low, or the drugs provided not be those which you asked for or be laced.
>The drugs you want are readily available worldwide, so you may as well do them somewhere safe with people you can trust.

Well, that's kind of the thing, where I am currently it's a death penalty offense to deal drugs, not to mention that (as a foreign resident) even if they didn't kill me, which is admittedly unlikely (but possible) for possession, they would definitely deport me permanently after a long jail term. So I'm trying to go "somewhere safe". Doing it somewhere else, they might or might not care, but they wouldn't be able to know. A bribe beats getting my head blown off or even getting thrown out of the country.

Which one is most likely to be safe, unadulterated, and openly available?
>happy pizza" and river tubing and stuff
>Vang Vieng
drugged tubing in Vang Vieng ended in 2012.
Apparently drugs are still available in some places if you ask, but you can forget all those drug menus and wild stories you read about.

File: 31944112.jpg (102KB, 837x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm going to Florence this summer and booked a shitty hotel room, because I don't cafe about the hotel, I just want tto see the city.

So I bokked and payed with my credit card but they didn't send any confirmation of me havin booked the room. I tryed to call, but they only speak Italian and no engish.
Am I being ripped off here? How do I react?
I can't get a refund if I cancel, because I used a cheap offer on booking. com
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Holy fuck, sorry for my shitty spelling.
Call your credit card to cancel the payment.

Anyway, you WILL want a decent hotel there in the summer. It can be the only way to get decent air conditioning. Also more likely English speaking staff like you've figured our. .
>Call your credit card to cancel the payment.
>Anyway, you WILL want a decent hotel there in the summer. It can be the only way to get decent air conditioning. Also more likely English speaking staff like you've figured our. .

Thank you.
If I just cancel the payment, won't they just lie and say they already send a booking confirmarion?
It's been a few weeks since a booked, can I still cancel the payment?

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