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I'm thinking of moving to Miami Florida to finish my studies and am looking for apartment to stay at.
After looking at some links in your Pined thread I found this link:
and came to the conclusion that Liberty city might be a good place for my budget.
I thought that the name was a little weird(why would they name a city after a GTA game) so I looked it up but it appears to be more like San Andreas that Liberty City.
I'm not dark skinned and I'm worried that I might get robbed, killed or worse while in a black neighborhood.

So my question is:
Do any of you know any other places 1hr or less from the airport that I could stay at for $750 or less a month that won't pose a thread to someone who's a little lighter skinned?
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Florida ghettos are pretty bad. Inquire locally.
This. I'd call businesses nearby or local realtors..
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Will they really answer truthfully if I ask them a question like that?

>Hello is that neighborhood a shithole?
>Hell no, we love whities.
>Ok, thanks.
>Guys, prepare for the hunt.

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Traveling is for normies with money. I am jealous of people who travel.
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...he writes on his Razr keyboard with his Alienware computer before returning to morning sex with his $15,000 love doll.
Aren't you on neetbux? Save, travel locally.
Travelling can easily cost less than $150 per week. Save some money and it's so simple. I recently travelled around Europe for 11 weeks and it cost me just over $2000 for everything, and I was drinking 2-4 times a week and eating out the majority of the time. I couchsurfed a fair amount but I never hitchiked.

Is it true that Istanbul is the best/most amazing city from the muslim world ?

Probably the only one (outside Turkey) where you don't have hordes of sellers and weird people following you around as well trying to haggle.
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Istzanbul is actually Constantinople. The old capital of the antique Byzantine empire. That's why it is so amazing.
some cool old architecture and music, and some nice food. but it's kinda cold. you will feel unwelcome.
The rest got bombed to hell and the cool stuff in Istanbul wasn't built by turks. So why not.

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Hey /trv/, I've got a few questions that maybe you guys can answer without me having to call immigration office.

I'm an american looking to move to canada, and while I've done a lot of research online recently, there is a lot of conflicting information. This also goes when asking the couple canadians I'm friends with, but I wouldn't expect them to be experts on moving to their own country.

So, how hard/easy is it, aside from the paperwork and general hoops to jump through, how hard would it be to land a job before moving, etc etc?

My reasons for moving are mostly unrelated to current politics, i'm not scared of trump.
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>how hard would it be to land a job before moving, etc etc?

It's a big country, economy is doing ok (but just), east coast is poor, central and west are doing alright, Alberta is dealing with recession.

PR is granted on a points-based system. You get more points for being younger, bilingual, well-educated in a desirable field, and employed in a needed industry. Your post provides none of that.

And no, don't get your hopes up that you'll arrive, land a job at GameStop and suddenly find yourself a citizen. You're competing against Iranian doctors and Indian engineers, as the days where being from a similar country got you preference are long gone.

In my experience it's essentially impossible.

Two of my friends (married, both under 30, with masters degrees in geology, living in Alberta), applied for permanent residency after living as students for four years, then working for another two years. It took them 1 year to hear back from the Canadian government and both were rejected.

I'm an international myself (English), and I've only ever heard of other Commonwealth'ers getting PR after a similar experience as above (4 years school + 2 year work visa).

That being said it might be different for other provinces, or if you are bilingual. Maybe one of the best bets is speaking French then applying for school in Quebec, apparently that's an easier way, though I only know this from hearsay.
>aside from the paperwork and general hoops to jump through, how hard would it be to land a job before moving

Do you have a in demand masters? If no, incredibly. Canada has a reciprocal working visa for under 30s with a bunch of countries. America isn't part of this. So the crappy jobs can just employ other foreigners and do less paperwork.

What's your education and current employment?

Is right about French. On you immigration point system, 20/100 is from being fluent in one of the official languages, and there's another 10 from speaking a second.

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je suis un ananas.jpg
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I'm spending roughly 54 days in western europe with at least 3 weeks of that being in Paris

I goofed financially and I'm going to end up only have 53 euro a day in my budget

how fucked am I
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It's easily doable if you manage them well
20 for accomodation in hostels
10 for food (sanwiches, cook your own and the occasional cheap restaurant)
13 transportation
10 miscellanous (tickets, booze etc)
You are absolutely fine. I did that on 30 euros per day. Couchsurfing will save A LOT of money, especially in places like Paris.


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I turn 30 this year. My birthday is in October, and I want to go to Boracay.

Here's the dilemma: I know October is the best time for sunsets, I'm just worried about weather being shit/white beach not being idyllic, as it's still low season.

Is the weather and water in October decent or should I just wait until Christmas and New Years?

Also Philippines general, I guess.
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It's pretty decent, except for all 30 year old douches there
Yeah, fuck those 30 year olds
They're shitting up the place
Why would you want to go to Boracay? Go to Siargao or Palawan instead.

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I'm pissed off right now because of an asshole at the airport

>be me
>at airport with mom, going to see my sister in cali
>walking in line to go to security
>guy asks me to stick my hands out
>wipes my hands with small tan wipe
>he looks at a cut on my wrist from a branch
>feels around the cut to apparently "check for anything in it"
>go to the scanner thing that does the full body scan
>lady asks me to step out, making no hand sign which way
>try to leave but she pushes me out the other way
>they calibrate the thing
>she waves for me to come in
>walk in
>guy yells for me to get out
>walk out again
>he comes to me pissed
>"sir you have to be patient your just being a disrupt to the line"
>he's pissy
>say back obviously pissed "hey fuck you she waved me in twice"
>he screams at me
>"get over here were doing a full search"
>he takes me to the side room and pats me down and scans me
>my mother is confused
>guy yells at me again "listen lard ass, don't be a dick to an authority again"
>I'm chubby and 6'3
>say back "well sorry you have to work a shitty job here cause you couldn't do well in school"
>he's fuming
>walk away feeling like a God
>now eating Pizza at the food court with my mom, laughing about it

Any other stories you guys have? Pic unrelated, it's my dog Baxter
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Sounds like TSA. Those people get angry at passengers when they break the rules because all those cameras in the check point are actually watching the employees, not the passengers.

If the cameras catches an employee skipping a step of the procedure or doing it wrong they can be fired on the spot.

Still, they shouldn't treat people like cattle.
What so the little hand wipes do? I have only encountered it in the Prague airport when my metal boots kept setting off the security machine. They wiped my hands and the inside of my carry on bag then just threw it away.
The wipes are supposed to catch any microscopic explosive material residue and the machine they place the wipes into scans for the materials.

The problem is that some of the explosive material the machine scans for are also found in gardening, landscaping or bullets.

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Any manlets here had any experience solo travelling? What's it like? I'm 5.8ft for reference.
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i'm 5'6'', went 2 months alone to germany.

Trip was great, made a lot of friends, but i never had any hope on banging someone, as 13 years olds were already taller than me, I tried but got rejected by a girl smaller than me and decided to just enjoy the sights instead.
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>a lot of girls on me
>most of them are so short I have to lean/be uncomfortable when hugging

why do I even bother
What difference do you think height makes when it comes to travel?

The only thing I can think of is having more space in airplanes and on buses.

Does /trv/ use this site? I find it intriguing and yet sketchy as fuck. Has anyone had experience with hosting?
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I live in Europe and hosted two US girls for two nights. They were really happy and everything worked out fine.
Hosted 2 guys, 2 girls, everyone on seperate occasions. Was fun, would do it more if I wasn't so busy. I keep in touch with two of them.

Also looking forward to couchsurfing myself when I go travelling later this year
> that pic
have you ever been so fucked up on cocaine that you put montreal in the northwest territories?

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>Go to Empire State rooftop
>Go to 9/11 ground zero
>Take Staten Island ferry
>Go to Bronx zoo

>Travel by subway

Please add some other fine places.
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I had an enjoyable walk along the Coney Island beach when I went.

Yeah, that place seems cute in [spoiler]Cloverfield.[/spoiler]
Central Park

Also I'm jealous as fuck and plan to live in NYC within 3 years

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So I'll be in Brussels for a week with limited free time (early morn and late evening). Any suggestions on what to do? Love a good beer and some history but open to most things. Any local tips?
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right next to the Nord train station, rue d'Aerschoot, romanian prostitutes 40EUR fuck&suck 15min
oh and try a waffle from a yellow van (those are the best)
Molenbeek is fun

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>Locals being priced out by the proliferation of rental apartments for tourists, like AirBnB

>Polls show they consider tourism a worse problem than poverty

>Tourists over-crowding working-class neighborhoods with noise, drinking and vulgarity

>Famous market La Boquería is too crowded to even shop there now (I've personally noticed similar in Pike Market Place in Seattle).

How does /trv/ feel about this? On one hand I can sympathize with Barcelona residents that their city is being stolen from them. On the other hand, I find it laughable that they consider affluent tourists a problem while they are importing uneducated and impoverished Africans and Arabs. Their economy would be in the gutter without tourism.

For those interested, there is a good Youtube documentary at the bottom of the article about the issue.
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Why don't they just move to suburbs/non touristic districts?
I live in a city centre of a rather big city in italy and i appreciate seeing all the tourists roaming around, they bring money and jobs.
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>Why don't they just move to suburbs/non touristic districts?

Why should they be forced to move? Barcelona's most famous tourist attraction, La Sagrada Familia, is located in a residential neighborhood. But it's impossible for locals to park their car or even drive out of their house as the streets surrounding the cathedral are full of buses of Chinese tourists blocking the way. Even simple chores like grocery shopping must be a major pain.

I'm not sure what city in Italy you live in, but Venice didn't feel like a living, breathing city imo. More like a theme park. I don't expect /trv/ to agree with me as they are part of the problem.
unemployed retards showing the world why they are unemployed: they are idiots.
Nothing to see here, OP.

I'll be going to New York in may for my first time (From Sweden).

I'll be living at 96th street, Upper East Side through air bnb.

I notice when I look at google maps that it borders right next to Harlem (Or rather, East Harlem if there's a big difference).

Is it a safe area? I'll be carrying my camera bag around as I'm gonna photograph a whole lot, and I don't want to get stabbed by a crackhead when I go home for the day.

Also, what other parts of New York should I avoid?
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Same rules as in Sweden, don't talk to anyone who isn't white. Italians are OK though

Not even Asians? Asians are safe to talk to here.
To be fair though, the only people I will talk to will probably be strangers for directions when it comes to out on the street, other than that I guess I'll talk to somebody who works in the subway for directions and people in the pub when I go out at night.
Why are you even asking? Your shouldn't know your country is a Muslim Harlem

Hello. In three months I will have for the first time a trip to Germany/Münich. It is an exchange trip. All my friends and relatives are excited that I will go to that land but for me is a little bit different.
Now, my biggest fear when I arrive there is that now that the migrant crisis is there I fear that people will look at me like another immigrant that is there to cause trouble and being a nuisance. I speak german more than enough, I know the history, the customs etc.. I do not want them to look at me like that, I am not even neither muslim or arab, and I want to show that I am trustworthy, someone that comes here to study and meet and not to rob or cause trouble, so the experience can be more pleasant and even start new friends there. I am nervous due to this. Any tips to show them that i can be trusted and friendly? How I can be friends with them without being cringy or weird? any advice of what I should do once and behave I arrive to Münich?
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wearing an eye patch will not help
Where are you from?

Munich is quite conservative and staid by German standards, although it is loose and liberal by Bavarian standards... Anyway, my advice would be to not hang around at train stations all day smoking, in packs with 12 other of your teenage Arab friends and leering and making sounds at women all day. Also, don't grope them or rape them. .

If you look foreign, well... Germany is a little inherently racist like most of the world. If you don't look white, yes, you will be treated different, if only in subtle ways (open direct racism is rare). I am American, white, blend in easy here, but whenever I speak German (only a light accent) or it comes out that I'm not German somehow, the difference in treatment is always there. People will doubt your German ability and speak broken English to you (if they bother to stop and speak to you at all) until you speak it flawlessly. Then they will comment that your German isn't bad for a foreigner, and tease you for ever minor mistake that even they themselves make.

Young people and students are generally open to foreigners though, as Germans have a very strong case of cultural cringe and love to hate anything to do with their history (which let's be honest, is full of misery and violence). Bavarians are generally among the most tradition-minded Germans though, even if they've commercialized the ever-living fuck out of Lederhosen and Oktoberfest and what not.

You could wear Bayern fan apparel, if you can hold your nose enough to do so, and don't mind looking like every other faggot. Drink beer, eat pork, talk about football, be punctual for everything, you'll be fine.
You'll be fine. Especially as an exchange student at a university. The only thing you should worry about are the rents in Munich

and fyi it's Munich in English and München in German

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1091402
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First for tokyo is a meme city
Anyone going to Tokyo on 6th of may or later on? I'll be leaving from Romania or Hungary.

How's this spot? I'll be 2 weeks in Tokyo.
https://goo doo.oot gl/KYEo1y
Post a valid url you mongoloid.

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