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I'm from Texas, and I'll be in Europe for about a month in september going from France>Switzerland>Germany>Austria>Czech republic>Poland, and pic related is how I usually dress, will I fit in wearing stuff like this? Are Cowboy boots obvious American even if they are normal leather and under the jeans? I also wear Polo shirts and khaki shorts when it is warmer.

I will be trying to hook up with the locals so I don't want to look like a fucking idiot American tourist, Am I screwed or fine?
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If you want to hook up with the locals you should wear pic related
we laugh at the fat american tourists who come with north face branded winter jackets and wear shorts simultaneously.
Nice, haven't heard a Muslim joke about Europeans before

I'm not poor so I don't have any of that shit, and I don't wear jackets with shorts, that is a little retarded. In warmer climates I would dress a little more frat like

What's your state actually like?
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Williamsport is fucking amazing you retard. It's Pittsburgh that is utter shit.
NC. Mostly nothing hicks and niggers. Charlotte is the worst big city in America. Huntersville is alright. The mountains are the best area. Asheville is the only city here I'd consider living.
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Ship galley.jpg
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Started to save up for a sailboat. Want it to be a live aboard looking roughly a 35-60 foot one. This will be a home for two people and possibly three small pets. To anyone who has owned and possibly living on a ship what would you recommend? I have been looking at steel monohulls and some fiberglass catamarans.
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Stay away from steel. Get a survey. Cats generally have more room, shallower draft, and are quicker, but more expensive to buy and maintain. Diesel engines are better than outboards for long distance stuff. Are you planning on travelling with it?
Yes we want it to travel around the world. Maybe have some space to transport people.
from the questions you are asking - don't. i can tell you're clueless and this will be a complete disaster for you.

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Here's the lowdown.This is more of a question for stoners than a question for travellers. I'm a complete newfag when it comes to getting high.

I'm travelling to Amsterdam for a few days with friends. Plan on getting high with them. I've smoked weed twice before but it wasn't mine and I didn't roll it or anything.

My question is how do I not look like a complete retard when I'm getting this stuff. I don't want to sound like some dumb tourist "Hurr i'd like 3 marijuanas please.". I'd rather just get a brownie, but I don't know how many to get of that either or how expensive it should be. Is there certain things you should/shouldn't do while getting weed or a brownie? Are the staff used to tourists who don't know what to pick?
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I've been to Amsterdam. Getting high is easy there. Walk into a coffee shop with your i.d and buy a prerolled joint. Take a few hits then put it out. Wait like 15 minutes and repeat! The key is to not smoke it all at once.
>The key is to not smoke it all at once.

I really enjoy the cupcakes in Barney's on Haarlemmerstraat. It is safer to smoke, though, it's easier to control the amount you put in your body. I just don't like to smoke, so I mostly go for the cupcakes/muffins.
Others I found not to be that reliable, the quality was fluctuating quite a bit, Barney's seems to bake with consistently good stuff.

A lot of people browse the menu, so just walk in to any store, look at the menu (will be placed on the bar, maybe on the walls). Read through it in your own pace, don't rush. There will be amounts listed eg. grams or pieces of joints.

You can look online for the prices.

/QTDDTOT/ - Version #15159

Old thread died so I'm starting a new one. I'll start by asking: what are some nice cities in Europe to spend some time in that WON'T be fully booked for July already? I've tried finding an apartment in some of the bigger cities in Europe (Budapest, Prague, London, etc.) and they're all booked for a large amount of days.

Any less known but equally beautiful cities that won't be booked to hell for July/August?
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Find tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Don't bother with London, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, etc.
What do you mean by tier 2 and tier 3 cities? Also, it would be nice if they have a main airport, because I'm scared of getting lost with the public transportation.

Probably the capitals of less touristy countries and regional capitals in some of the more popular countries.

What kind of activities do you like doing? Then we might be able to suggest some.

Anyone ever do long distance train rides? USA or otherwise. Hows the sleeper cabins?
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I did an overnight "hard class" train ride in China -- one of the best things I did there.

The guy who had booked tickets for our group was one short, has to grab a last minute ticket and oft Class as sold out.

Just hanging out with "just folks," and not a tourist or accommodation to Westerners in sight. One guy works at a factory that had the same name as the football team whose logo was on my shirt and he thought that was hilarious and we were brothers for the rest of the trip. A bunch of student teachers coming home from a holiday wanted to share all the "Chinese snacks" they were bringing home from where ever they'd been. A couple had a kid studying abroad at a university about a hundred miles from my house.

Once everybody decided that having the foreign barbarian in hard class was OK, we had a wonderful time.

As far as "cabins," those were up with the rest of my group in Soft Class. We had a bunk-room, basically, and we also had a big old time.
I've done it several occasions on the trains in Europe. Longest overnight I did was Prague to Zurich, it was a 16 hour trip. It's a great way to kill two birds with one stone though, you get your transportation and accommodation for a night. I would get the cheapest ticket which would be the 6 bunk room. They can be a little cramped but it's fine for a night, I don't really have any cool stories about meeting people on the trains though.

I live in Oregon and have to go to Chicago a couple times a year for family stuff. I would like to take the train one of these times and get one of the nicer private rooms even though I heard it's retarded expensive.
Overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was very nice/clean, they get hand-me-down used trains from Japan, and actually do a pretty good job keeping them tidy.

The long-distance train rides I've taken in China have been pretty nasty. Very dirty sleeping area, sheets never changed, dry spit and boogers on the wall by your face, overflowing toilets and shit and piss water on the floor, smell of instant noodles everywhere else. So I guess it depends on the country.

Tell me where to go next to experience the most culture shock. I will only have 9-11 days including transit days. I will give you some history about myself.

>Have visited China, Thailand, Cambodia
>also visited Russia, ukraine, georgia
>leaving from the east coast of the US (probably IAD)

I have really liked all of the Asian Countries I have visited because they were so much different than home, however there are also some unique differences with east europe.

I am thinking India would be the best bet for transit time as well as just how different it is compared to the US. I was also thinking about Vietnam/Laos or Indonesia. However somewhere like Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan would also be very interesting. What does /trv/ think?
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>culture shock
>few tourist
Central Asia.
If you have the money, consider Bhutan. If you don't have the money, consider Nepal (aka Bhutan Liteā„¢).
What about Bhutan is expensive?
Food, lodging and transport aka everything?

Continental Europe:
>Double decker trains
>High speed
>All over the country
>Underground connected with trams
>Cycling routes
>Wide streets

>Constant delays
>Single decker trains
>Restricted access to less populated regions
>No trams
>Underground is shit outside of London
>Not efficient like other countries
>Zero cycling routes
>Tight roads
>Potholes everywhere
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File: britain.png (367KB, 2182x1116px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>Zero cycling routes
> In England, the EV5 is complete.
> As of January 2014, the EV5 in France is only complete in the eastern section.
> As of January 2014, the EV5 in Belgium is partially complete.
> As of January 2014, the EV5 in Luxembourg is still in development.
> In Switzerland, the EV5 is complete.
> As of January 2014, the EV5 in Italy is largely incomplete.

As an Italian let me point out:
> very fast banking, usually few minutes
> mostly free banking
> no identity cards for citizens; no need to register when moving address

> SEPA takes 1 day at least
> potholes galore in Italy and Germany
> mostly banking you pay for, Italian government used to charge me 40 a year per account, in addition to the bank's charges
> must register new address at communal or district offices, Italians must inform AIRE of address changes if living "abroad"

Yeah there are good things and bad things about each country, but let's not exagerate.
>> very fast banking, usually few minutes
>> mostly free banking
>> no identity cards for citizens; no need to register when moving address
Their bank system is completely trash and fucked

I spent a year working there and every bank in the city refused me to open an account. I even went to my nations bank that hosted a local office and they still refused me.

Even with the head of office together talking to the bank (they knew about eachother already) they refused me and he had to wire shit to my home country every month. Luckily I could bind a paypal for all online needs and use my visa&mastercard for all other shit.

/trv/ what do you think about Malaysia ? Is it worth going to ?
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I visited some islands and Kuala Lumpur a few times. Not many places to eat on the smaller islands and the service is pretty bad, like wait an hour for toast, reheated mushy food other customers left on their plate, surly staff. Traveled all around Borneo, rooms were pretty clean, prices were just ok. Can get nice rooms in KL for fairly cheap. KL is mostly Arabs and Indians. Muslim country so don't expect any of the excitement of Thai cities. Nature is pretty standard SE Asian stuff, orangutan sanctuary was pretty nice, and we saw some elephants in the water when we took a boat up the river on Borneo.

Overall I'd describe Malaysia as very generic. It's like the Germany of SE Asia. When you get back and people ask how your trip was, you'll say "it was fine".
I think Georgetown has some of the best food in the world. Malacca has good food too, and is quite charming (though very touristic). Cameron Highlands are nice if you want beautiful but accessible and easy-to-hike nature.

Overall, I would say that the western half of Malaysia (that's the only half I've been to) is good, but not amazing... but if you're a foodie, it's absolutely brilliant (that's the reason I loved it so much). Hitchhiking is also easy too, if that's your thing (which you can't say for most of SE Asia)...
Worked and traveled there for 2 months. For things to do, the colonial history and the nature are probably the best. Malaysia had my favorite hikes and my favorite beaches.
As for the people, expect a Western mindset unless you get out into the underdeveloped areas. People are shy and keep to themselves until you initiate conversation.
Speaking of Western, the main cities are super developed and will feel very like home at times. It was really nice for me when I was 3 months deep traveling SEA and missed some of my modern luxuries. KL is the best shopping you can get, it is the main shipping hub for anything international.
As for food, the demographic of Malaysia is something like 1/3 Malaysia, 1/3 Indian, 1/3 Chinese. So the food will reflect this. Overall good food with a wide selection.

Honestly I really liked it. The people were so great once you got to know them and the nature is divine. It's so easy to travel in and the modern culture is pretty unique, since the country struggles with being a Muslim country with huge amounts of western influence and diversity. Looking back, Malaysia was what I wanted Thailand to be. An easy to travel SEA country to get my feet wet with travel. Malaysia had less tourists and more genuine locals, and the travelers were a bit more mature. And less whores, which may be good for you or not. Overall 9/10, will work there again.

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Motorcycle tent traveling?
Have you done it?
Pro tips are welcome.
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Make sure to get a big enough bike, tent and your own luggage can struggle to fit easily on lots of bikes.

Also get up some experience first if you have none, driving with weight on the back can make it more difficult for learners and there's a higher chance you may drop the bike.
This is the bike have right now it's no tourer, but has enough power for highway. My only grip is with the wind going over 140 km/h and my butt hurt. Would an aftermarket screen help much? I'm on a student budget and a week of free time. I'm more looking maybe in to what gear to get for camping and riding.
bandit 250 will be plenty powerful enough and is also lightweight which is great.

find a way to securely tie luggage onto your pillion seat. tying things to the plastic fenders alone wont be enough to properly ensure it wont move around or come off. Tying to the pillion footpeg mounts is a good idea, or finding a way to tie down to your rear subframe. From what i can see online, the bandit should have some tie down rails which are welded to the subframe and provide an awesome place to tie down on. Use tie down straps which have a ratchet or a metal lock which allows for you to put a high tension on the strap and make it secure.

As for the tent, makes sure you get a good waterproof tent large enough for 2-3 people, even if you are alone. You might want to bring a friend, or have space to secure your belongings at night. Make sure you invest in an inflatable camping mattress as you will need good rest after riding all day which will fatigue your muscles. Also if you live in a cold climate, buy a good sleeping bag rated well below the lowest temperatures you may encounter.

Otherwise, pack lightly, ensure you take extra water and a backpack that you can keep your expensive items in so you dont have to leave them vulnerable on a bike. Also make sure you have a rain jacket and rain pants large enough to fit over your motorcycle gear so you can ride in the rain without being too uncomfortable.

lastly, dont bother with an aftermarket screen. It will help but only for so much. Just stay at 100kmph and the wind wont be that bad anyway. Spend the money on an oil, oil filter, coolant, brake fluid, spark plug and chain grease change. This will help to make sure your bike is running well and wont leave you stranded.

I will spend 2 weeks in Minsk with my girlfriend. Other than some cultural attractions in that city, I hardly have any idea what is worth seeing or doing in Belarus. I have found some medieval castles and such historical attractions. We are not interested in night life, but I am open to suggestions about some nice pubs and such.

As my stay will be long, I am thinking of visiting some other cities in Belarus, which ones would be worth visiting and spending some time?

Any experiences from the related country is appreciated.

P.S: There is no language barrier for me to do things in Belarus.
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Belarus has some nice nature, esp near the polish border. I think brest is the best city to visit, it is like being in the ussr.

Minsk has a nice museam on local art, but other than that is a bit of a mess.

Does your girlfriend speak (belo)russian?
It is kind of unfortunate that the distance between Brest and Minsk is quite a lot. And yes, she is a native Russian speaker. I speak it to some certain level.

What do you mean by a bit of mess? I realized after checking metro line, transportation of Minsk is primitive compared to Moscow and Kiev. Do you mean infrastructural problems like that, or some other issues?

By the way, are you a local, if not which places did you visit in Belarus before?
I have been to belarus before, also with a native russian speaker.

I stayed in a city called Baranavitsjy It was between minsk and brest. Those are the main things i visited. The main thing i wanted to see was the forrest betwen poland and belarus. It was very much worth it, such a lovely forrest.

I think brest has the most pleasant atmosphere. Minsk has no real atmosphere. The problem it does not really have a history as a capital city. I feels abit like a soulless city. Its hard to explain but it did not feel like a capital city.

I found belarus to be super interesting, but there are not alot of huge sights like in russia or ukraine. Everything was so different for me (dutch guy) that every small thing was interesting.

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people you'd like to go on a trip with
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reviewbrah, alex jones and trump.
robert byron, god how i wish i knew people like him today.

>restaurant hopping with reviewbrah
>hit the bars later
>he pulls mad pussy and I go home alone

I wouldn't even be mad.

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I'm an African American and want to go traveling through Europe. Are there thingsi should know traveling abroad as a black man? Countries to stay away from?
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avoid Eastern europe, anything behind the iron curtain
We don't give a shit about your skin colour, just behave and mind your own business. You can go wherever you want in the EU, no problem.
>iron curtain
It's not 1945 dude,
OP, Don't listen to this guy.

If you are actually an African-American and not shitposting, travel where ever you like. Just be respectful of where you are and don't act like an idiot.

Some parts of Polish rural areas are a bit xenophobic but it's to be expected, if you show that you're not going to be an ass then everything's fine.

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Planning a trip for the end of Europe's tourist season with a sizeable group.

Considering either Sicily, Budapest, or Croatia.

I really like Sicily, but I heard that there are too many migrants. Is it even safe there anymore?

Redpill me, anons, and give me more info when possible. Also tell me of the best points of interest, even those off the beaten path, because I know that Siracusa is pretty (did I spell that right?), and Palermo is awesome. However, I only know that Croatia has lovely beaches (Split), and Hungary is very nice.
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Go back to /pol/ with your memes.
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Shareblue works on /trv too?
Why would sicily not be safe?

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Asian American CHAD here with disposable income. Where should I travel to, I have a decent amount of disposable income from my investments. Looking for a risky place to travel to...
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>Looking for a risky place to travel to...
go back to the country your parents thought was too shitty to live in
do everyone a favor and travel back in time to the north tower at 5am local time 09.11.2001, await further instructions
So if a man of Portuguese descent was born in Macau, then moved to the US and became a citizen would you also call him "Asian-American"?
>falling for the wordjew
proper term is chinaman! REEEEEEE

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