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Fuck paying premium.
Anyone know a way to hear about error fares/big deals for free?
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I was told to download the app Hopper, but it's a buggy piece of shit that just shows you the same stuff you'd find with a simple Google search.
sign up for email alerts from major carriers. They often have flash sales with fares less than $100.
Perhaps copy what he's doing?

I pay for Premium. He's got thousands of alerts setup on Google Flights and goes through them to share what he considers are the best deals.

You're paying for his time, and what equates to around £3 a month for his time is a bargain.

So I'm taking a solo trip to Toronto for 4 days. The only major plan I have to do is visit the Hockey Hall of Fame Mueseum, and get in 1 hour of running each day I'm there. I'll be staying in one of the small suburbs called Riverdale apparently (no reference to Archie comics)

So two questions, How should I handle money, Should I bring like 300 US dollars and just have them exchange it when I get there?. Are their places in the airport (toronto int'l) that exchange currency? I'm sure there are..just checking...

Also, if I'm not doing any of the tourist spots, and traps, think I could reasonable spent all 4 days there under 300 dollars USD?

Last question is should I turn off my cellular data for my phone while I'm in the great white north?
Any of you /trv/lers around the Toronto area for a meet up and a glass of wine/beer?
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Go to queen west.. everything else is shite in tdot
You can exchange cash anywhere. Do it at home and compare rates airports are traps... specially canadian airports, for 300us 4 days is comfy...
>Last question is should I turn off my cellular data for my phone while I'm in the great white north?
You need to check with your phone company about that.
T-Mobile has plans that allow Americans to use their phones without problems in Canada and Mexico, but other companies might fuck you over.

I went around Montreal and Quebec City with my phone using random wifi hotspots and I was fine.
Have you never traveled before? Never ever exchange money at the airport. Do it before you leave for the least hassle. Canadian exchange rate is quite good now.

There aren't a whole lot of tourist traps anyway, Toronto is just a big city. You'll be entertained decently just by walking the downtown and harbor-front, but 4 days is too long if you don't have specific plans.

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Are you guys planning your winter escape yet?
Is the Baja the best place for Canadians to avoid the crushing cold?

Baja thread
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or Nicaragua or Colombia, or Cuba, or elsewhere in mexico, or Thailand, or Viet Nam, or Ecuador or Sri Lanka, or Jamaica or Barbados, or Panama, or Brazil, or Costa Rica, or Hawaii, or
But baja is an easy drive. No ferries or toll roads.
I live in San Jose

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I know this is a touchy subject, but are they any "good" travel vloggers? I've been looking for a long time and the only one I've found that I think is good is SerpentZA.
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Here's a cool japan vlogger: https://youtu.be/qSxjtk3eA8M
I like watching the vloggers in SE Asia get into childish name calling arguments and create unnecessary youtube drama if that counts for anything.
Iohan Gueorguiev, karl watson,the budgeteers, hitchhike the world, 100 days travel

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Am I crazy or stupid to want to live in a gulf city like Biloxi, Gulf Port, Gulf Shores, Mobile, Galveston, Corpus Christi, etc?

I'm currently in Chicagoland which is fine in its own ways but am getting sick of winter, congestion and smog.

These cities I listed offer:
>Cheap living
>Great weather
>Beach/tropic climate
>Good food (for my tastes)
>All have decent amenities nearby..

What am I missing?
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Gulf Shores or more east if you don't want brown water.

Personally, I'd choose Texas first and then Florida. Corpus is quite nice, and cheap. No state income tax. Navarre area next.

Skip Mobile, altho I've heard in recent years it's getting revitalized
I know FL is kind of a different animal and culture than the rest of the south but would you include Pensacola as being similar to my listed cities?
Take a road trip along I 10 from texas to fla, You could do it in about 3 days, and you could scout out some cities. MS coast is a pretty cool area. I recommend the Flora Bama for a bar, it's right on the border b/w florida and alabama. The gulf coast has it's own thing going, it's a unique place. Try as much seafood as you can because the local places there really know how to make it. If it's deep fried be prepared for a food coma.

You aren't crazy, there are some really good spots there. Just remember when you find them not to spread the word because that brings in assholes that inevitably change the places for the worst. You might have a hard time finding steady work though.

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So the situation is as follows:
I'm going to Hong Kong for 5-6 months, mostly for tourist stuff, but to support myself I'll need to do some remote work for my clients in EU ("some" meaning I'm basically going to work remotely for 6-8 hours each day and do tourist stuff on the evenings and weekends). I can enter Hong Kong without a visa for 90 days, I'm planning a short trip to Macau along the way so I could start my 90 days period again and stay in Hong Kong without a visa for those 6 months.
My question is: am I in danger of being deported or arrested? I know I'm not supposed to work at all without a visa, but all I'm going to do is to sit in a hotel and do some work over Skype and e-mails. So my thinking is, no one will ever know about it, unless they monitor the whole web (I'm going to use VPN either way to be on the safe side). What do you think?
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You will be absolutely fine.

kek, yeah you might be arrested, forgot the h btw
Don't do something loud, like commenting on Chinese communist government, you'll be fine, at least the internet world in Hong Kong is still relatively free

Hey /trv/.

Me and my girlfriend are going to do a big ol' road trip between Sydney and Cairns, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for shit to do and see on the way?

So far I've got:
- the big banana
- noosa
- gold coast
- whitsundays

I'm from Vic, but she's a foreigner... so for better or worse we kind of have to do 'enjoy beaches and beers and look at cute animals' shit.

The only place we know we don't want to go is Byron Bay because we both hate hippies.

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Eat kangaroo meat.
Cheat on your gf, before she cheats on you.
Aussie men and women are some of the world'd hottest, unfortunately for you the girls I really arrogant and not open at all....she'll likely win this and you will not.

Consider a visit to Darwin instead, it's a city that can change your life.
Who hurt you anon?
>Eat kangaroo meat

>Who hurt you anon?

obviously a kangaroo

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Any Brit-bros or Euro-bros in their 20s want to leave their lives and run onto the continent and work in the construction game with me? Was meant to be going today with a guy I met on here from Finland, but after I told my family I was leaving this morning, he bailed out. The plan is to go to Paris and sort things out from there. Sleep in tents and what not whilst travelling across Europe doing whatever until we get work and stuff. Let me know if you're interested.
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>Wants to meet people on 4chan
>previously agreed with a 4chin
>also fucking Finnish degenerate
>circle in a circle

Dude. Just go alone. You'll meet someone there who wants to do it.
Do you know how hard it is to convince your best friends to go somewhere never mind someone from a Chinese message board?

Plus you prob won't like each other in close quarters. Go and build a natural relationship

I know it's scary as hell. I've done something similar and it sucked then it got much better.

Go for it dude
I'm a near-qualified electrician hoping to work abroad soon, is it hard to find work on the continent? From Ireland.
Appreciated thank you

Bricklayer here, yeah it's not hard. You have to learn a bit of language but that comes naturally when you are in the country and with some effort. How old are you sir and when do you finish your qualification?

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Post similar movies to these
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Easy Rider
Motorcycle diaries
Eat Pray Love

Me and my girlfriend are thinking about moving to France next year. We both live in England. I work as a private tutor and am hoping to get a job tutoring children in France (teaching them English). We're looking into moving into someone in or near a town with a population of 10,000 to 20,000.
Is there anything that we need to know either about culture or well... I'm not sure. I've been learning French for the last 6 months to prepare so I think I can get around. Any advice would be helpful.
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>to france
>with my gf
You need to know that you will resent having a gf
I already do a little. But she's my soulmate and can't see myself ever leaving her.
>she's my soulmate and can't see myself ever leaving her
In 6 months you'll be back here asking for pro tips on Pattaya.

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I booked flights and hotel to Magaluf in Mallorca yesterday, just learned what the place is like.

Share stories, reviews, experiences and tips how to survive the week in this god-forsaken womb of sin.
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If you are a Brit who likes the company of drunk as fuck loud violent chavs, you will have a great time.

If I'm not, am I fucked?

Hey, /trv/ I'm planning on visiting Istanbul in a few months. I'm somewhat familiar with the language so communication will only be a mild headache. What I want to know is how I'll be treated there as an American. Am I going to have issues getting a taxi or using the public transportation? I've been once before but I was with my then fiance at the time and she was Turkish so I don't expect it to be the same as then.
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Turkey relies on tourism for a huge amount of their GDP. Keeping tourists happy is very important, especially in a major tourist destination like Istanbul, so you'll be fine. The Turks will love you for speaking Turkish, as most of them have only mediocre English. They might overcharge you for certain things, especially at smaller shops, but you probably already know about that. You will have to actively search for a Turk in Istanbul who will give a shit about you being American beyond you being a tourist, so don't worry about hostility.
Just curious, what happend to your fiance?
Istanbul taxi drivers are one of the scummiest people on the planet. Take the public transport whenever you can.

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Going to visit Oslo in few weeks.

Got any hints on some places to visit? Maybe good restaurants or some cultural places?
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Are you sure your wallet is prepared for it?
Yeah, I've got tickets, got place to live and got few grands to spend.
NOK is weak now and its surprisingly affordable

Many - I can write more tomorrow.

Places: Tjuvholmen, Astrup Fearnley, Opera House, Vigeland Sculture Park

Food: Pjoltergeist, Mathallen, Kamai, Munchies Burger

Drink: Torggata Botaniske, Crow Bar, Human Mote, Blå

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I am travelling to United Kingdom in about a week and i will have to spend a night in London. Is there any way to survive a night in London without paying for some kind of accomodation?
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Actually... Having a wife and a dog some day would be nice. Never felt like having that before.
walk around tesco?
sit in a mcdonalds?
go to a casino?

Hey /trv/ I will be travelling to Singpore and Hong Kong in September, spending 2 weeks there (a week in each, is that too much?). I'm not quite sure what to do here for this amount of time, several people have told me the cities are great for layovers but not for longer stays.

I'm interested in walking trails, generally just walking around and absorbing the architecture and food.

rec me some activities to do?

Hong Kong-
Dragon's Back Walking Trail
Ferry to Macau
Cross the border over to Shenzhen

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Haven't been to HK yet but was just in Singapore for 4 days. I visited the main parts of the city but didn't go to places like Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, or Johor Bahru (just across the border in Malaysia). I could have spent a week in the city and not get bored.

I'm sure HK is similar. People exaggerate a lot for cities, yeah you can see Singapore in 2 days but you could spend a lot longer there and not see everything.

>I'm interested in walking trails, generally just walking around and absorbing the architecture and food.
Not many walking trails in Singapore, mostly just walking around the city. But there are Henderson Waves which everyone has to see there. Also go have a look at the botanical gardens (a world heritage site) and just a bit north of them is the MacRitchie Reservoir well worth having a walk around if you want to escape the city noise.

The food in Singapore is amazing. Make sure to try the laksas, curry puffs, and murtabaks. Food is so cheap and varied there, I loved it all.
>I'm interested in walking trails, generally just walking around
Good luck doing that in Hong Kong, it's crowded as fuck and humid. Even if it cools off by the time you get there, walking around in Hong Kong is miserable. The smog and general pollutants in the air are disgusting, also when walking through the streets you will almost always smell the scent of food and trust me, it isn't a pleasant smell. Picture the smell of rotten fish and that's pretty much it, and because of how tall the buildings are (I assume that's the cause) there is no breeze to blow away the smoke.

The trails (as you mentioned) are probably your best bet for a pleasant experience but it doesn't feel like nature at all. You will most likely find litter all over it and the smog is so bad you will still be able to see it in the air no matter how far you go from the city. I can't say a lot about it since I didn't do that trail but I'm probably not wrong. The trails do look good though, it's kind of like a jungle and it can be nice. I'm insulting it now but I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it.

>absorbing the architecture and food.
The architecture in HK is nothing to marvel at, most of it is shoddily built and looks like it will catch on fire. The vast majority of the buildings are very dirty from all of the massive amounts of people that are in them daily and the air conditioning works but blows the smell of everyone into you. The majority of buildings are also very cramped. If you plan on looking at architecture try to have an idea in mind of what you want to see so you know when to go and how crowded it is. The skyscrapers look like they were built out of plastic and LEDs.

The food is sketchy, try to dine at expensive and/or well recommended places otherwise you are seriously risking food born illness. There are some really cool restaurants though so you will be more than happy in HK.
I personally hated my experience in Hong Kong, as you can see from my jaded response, so I don't think I can seriously recommend you to do anything. If you are looking for nature trails, food, and architecture Hong Kong is not the place. Then again, I went peak tourism season in the dead of summer so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Here is what I recommend
the club scene is crazy in Asia
Hong Kong has a ton of shit to buy, anywhere from Gucci to crappy fake shit that is sold out of tents
The food is incredible, there is EVERYTHING, try to look into some restaurants before you go. Seafood is probably one of the coolest things to try there.

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