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I see a lot of comments calling it a shit hole and undeveloped and wondering if it's true. I'd really appreciate if anyone whos had any first hand experience would chime in with their experiences
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i didn't think it was a shithole or undeveloped, just boooooring.
Thanks for your input, I'm glad to here it's not as run down as I thought it was
ok weebs, we get it, you hate korea
now go back to /jp/ or something, you are infesting this board

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I have a 160 dollar airplane credit in delta airlines, expires october 25th. i can use it well after that but i have to book by october 25th.

not really sure what to do with it. where to travel within the USA? I suppose I can get a passport and go back overseas, but I think thats a bigger vacation when I have morem oney saved up.

any suggestions? im not really a sight seer or a bar hopper, which seems to be the two most popular things for young people on vacation to do.
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Go to Switzerland and be mesmerized by the beauty
Go to the Rockies and be similarly mesmerized, but closer to your budget.

thanks for the tips. ill check out some pictures but im not sure the rockies will have anything for me. sounds like idj ust be wandering around all day.

If you're planning on visiting here, I can answer most of your questions based on experience. Ask Away...
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Wat is de beste coffeeshop in Amsterdam die niet gericht is op toeristen?
Ik heb geen idee precies, bijna alles zijn door toeristen gerichten. Mijn advies is op Maps te checken welke coffeeshops hebben minder mensen in een dag dan andere. De nieuwe "popular times" ding werkt goed.
I enjoy Andersom down in De Pijp(?) and Cum Laude.

Any amsterdam residents around?
I'll be staying here for Pride and then for another week afterwards.

Any advice on life here, stuff to see and stuff to avoid?
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Try visiting the neighbourhood called "De pijp" and "Oud zuid" to find less touristy areas that do breathe Amsterdam.

Try Foodhallen for lunch sometime

Kinda depends on what type of stuff you like to see and avoid really
I hope you get mown down by a truck of peace
Avoid tourist traps like the Sex Museum and Ice bar. Try to take a train to Utrecht or Rotterdam if you want to see different cities that are less touristic.

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Hey /trv/,

A friend and I are planning on moving together to a new state in the US that neither of us has been to. I've done a fair bit of research for this and the more affordable places don't fit our main criteria but I am aware that you always can't get what you want.

I just want to ask from all the US posters about their own experiences traveling around the US.
Where have you gone? What specific cities or towns are you fond of? What should I be expanding my search with?

And a bit of context:

We are mainly looking areas that are both rural and urban. The best example I could give is Bend, Oregon. Bend is fairly expensive but it has the best of both worlds. It's right next to some mountains and parks and there is plenty to do in the city.
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Asheville NC. Thank me later
totally asheville man, all the people that ruined LA, Seattle, and Portland to the point they could no longer bear it so they had to leave are now going to Asheville (if they aren't going to Austin). Hurry and get it while you can bro.
New Orleans, Memphis, and all those other southern towns are fucking great

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What do in kitchener ontario for three days guys,
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Relax? It's fucking Kitchener, there's nothing to do.
Why the hell are you in kitchener????
my uncle died, here for funeral, got some free time to kill desu

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Anybody have any RTW trips you're planning/going on? Dream itineraries? Surprisingly economical routes? Experiences to share?

>Trip planning tool:

I usually prefer to make one extravagant trip rather than a series of small ones. I feel like it's more exciting in a way and ends up being more economical in the long run. (mostly from buying one way tickets within regions vs round trip tickets back home)

My itinerary for this year looks like this. (pic related):
3 Days: Stockholm
2 Days: Copenhagen
12 Days: Frankfurt (Will be driving a track day at the Nurburgring) / Munich / Bavaria general
2 Days: Prague
3 Days: Hanoi
4 Days: Singapore (Singapore F1 Grand Prix)
5 Days: Melbourne / Victoria general
~1 Day layover: Hong Kong
7 Days: Tokyo

Already have all tickets in hand. The extra number of days in Germany and Japan are because I used to live/work in these countries and spend a lot of time catching up with friends/places/new restaurants/coffee etc.
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Seems like a shit idea desu
You fly a lot, have to recover from the traveling and will already be on the next plane within 3 days or so.
And all the stays seem overly short, so youre barely able to see the Top 10 before you have to leave. And you only see the capitals, not the country itself.
2 days for Prague and the surrounding area?
7 days for Tokio?

Dont talk about being economical while posting this overly expensive shit show of a trip.
May I ask to add the flight hours as well?
For example Singapore to Australia. Plus do you include the time you lose while you are flying on the next stay or do you exclude them?

thx in advance
My main problem with RTW is ticket price.
Don't have enough credit to buy a RTW ticket and that sucks.

Hi /trv/,

I'm supposed to take my ticket for a 15 days interrail (for those of you who don't know, it's a pass to travel by train into Europe).

The thing is, I don't know if it's really what I'm looking for : "travelling" with friends who are not interested in meeting strangers, discovering new stuff, but only drinking, clubbing, etc... (which can be nice, but I can do it here in France).

So, I'm here to ask, with my profile (22;M;French), my budget (1k €), and the fact that I have NOTHING planned, what are my alternatives for August (in any countries, anywhere,)

Thanks guys,
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Give us more infos, with that amount of money you could travel everywhere in Europe and have a great time. But if you have the chance to do an interrail with your friends then do it, you are hella young, you will have time to solo travel around Europe and visit museums/interact with locals/try local food/do boring shit, now my advice is to go with your friends and have fun, also interrails are amazing
OK thanks for the advice,

what would be the destinations you would recommend ? We'd leaving from Lyon
Would you really like to spend 15 days in different countries doing the thing you can do back in France like clubbing? I have nothing against it if you want to, but for me doing things abroad which you can do back in your home town seems like a wasting a little bit of time.

Any advice on Incheon International Airport?

I have a stop there for a few hours - cant leave the airport. I heard its world-class, so what makes it so great?
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"World class" doesn't mean it's particularly fun or exciting.. it's clean and efficient and there's a bunch of shops to poke through during your layover. You shoulda got a layover that let you visit Seoul.
There is some classical music in the midde if you feel stressed out. Like with an orchestra.
Food decent.
It's modeled after an American shopping mall; that's all that's interesting about it. Outside of that area, the whole place is incredibly confusing.
There's all sorts of cool live music, though, and some neat cultural exhibits you should definitely check out.

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So, any of you guys ever used those water bottle with a filter that claim to remove various shit-liquefying organism from the water? Or used on one of those UV sterilizing pens?

I know many of you will have opinions as to whether a traveler should just man the fuck up and drink the water, or whatever, but that is not what interests me -- what I am wondering is has anybody used these devices, and did they work for you?
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I use the sawyer mini filter when i'm on multi-day hikes if that's what you mean
I would double up on the water-cleaning. Use a filter (preferably Sawyer Squeeze, not Sawyer Mini), AND use water purification tablets. Filter for the bacteria & protozoa (and some viruses); purification tablets for the other stuff that the filters can't catch.

I specifically recommend the Sawyer Squeeze because the Mini clogs easier. You'd have to backwash the Mini more frequently, and some users have reported slower waterflow over time, even with backwashing. Also, the Mini is rated for 100,000 litres, while the Squeeze is rated at 1,000,000. The only good thing that the Mini has going for it is the form factor, and even then, the Squeeze's size & weight isn't prohibitively large.

I realize I may sound like a Sawyer shill, but you're more than welcome to look at the specs for competing filters. Sawyer's specs are pretty damn convincing, though (I believe Renovo's filtration is slightly better, but they're usually very expensive or don't last as long).

If you want to read up on water purification tablets, give this article a try: http://americanpreppersnetwork.com/2014/01/need-know-water-tablets.html

Last but not least, take diarrhea medication (such as Imodium) with you. You just never know. Alternatively, if you're mainly staying in cities or places with storefronts, you could just do your entire trip on nothing but storebought brand-named bottled water; there's nothing wrong with that.
Thank you for a detailed and helpful response. I'll look into what you wrote.

Iwas originally looking at something like pic related -- I'm not going tobe filtering water with a lot of sediment or other stuff to clog the filter quickly, just want to screen out the wrigglies as much as possible that might be in otherwise clean-looking water.

And yes

Never travel 'cross the sea|,
Without Imodium, A.D.

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American here,

Never traveled internationally but my vacation time looks good in mid to late November. Any good recommendations for sightseeing and delicious food? I'm mainly thinking South America or Mediterranean Europe. Colombia and Greece are at the top of my considerations but I'd like an experienced point of view.
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Take it from somebody with experience. South America is a dice roll. The coast is okay, but go inland and you're testing your luck. Americans are wealthy and people are desperate. Specifically in Venesuela and Columbia. Some people *really* don't like Americans. I say Chile and Equador are a good bet.

Mediterranian happens to be safe and enjoyable. I suggest Rome or the like.

My favorite country so far, and mostly as unpopular as people tend to be weebs around these parts: Mongolia. I'm a hiker by nature, so I stray from the cities. The cities suck and they constantly worship Granduncle Ghengis, but the vistas are fucking impeccable, and they basically fucking invented bbq.
keep in mind late November in Europe will have dodgy weather.. maybe Crete or Sicily or Malta..Maybe Turkey

I love Colombia, but not for food. I would maybe suggest Cartagena, Santa Marta, Minca, Tayrona, Palomino

I think most other SA countries have better food, Argentina, Peru, Chile.
Venezuela aside, i dont think SA is too dangerous, but if you dont speak spanish you may run into situations that could have been avoided.
>I'm mainly thinking South America or Mediterranean Europe

Those would be two very different experiences. I think most differences would be pretty obvious, so I'll point out something that you might not realize until going through both of them. Europe is going to have more fellow travelers that have a lot of money or travel on their parents time, they will be risk averse people that are looking for organized tours and a cliche experience. South America will have more hippy type backpackers that are thrifty, might be a little shady, and are trying to find off the beaten path areas or have some kind of an adventure. That seemed to make a pretty big difference to me and had an effect on my experience in both places.

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I'm a European traveling to the west of the USA with my parents in a couple of days. We already have a list of things we want to do, but we're really curious if locals know of anything we simply cannot miss during our trip. The picture a uploaded is the route we're going to be taking.

Thanks in advance!
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I'd suggest doing the north rim of Grand Canyon, I think it's prettier than the south, also a little cooler temperatures, but that's me.
I see you have bryce as stop "H", I would suggest that instead of going back to i15 north, keep going east on hwy 12 and drive through escalante national monument, crazy landscapes of flowing red rock, cartoon like roads strung along ridge tops. Not good if your driver is afraid of heights.
Capitol reef national park is pretty damn cool, right there at the north end of hwy 12 next to the town of Torrey. From there you would go north to I 70 and then west back to your original route. Adds a few days to the drive. tho, but it's a spectacular drive.
What is the "c" stop? It's not in quite the right place to be Yosemite, and it actually looks like your route is skipping Yosemite entirely? It's always crowded, but I feel that the tioga pass road is still one of the most beautiful streatches of road in that part of the country.
Are you camping or staying in hotels?

where you from, im going too, flying the 5th taking off in amsterdam.
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Thanks for your response! I will be suggesting your tips to my father. He has been nervous about the trip for weeks now, so I don't he'll be very keen op changing the route. But thanks anyway!
I checked and the C stop is a hotel at Mammoth Lakes. It seems like we are skipping Yosemite park and going through Stanislaus National Park instead.

Hi /trv/, I'm new to this board and come here in search of advice. Next year I'll get out of school to study history, my plan is to save up through the 4 years of college and go vagabonding to Europe for some time. I live in Chile and don't know much about traveling, so I need you guys to tell me the cheapest way possible to get across the Atlantic.
>mfw what is student debt? Im not from the US.
Also I am a very stingy person so I think I can endure travelling by ship if it is more economical.
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Taking a ship is more expensive than flying. Also, be careful of visas/visa-free stays. You get 90 days in the Schengen zone.
I think I can get German nationality, does it help?
Well duh (no offence). If you get German nationality you can stay and work in the EU for the rest of your life. Also, forget about ships. Go to ITAMATRIX for the cheapest flight. Do a search for all airports within 1000 miles of your home, then destination as "all airports within 1500 miles" of some central European country: Flying in from Chile, I assume that Madrid will be the cheapest place to fly to.

Give me some tips for stuff outside / around yet close to Vienna that are worth a visit, with prices preferably

Also what is the best tourist ticket / transport ticket to buy for a 5-7 day stay?

Anything else you can think of to reccommend goes.
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FKK Golden Time
FKK Funpalast
Vienna pass for museums / transport (you can only get 4 days max, I think)
Anon forgot about wine country. But otherwise, a complete list.

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Buongiorno! So I'm moving to Florence in a couple of months, will be there for almost a year. Pretty excited for this new adventure in my life. Hoping to get a lot out of it, meet great people, make some close friends. Wondering if any of you have lived there (or are living there now) and could share your experiences.
I'm curious about winter weather and how rainy it might get in autumn/winter (most cold I've felt is a winter in Sydney). Also are there local markets that are better/cheaper than shops? And other general (or not so general) life things you can think of.
Any advice is appreciated :)
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self bump

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