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2018 trip.png
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Planning a cross country trip for next summer and really want to see all the major parks. Think this is doable? Would be 2 people, driving a rental car there and then flying back. Will all the driving and short visits make us miserable? Also, any suggestions about the parks or other stops to think about?
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You better like driving, because that's what you'll be doing ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Seriously, not spending at least a few days in each of those parks is a total waste.
If there is no other reason to fly into one coast and out of the other coast like making a delivery, Americans wouldn't at all plan a cross country trip. Never. Pick different airports to go in/out and see something more meaningful than hours of highway of nothing.
The right way to see the US is dividing the US into about 8 regions and only exploring one, maybe two, of them, usually restricted to one coast. The Southwest is a highlight for you, and you can see a lot of good things in that region from CA to NV, AZ, UT and maybe CO. If you want to squeeze in Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Glacier, on top of the Southwest maybe you should focus on the pacific northwest with Pacific Coast highway

Well, I think it's good you are thinking about this a year in advance.
The major theme parks can require 1-2 years of planning if you intend to go in the height of summer due to crowds that fill up every hotel room. Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Glacier, this is how it will be. Families are booking rooms right now, especially for the inside-the-park lodges which are wonders. You can see half of Grand Canyon lodges are sold out in July. Why would you stay there inside a park? Well, it might be lots of driving to get close to the center of nature, the waterfalls, views and sights that the park is known for, so outside of camping, you lose time in lines at gates and getting down the congested roads to the highlights. Some of what you want to see in the SW are single day adventures, but most people want 3-5 days in each of those big parks.

You could dump your car and fly to a different city at any time, too.
>You better like driving, because that's what you'll be doing ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Seriously, not spending at least a few days in each of those parks is a total waste

Honestly I don't think I'd want to stay in these places if there are as many tourists as people say. Yellowstone seems to offer authentic wilderness experience like Rome offers authentic Italian experience. There better places to go for that. But I think Yellowstone does have things awesome enough to be worth going to see even if it's just for a couple hours, same as with Rome and the Coloseum or Sistine Chapel.

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Hello everyone.

It's our final group game in a few hours time. After a 1-0 win over /jp/ and a 0-0 draw with /po/ we sit top of Group D. We've struggled with scoring but our defence had been resolute, and that will have to continue against a meaner team in /vr/ tonight.

It's simple, win or draw and we're in the knockouts definitely. On a loss there's even a slight chance of progression, but I don't want it coming to that.

Stream, teams and schedule are all on the wiki:

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Feeling a 1-0 win from Karl
Hoping for a fun game.
Hoping for 0-0. Then we would advance as the top of the group without having scored a single goal.

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I have been told you can rent a scooter in Italy even if your driver's license only allows you to drive a car. Has anyone done this before?
I'd like to rent on in Catania and drop it of in Palermo.
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have you ever ridden a motorcycle before?

do note that if you have an accident, you will have to pay damages for your own health, the person you hit's health, their property and the hire scooters property. No insurance will cover you if you aren't a licenced rider in your home country.

Also, sicily has shocking drivers who are very impatient. If you've never ridden id highly recommend not doing this.

if youre going to do it anyway, take the time to learn in quiet park lot and get used to the brakes especially, as well as being spacially aware around you. Then keep out of peak hours as much as you can.
I think you can drive a scooter with a car licence in the whole EU
welcome to europe.
where a car liscense counts for scooter to.
Not motorcycles though

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copypasting my post from /int/
I'm currently studying in Bangkok and looking for some weed. I know that I can get some on Kao San road or just ask random taxi guys, but usually they stuff is expensive and shitty + I don't need a one time thing, I want a dealer I can always text to. I did ask in my uni, but the guys I asked do not respond me for a few days now and my previous dealer quit. I'm thinking about finding some locals via tinder and asking them, but I'm not so sure about that idea.
So I'm wondering if /trv/ can help with advice maybe? Where should I look? Is there thai deepweb sites that are not in thai?
[spoiler][email protected] my email if someone feels like sharing his dealer with me[/spoiler]
[spoiler]also, I now there is no way prooving you that I'm not a cop except posting pic of my white face, but I won't do that here, on 4chan, so if you want to share, but afraid that I may be a cop, contact me and I'll send you my pic with timestamp[/spoiler]
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Don't want to support the police
Don't buy weed in BKK dude. No, you won't get sent away for a long time, but you could get six months, have to pay a shit-load of bribes, get raped by other prisoners etc.

If you necessarily want to smoke in Thailand, find a remote island with an even further remote beach. Try to get a vibe for if the owners pay off the cops or not.

Or just leave for Cambodia or Vietnam. Chill a bit. IMO better countries anyway (I don't need shiny things).
Thanks for your concern, I know it's risky (just like everywhere else), but I'm willing to take the risk. Also, I'm a student so travelling to an island and back just for a bag of weed is a bit expensive for me.

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When you meet people while travelling there's always the same old conversation
>oh where've you been?
>oh where are you going?
>oh yeah I've been there!
I mean, it's unavoidable but it's sort of like talking about the weather and usually the conversation never bridges any further, is anyone else sick of it?
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No because I'm not an autist.

This is just how conversations work anon, you could substitute travel with anything, work, weather, TV, books, movies, food, cars, drugs etc.

>what sort of music do you like?
>some unnecessarily specific sub-genre
>oh like The ____?
>Yeah m8 I love them
>I only like their first album
>I'm going to see them live in September

Have you never talked to people?
Damn, your life must be total shit. Have you seriously never had a real conversation with somebody? Consider this: YOU'RE the autist because apparently you've never realized there's more to social interaction than those convos. Must suck.

Yeah, we're all tired of it. But that's how it goes. The people you meet while travelling are not your friends, you're not going to have deep, meaningful conversations with them. Just don't try to engage. Nod once or twice, say "cool," and save your social skills for people you care about.
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Invite people out to drink or bring a deck of cards or boardgame with you if you have the space. You'll find it much easier to meet people that way.

You're doing travel wrong if you're not treating it like an ephemeral thing. You'll likely never see them again so if you fuck up its nbd. Ask them the craziest things you can think of and unless there's a cultural boundary or it doesn't translate well they're unlikely to shut you out. You're the only one who can make it interesting.

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new shoes.jpg
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>graduating college next year
>getting money grant from grandma
>dad matching my savings
>all that money, maybe 3-4k, for a trip

I was thinking of going to eastern europe or south east asia and buying a cheap honda c-90 and just cruising through the country side. Are there any good countries where that would be possible?

Also taking any suggestions on routes or places to start/end
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Good bike taste my friend
I would suggest driving from europe to asia, bur not everyone has the stomache for that

Lastyear i bought a royal enfield in india, and drove it to amsterdam, via iran pakistan turkey etc

Best thing i have ever done
Eastern Europe + Austria and Croatia
Safe, clean and you won't get mugged
>Lastyear i bought a royal enfield in india, and drove it to amsterdam, via iran pakistan turkey etc

pls tell me more.

i would be very interested in doing this in the future.

how did you find crossing the borders and how did you buy the bike and ensure you legally owned it and had it registered?

For those of you who have visited, what is Madrid like?
I have the opportunity to study abroad for college, and the very few options I have are programs in Aarhus, Seoul, or Madrid.
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It's a Spainish meme city, only the smaller towns are worth visiting.
Why do you think Madrid is a meme city?
I'm currently in Madrid , staying in the center of the city. And yeah , it feels like any other city. Except there are a bunch of people speaking Spanish. Visit Tolero, about an hour away , for a more Spanish feel

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Iv just had a manic depressive episode and my gf left me here in Florida... i need some help I'm stuck at a campsite...
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Just be yourself, m8.
Iv got a half bag of charcoal I can give to someone for helping out. I don't have any money.
You'll fit right in.

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Do u guys live in a slum too?
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I don't think it's safe to loiter in a favella alley without carrying a proper slingblade
Hahaha, i live near this favela (and i've maked the photos hidden in the bus)
i like traveling to Brazil but i avoid favelas just not into slum tourism to feel bad or whatever or feel like i'm helping them by doing nothing

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Hey /trv/
I'm trying to spend two weeks in the Ukraine in October. Besides my flight (950$) does anyone have a rough estimate of how much to budget ?
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I can tell you about prices in Ukraine __for locals__, but if you are american or european from EU - prices __for you__ will be x3 or x4 from usual prices for locals. Because for ukrainians "tourist from the 'golden milliard' coutries" = "white monkey with a lot of dollars". Even if for me price in taxi will be $5 - for you it will be $50.

**Local prices:**
1) rent an apartment in big city(~1mln people) - $150-$200 per month(bills not included and may be up to $200 per month)
2) rent a room in big city - $80-$100 per month
3) 1liter of milk - $1
4) bread $0.5 per item
5) single bus or metro ticket - $0.2
6) bottle of beer - $1

Average salary in big cities in Ukraine - $200-$400 per month.

*russian guy from Kharkov*
>Average salary in big cities in Ukraine - $200-$400 per month.

I make about $600/month here in the US.
Are you kiddin me? If no, why did you work in USA only for $600 per month? In Ukraine ukrainian state propaganda said that in USA people usually earn $5000-$10000 per month? Is it true?

*russian guy from Kharkov*

I've been in japan for a year and a half now and am finally going back to visit home for a couple of weeks.

What should I expect? Is it gonna be different or is everything gonna be the same as when I left?
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Where is "home"?
London UK
>Is it gonna be different or is everything gonna be the same as when I left?

Oh man, you are one of us now. Time actually stopped while you were in Japan. Most people don't know this because they have never visited, but yes, time came to a halt. Nothing has changed back at home. They literally froze in place when you left and when you return they will unfreeze. Just be ready for a lot of "you look so old all of a sudden comments" and don't talk about how you took a trip to Japan or you will be committed into an insane asylum full of other people that made that mistake.

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Best parts of America for experiencing its diverse landscape and aesthetic scenery unique to different sates?

For example, I really want to see Montana and hike in the mountains and national parks. Where else? The southern parts of America with desert towns; California hills and scenery; Florida's south American vibe and hot/tropical weather; etc.

Any specific places? I'm not that interested in big cities with the usual downtown and shopping strips.
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Moab, Utah and Sedona, Arizona are amazing places for the desert flavor you seek
If you're willing for something a little more wet tropical and not desert-y, New Orleans and the plantation areas in Louisiana are beautiful and lively. Lots of interesting Just spent a week there. Met a guy who was taking his pet crawfish for a walk in a park. Stay in the French Quarter and other tourist friendly areas though
If you want a landscape different from those listed so far, I would recommend the Shenandoah Valley (in western Virginia). Open fields in the valley, deciduous forests on the surrounding mountains. For hiking, you can go up to Shenandoah National Park, on the Blue Ridge.

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I've gonna have about 8-9 hours to kill in Nashville this Saturday before a wedding. Never been to the city before - any recommendations? Looking for anything, places to eat, bars to drink, local oddities, etc
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unrelated but i will never find the '100% Jeb' memes not funny

also i dunno about nashville but i want to get smashed and go to dollywood
If only I had the time, anon. My gfs family lives right by Dollywood but we're only in Nashville for the weekend

Nashville native. There's no oddities. Just do the normal tourist bullshit and go to Broadway and go to the bars, listen to some music and drink overpriced beer.

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Not sure if this is a question for /out/ or /trv/. Please let me know if this is the wrong place for it.

I've got a cool half million saved up and I'm looking to move to the country. I've had this ideal in my head for quite some time now, and I wanna know where the best places to settle are. Pic related is kinda what I'm looking for. Any ideas?
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wat country
USA, most likely, but I'm willing to move wherever if it let's me live out my old-fashioned lifestyle
I'd look into east Canada and Scandinavia, but it can get really cold there.

Hello, hello
I wanna go from Iquitos to Manaus via the amazon river. I would really like to hear from anyone with any experience or just some general knowledge.

Also Amazon\Brazil\Peru general
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Not really possible unless you are planning an expedition.

Huge distances
Dangerous animals
No infrastructure
Crossing borders
Protected villages

It is about 900 miles (1400 km)
You could do it, but not as a local

I have done lima to iquitos by boat, it took about 6 days. It was awsome, in the middle of the amazon forrest with locals on a boat.

I can recommend that.

But iquotos to manaus is one of those "sounds cool but would end in a wet lonely disseased hunger death" trips
Beware the candiru fish: It can enter in your urethra and you can lose your penis.
you can ride cargoboats iquitos-tabatinga (brazilian border)-manaus

you'll probably end up paying extra as a foreigner, but you can sit in a hammock for days on a shitty boat, it's authentic if that's what you want

should probably try planning a shorter ride first to see if you like it


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