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Hey guys, I'm set to go to Chicago at the end of the month for 3 weeks for my job. I'll be in some town south of the city, what's there to check out? Any local food to get?
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My favorite thread ever: https://archive.4plebs.org/trv/thread/1119469/#1125773 Is missing more than half the photos, is there another archiver, if the OP of this thread is reading this, you need to make a blog or website or something cause this is the best content i've ever seen on a web board.
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Fuck I remember that thread, it was great
Anyone have his old thread covering his trip across Eurasia?
It was amazing, i hope to do this roadtrip one day.

I wanna buy and live in a motorhome, but I've never bought a vehicle or lived outside an actual home. Any anons have any experience with this type of thing? I live in Seattle and need a sustainable living environment
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No niggas, no kikes, no women dubs gets free ride trips and you never see your family again
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In a couple months, I'm heading to Antwerp for a week to visit a friend. Any recommendations on what to do? I'd also be willing to travel away from the city to do stuff too
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What a great topic. Just spent 5 days two months ago at a buddies place. Antwerp is nice, but only takes 1.5 days to be content with it. We spent a few hours in the downtown old district and my final night at the Bocadero/Roxy nightclub (both were fantastic btw). It should be noted I have minimal experiences with nightclubs though.

There are plenty of nearby gems to enjoy that take just a day to enjoy sufficiently. Bruges is within 90 minutes of Antwerp is one of the most beautiful town's I've ever seen! Called Venice of the North. A+

Brussels was dirty and felt sketchy, the town center was neat and the Atomium is cool but ehh overall.

Amsterdam is like 2hrs away and has wonderful architecture, wish I had spent more time there but it didn't work out. You can rent a bicycle and explore or relax in the coffee shops i guess.

Overall Antwerp is a great central city for day trips. Hopefully you have a car and can afford the 6$/gal gas though.

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So I'm currently moving to another country for 1 year to study, in Europe. My current backpack I used for school is quite a bit trashed so I'm not taking it with me.

When I'm there I will also be visiting other countries. So a 40lt backpack might be useful but I can't take that shit to school daily. And if I buy a 15.6" laptop backpack I can take it to my flights AND to school daily but it might be a little small.

I don't really want to buy 2 bags.

Any suggestions?
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What kind of bags do you have in your mind?
I am currently looking for an ideal laptop bag. I stay in the third world though, so my ideal bag is one that does not look like it contains a computer. Check out the Quiksilver Messenger bags, or the Crumpler brand

There are also groovy distressed leather bags out there that look good and are gonna look better with time. Some are real leather. Some are PU. The good ones are made in India. Search for "vintage laptop leather shoulder bag" on Ebay and some versions come up.

I will stay with simpler messenger bags though. IF I put the laptop inside my regular carry-on luggage, I want to be able to roll up my laptop bag and attach it with straps to my carry-on, if I can't fit it inside.



Browse the catalog first, desu.

Im curious to hear everyone's favorite cities and towns in Europe. I will have work free November and want to see some European cities by then.

I have a friend who recently moved to Berlin and it will be one of the cities that I will be visiting. Want to hear recommendations of other cities or towns that I might just as well visit at the same time. Bonus points if they are "near" Germany

Personally, I liked Prague and Budapest a lot. Gdansk wasnt bad either

I also loved the towns of Vac (Hungary) and Bergen (Norway).

What towns and cities have you guys enjoyed the most?
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polfaggery goes elsewhere.
People speak German in Germany, you shit-wit dweeb.
I liked Prague. Practical with old world charm. Haven't been to Berlin since the Muslim takeover. I expect to go back for Crusades II.
That was.. really bad bro.

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So just missed my flights with JizzAir
What is there to do? Any tips tricks?
one flight was yesterday and the next one is today but I've arrived at my destination already
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>I've arrived at my destination already
So what are you complaining about? In the future research how long it will take to get to the airport and don't run the risk of missing a flight.
I got to the airport in time, the problem was the polish border patrol, they were slow as fuck

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Going to Slovenia and Croatia in my senpai's campervan, mostly travelling through Western Slovenia and along the coast of Croatia. Any tips 'n tricks?

Also, local women easy to bang with Tinder? 6 Foot 3 Inch ginger guy here
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My condolences, no
Do Bled and triglav, I would start following the coast around krk/rijeka at the latest.
>That one summer fag ginger who got fucked up by the Croatian gendarmerie when they caught him trying to lure Tinder bots into his grandpa's campervan.

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/p/hotofag here. Traveling from D.C. to Chicago at the end of the month. Any interesting scenic/photogenic spots to visit? So far I'm leaning towards just walking around Millennium Park and Magnificent Mile. Anything else worth looking into in Chicago?

Also, thinking about making a stop at another city along the way. Is Cleveland worth spending a few hours in?

Also any tips on how to not get shot?
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I suppose the Willis Tower (Sears Tower?) is also a good stop for a cityscape. Is that located on Magnificent Mile? I'm not sure myself. I've been to Chicago only handful of times but there isn't too much outside of Millennium Park, to be honest. Maybe Hyde Park and some other areas if you're interested in architecture. If you don't want to get shot, I would just stay in the touristy areas. Crime is greatly exaggerated but there are several neighborhoods where it is quite rampant. If you stay out of those parts, then you should be more than okay.

I haven't been to Cleveland. I assume they have that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but probably rather mundane at best. Still, a better option compared to Columbus. I also have no opinion of Pittsburgh which I have been to before.
if you can make it up to detroit the abandoned buildings could be pretty asthetic
Stop in Pittsburgh. Avoid getting shot by not going to Cleveland.

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I'm going to travel to DC with a friend before I sell my soul to the military and I wanted to know what are some "must see" places to visit. Not including all of the famous monuments/museums etc. because we are gonna hit em up anyways. Pretty good food recommendations are also welcome. We will be there for about a week. Thanks for any tips!
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Why would you visit DC? Why not go abroad?

Honestly there isn't a whole lot to do in DC outside of visiting the war memorials and seeing a couple of museums. If you're there for a week it's going to be absolute overkill.

Also avoid certain areas of the mall (not shopping center, the national park called the mall). They are incredibly dangerous in some parts. DC has a tendency of being quite clean and rich on one street and an absolute third world shithole on an adjacent streets so you need to be careful and practice common sense to stay safe from hoodlums.

All else being equal though you should have chosen any other city, if you are forced into visiting only cities in USA due to budget constraints you should have atleast went to NYC. Washington DC is bottom tier for visiting, sorry to pre preemptively disappoint you. After you and your buddy visit the monuments and the war memorials (+ maybe the pentagon) you will have nothing else to do for a full week and will probably regret it.
i hate dc, but a lot of my less traveled friends really liked it

supposedly these days there are lots of nice coffee shops and clubs

spending hundreds to drink coffee seems dumb, but to each theor own
i actually hate the taste of coffee

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How much would a weeks worth of food cost on a trip to Thailand?

Im planning a trip to Panwa Thailand and i hope to have a budget of 10k CAN. One luxury hotel and the rest on the nights normal hotels. All that so far plus flights i am looking about 5-6k, would 4k be enough to survive the rest of the week on cabs and food for two people?
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What are some things you wished you knew the first time you had extended stays in hostels?
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i am monitoring this thread
If something/somebody annoys you, the only sure thing you can do is fix it yourself.
its super easy to fuck other travelers

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I'm going to be living in Nancy in a few months, what can you guys tell me about eastern France and what's to see and do there for a broke ass foreign student who is willing to bike and use public transport to move around
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I am an American and I want to go to Tapei for a week this August. I am interested in food, Chinese history, and whores. I have $2000 and my plane ticket is free.

What do?
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If you're at least a little good looking, white and socially adept, it's easy to find an at least decent looking Taiwanese girl. No need to pay hookers. Even when your looks are terrible it's still doable.

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