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I am going to study for 6months in amsterdam, have any tips?
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Well first off, actually do the studying.
Secondly, go to a music festival and take mdma if you're into that. Might as well take a drink if you're near the watering hole, so to speak.
Thirdly, try and visit some other cities too, Amsterdam is pretty much tourist/expat zone and you might want to find out what the Netherlands are actually about.
And finally, get your own bicycle with a good lock while you're there. Always chain your bike to something so it can't just be lifted off the ground and put into a van.
I'm not in Amsterdam, currently in Nijmegen, but are the sex clubs and shit actually worth it?
Watchout for foreign tourists who ride for the first time on a bike. They are even more dangerous than taxi drivers, because they don't know any of the trafficrules.
Amsterdam is full of museums and other cultural things, enjoy it.
There are many bigger shops in the Kalverstraat ( between Dam and Muntplein)
I personally like to eat a broodje Kroket at Van Dobben at the Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 5-7-9
But Kwekkeboom on the Reguliersbreestraat has a more peppery version of it if you like that..
You could go for your daily supermarketshopping at Albert Heijn, Jumbo (more expensive) and Aldi or Lidl (somewhat cheaper). But there also lots of independent stores.
Vondelpark and Museumplein (south of Rijksmuseum) are nice to visit.
P.C. Hooftstraat west of Rijksmuseum is the street were you can get really expensive things.
If you want to take drugs, still be carefull,
and don't take too much, because Amsterdam has more interesting things than be blurred out by one long trip

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Hey guys,

so me and my best friend whom I've known for ages want to go on vacation together. We are both very active and into fitness, in our early 20s and live in Germany.

I am basically looking for suggestions as to what we could do. We want to experience something memorable, unique and adventurous. We aren't too much into partying but we wouldn't mind. But, of course, our budgets are limited but not tiny. We have about 5 to 7 days at our disposal.

The first thing that popped into my mind was a bicycle vacation in Scotland, good idea?

Thank you guys so much in advance!
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Are trains fun to ride on for a comfy afternoon down the countryside? Or are they shitty and just a bus on rails? I live in Chicago so I could hop on any of the 15 Metra lines and go somewhere maybe South Shore line or somewhere up North
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Hi /trv/

I'm visiting Fuerteventura for 10 days with my wife and 1-year-old.

Anyone got any tips or must-sees there? Bonus points for cozy, hidden away restaurants.

Cat vor viewing pleasure.
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I need a better cot pic, this one is for ants mate.

Corralejo is comfy, some night life, nice beaches around a lot of good tier restaurants (outside of the main street the quality improves massive) and ok tier night life if you want to go out for drinks.
Also at this time of the year they should've their yearly city festival, so you might be lucky to enjoy all the awesome foot stands around the harbor.
Anything else is subject to change as it's a changing island and I have to rediscover it every year again.
I was there last fall to surf so what I experienced could be completely different.

Best tip: rent a SUV tier car, there's a lot of hidden beach gems along the eastern coast where you're pretty much alone with just a few surfers that are only accessible by car and that don't have much infrastructure, so bring a nice picnic. Also just drive around you will find top tier restaurants everywhere and if you speak at least retard tier spanish you will have a nice time.
Corralejo was a pleasure. The little harbor all the way down the hill on the main road had some comfy places. Not exactly hidden, but the view towards the island was amazing.

We explored this town every day and tried many new places. We also got a rent-car and went down the east coast for a few hours. We went a little to far and had to drive inland in desert areas for a bit. Didnt mind it but the coast is just so nice you'd want to be there most of the time.

When we arrived we went down to the beach one block down from the police station. They where playing reggae music and we had really good fish dinner and beers, and for a fair price. Right on the beach(you'll have the view i was talking about).

The vibe and people on fuerte was the good life for sure, enjoy

Me and two friends have been in Baku for a few days and will stay a few more. We tried to go to some bars and clubs at night but ended up finding ourselves between some fat middle-aged britbong expats.

What are some good places for students to go out in Baku?
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leave azergayjan
go to Yerevan and Tbilisi, you'll have x100 more fun
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Hope you like chicken.


Any Polish here that could recommend me some spots in Warsaw that are off the beaten path?

Going in October and don't really want to do just tourist shite that pops up everytime you google the place.

Would also love local beer recommendations, especially dunkels or black beers
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What exactly are you interested in? Sightseeing, bicycling, meeting locals?
The thing with Warsaw is, besides tourist spots there isn't much to see or do. Sure, you can go to pub, you can ride a bike somwhere, go for a stroll in the park, just usual things, nothing very exciting.

I don't drink dunkels so I won't be of much help, but if you're looking for wide variety of beers you can check out pubs like Kufle i Kapsle, Po Drugiej Stronie Lustra or Artezan. Artezan has more local beers, but I like Kufle atmosphere better. Are you going alone or with someone, though? Because I don't think sitting in a pub by yourself can be very enjoyable.
You can also check out Ojczysta Czysta, it's a place to drink vodka rather than beer, but they have great polish snacks to accompany it like marinated herrings or polish pickles.

As for the places, you can go to BUW, I don't think many tourist visit it. It's a Warsaw University library, very nice on its own and if you go to the back you can find an entrance to its roof, where you can find beautiful gardens and a great view of Warsaw.

Many locals spend nights by the river, drinking beer on the shore, but I don't know if the weather in October will allow you to enjoy that.
If you like nature you can check out Kampinos National Park, you can easily access it on bike, it's not that far away from Warsaw. And as for the bikes, there's a nice system of city bikes in Warsaw, you can rent one basically for free. Renting and returning points are located throughout the whole city, not further than 1-2 kilometers from each other, so it's very convenient.

I really like the atmosphere of Praga Północ, but I know many people won't agree with me. It's a part of the city that wasn't destroyed during the war, so many beautiful old buildings, churches and tenement houses are still there. And lots of great, traditional restaurants.

As for the food, do yourself a favour and don't eat in popular tourist restaurants like Zapiecek or any restaurant located on the old town for that matter. If you want to eat like locals, go to bar mleczny (but not Złota Kurka, it's awful and popular with tourists). They are very cheap (~10 PLN for a meal) and the food is actual traditional polish cuisine. You won't be able to communicate in English, though, you'd have to ask some other clients to translate menu for you or use some smartphone app.
Warning: staff will be probably rude and interiors are not very fancy or nice, but the food is worth it. My favourite one is Bufet Firmowy on Długa street.

If you haven't been to Warsaw before I do encourage you to check those tourist spots you're trying to avoid, there are popular for a reason after all.
I'm not polish but I have been to Warsaw. The old town is really the only nice place. Outside the old town it's more comparable to Detroit

The old town in Warsaw is actual one of the nicest places I've ever been to. Outside, eh, not so much

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Whats ESL teacher life like in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia?
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Anyone going to be in Amman, Jordan within the next two weeks? I've heard there's a small bar scene on rainbow street and would be down to meet up with some other travelers.
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Just got home from work and I'm going to die traveling internationally to plane to boat for +12 hours with only <5 hours of sleep for a 13 day cruise related trip.

>Taxi Drive
>Check In
>Check Out
>Taxi Drive
>Boat Check In Line
>EVAC Drill
>No wifi on boat.

Please give me strength. I might not see you again, but I will return with pics/webms.
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Don't die nigga
>reads green text
>looks at pic
>compares your situation with pics situation

sorry but you need to do a better pic related next time, making it kinda hard to feel sorry for you

Been thinking of going on a working holiday, most likely to Singapore or Hong Kong (although I'm guessing not knowing Cantonese would be a problem for the latter).
What I'm wondering is how you actually go about finding a job like that? Would you find one before you go? Are there jobs specifically for working holidayers?
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Hong kok actually has a lot of mandarin spoken now. Also a lot of English because of the British rule

You could probably get a job in a hotel or with one of those companies that teaches English to foreigners

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I'm going to London next week and am brown. How do I avoid getting acid thrown at me?
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You've already succeeded by being Brown. Londistan will welcome you with open arms, In' Shallah.
You will fit in nicely just stay the fuck out of Wiltshire
Just don't go past stratford, its every man for himself out there.

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I am looking for a vacation idea.
I went on a disney cruise, and found it exhilirating. Then I went to universal/disney. It was awesome, but very tiring. I liked the cruise more.

I enjoy the "being catered" to aspect of that disney cruise. I don't like having to struggle to find entertainment or things to do. I like stuff being just kind of "handed" to me.

I'd love to see some of Europe, or possibly china. I don't want to have to go through a shit ton of planning.

I'd like the total to be under 3000 dollars per person ( Me and wife ), as well as under 7 days if at all possible.

Any ideas?
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>want shit handed to me
>my wife
Call a travel agent, they can get everything you want set up for you in about 15 min with almost no effort.

If you can afford an RV buy one and drive it from Las Vegas to Washington DC.

I'm Canadian and my wife is Chinese with Canadian PR. I just finished up a CS degree with a minor in math. My wife has a business admin degree from a Chinese university. I only speak English and she's fluent in English and Mandarin.

How feasible would it be for us to move somewhere in Western Europe? Would a company ever sponsor anyone without a master's degree or much experience?
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She's probably gonna be bringing in the visa and the money for you both, be prepared to do all the washing and the cooking at home.
I would think your best bet is her getting a visa from a Chinese bank/logistics centre somewhere on the Amsterdam/Berlin/Cologne line.
Don't know white boy
>CS degree, Canada
>Admin degree from China
You have better chances at home than in Belgium, France or Italy, sorry.
There are millions like you and nobody is looking for more average CS degrees, certaintly not chinese admin degrees, since its not compatible with the european taught one.

.. i would like to know what i should think about .. what can improve or how i can get people visiting it ..
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1. the picture takes way too long to road
2. actually have some content there not just a contact form and some tiles to articles
3. the "About Who are we Locations" is unclickable
4. Improve your English if you actually want to write in it

Honestly I'd just get a template from squarespace or something instead of trying to set it up yourself
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>Improve design
Create your website with squarespace or wordpress.
Format is very 90s.

Shill on social media (facebook and insta) and have a hook, a niche,something oddly specific that would increase interest.

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