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So, which is the greatest city?

London or New York?
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Tokyo squashes both, easily.

But if I had to rank them, it would be a very close London over New York.
New York is the most superlative city in the word.
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Hey /trv/. I posted a thread a while back asking for info on Suriname and the other Guianas. Some anons asked to post a thread when I got back, which I'm doing now. I'll be uploading pics for a bit, then if anyone's got questions I'll be happy to answer.
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Oh, the pic in the OP is an abandoned sugarcane plantation. It stopped working 20 years ago and it's already on the verge of collapsing.
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About 95% of what I had. Surinamese food is good but it's often the same.
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Hey eurofag here.

Going on a roadtrip on the west coast in Juli/August. Originally booked a car for 690€, pick up in San Diego drop off 3 weeks later in Seattle.

But yesterday they called me and said that there was an extra 500 dollar fee because of the difference in pick up and drop off points.

Is there any way to circumvent this, or are there cheaper options?

Open to all suggestions.
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1)Say you're picking up and dropping at the same place.
2)Pay with cash.
3)Drop off in another city.
You always need to have a credit card. Nice try.
Use prepaid cards.

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Hi, /trv/! I was at Hong Kong Gentleman's Club a few weeks back. Yes, it's a strip club/brothel. It's also the greatest paradise in the Western Hemisphere. Ask me anything.
I'm normally on /pol/ but this is post is inappropriate for there.
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How many times were you the bottom bitch?
Zero. I'm not into that. I like women.
in this day and age they count as women OP

Is LA worth visiting if you don't drive?
Was thinking about doing 7 days in California (NYC-> SF, SF-> LA (train), LA->NYC). How accessible is the city by foot/bus? Is it even worth going to or should I just stay in the San Francisco area for 5-6 days?

Going in June (if it matters)
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>Is LA worth visiting if you don't drive?

You need...NEED...a car to travel around LA, just like the majority of the country. Everything in LA is incredibly spread out and its swarming with street gangs. Buses? Only the poor who can't afford a car are going to use it. Enjoy having homeless people bother you.
When you say you're visiting LA you mean the tourist trifecta of Hollywood/Venice/Santa Monica. There is nothing in downtown LA except office buildings and homeless people. Even LA natives have no reason to go downtown except to see the occasional basketball game.

Yes, that "trifecta". Now that you mention it, I don't think there's much to do there. Maybe I should just stay in SF and explore the vicinity.

I'm considering going to England in a week or two. I was thinking it would be fun to spend about 3 days in London, then 4 days in smaller towns--i'm not much of a big city guy and also would like to see the quainter, more old school aspects of England. Stonehenge, thatch cottages, shit like that.

is this feasible? How easy/fast is it to get from London to smaller towns around England, and if its reasonable any suggestions for places to go?

When I went to Tokyo I also spent a day in Kamakura and a day in some lil town near Fuji-san. Took a bus to one train to another and got back to Tokyo in time for bed.
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Personally I think the south of England is shit (im from north). However, it depends how far you travel. My best advice is that public transport is expensive anywhere here as well to smaller towns it's pretty bad and inconsistent.

London is good for touristy stuff, but I never find it a fun place to go, it feels stressed a lot of the time. The more scenic areas are like, the peak district, lake district and the pennines (for mountains/hills and stuff).
Op here. I keep hearing the English live ti go to the cotswolds and to Cornwall. Why?
Where are you from? This is important to know what you consider a "small town".

My home town has what I would consider small, but if you're American you'd probably think my entire town was a " small group of houses".

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Anyone got any stories?
Funny or scary experiences?
Interesting travel destinations?
Food to try?
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I was in Thailand for a while this year. Never went but had a lot of friends who spent a few weeks there or more. They said stuff about how i needed to visit the highlands there or something. There are some great remote areas for sure, otherwise its pretty safe in most areas
I spent 1.5 days riding my bicycle over Mount Lawu (Between Madiun and Solo) on the way down I was going 65 kph which turned out to be too fast for a turn. I slowed down a lot before I crashed into a pile of rocks and flipped over the handlebars. I was a bit cut up and bruised, but OK. There were 4 kids across the street, that just laughed, offered no help, and were just annoying. A bit down the hill people seemed more concerned about why the white guy was covered in dirt and blood. But not those kids.

Pic of the pile of rocks I hit.
I was travelling with some friends, back in our early 20's, and one of us gets shaken down for a bribe at the immigration counter for Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Somesuch horseshit made up about 'irregularities' in his passport that would go away for $20.

First time I'd ever seen that sort of thing. We ribbed him a bit about it for a while.

Who knows this feel, /trv/?
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I had one where it was the opposite.
Went well since many had family to where we planned to go so accommodations were a breeze.
>making plans with ur best buds
On the contrary, I keep getting sorta made fun of by my coworkers because I want to go to Japan by myself. I have a couple friends that offered to come with me, but I said I'd rather go alone, and they understood, but my coworkers keep trying to tell me I'm gonna have a bad time and how bored I'll be. I know they're wrong but it's annoying as hell heh.

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Hi /trv/, I'm looking to plan a trip to Hong Kong in the summer, does anyone here have past experiences of the place? What are some good places to visit? Thanks!
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LKF for nightlife

Wan Chai for Flip and Indo sluts or hookers
>Wan Chai for Flip and Indo sluts or hookers
Just don't ever pick up a hooker off the street.

And if they ask for ridiculous amounts, just walk away and get a 141 like everyone else.
Went to Hong Kong
Go see the usual

>Mid-Level escalator
>Ladies Market
>The Peak (you can buy the 360 degree access pass but a balcony from the peak tower is just as fine)
>The buddha
>the harbor and light show

I heard the beaches were pretty nice. HK is very tourist friendly and there are visitor booths all along the harbor and within the city. Use the bus to get around. If you're staying for a long time, buy an octopus card.

English on Hong Kong island is widespread, Kowloon is so-so.

My personal recommendation for a hotel is Hotel Benito, there rooms are within the center of everything and it's in Kowloon. At the corner of Nathan and Cameron road. It's not the Peninsula but it's a room.

Eat the Tai Cheong egg tarts (in Central) and try fast food from Cafe Coral (everywhere). Also try eating congee for breakfast

Perhaps try one of the Michelin star restaurants

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1101413
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Repeating my post:

Thanks. I am staying at multiple hostels but I wasn't sure if I can safely leave luggage behind. Although, now I realize whatever train station I arrive at before going hiking, I can leave a small suitcase/large backpack in the locker for a day. Are hostels in Japan generally safe to leave luggage behind? Because then it's no problem.
Most hostels have lockers.
Either for your entire bag/backpack or just for the most important stuff.
I always just put the most important stuff into the lockers and left my bag and clothes unattended while I explored the cities.
No problem ever ocurred.
Tokyo is a meme city.
Go to hokkaido island

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What are some of the best airlines you've been on and some of the worst?


- Cathay Pacific: Excellent service, decent-ish food (for a long haul flight) even in economy. Some of the best business class flatbeds. Great IFE. Virtually every single long haul is serviced by 777-300s (the newer variant).


- British Airways: Most long hauls still serviced by older 777-200s, crappy IFE as a result. Poor quality Business Class. Service generally average.
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For me the best is Singapore Airlines or Thai Airways, both of which are relatively comfy for a 6'5" person like me in an economy seat. SQ crew are all 9+/10s.

The worst would be Swiss. Shitty old 757s with ancient IFE, crap tier food & liquor, but the staff were nice (Germans mostly).
Only ever used Air France, KLM and Fly Emirates

Fly Emirates the best
KLM is good
Air France always has shitty food

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My name is BuckyHayashi.I'm Japanese.I'd like to introduce the scenery of Japan.
And,I want to say that I'm thinking.I made a video.I told about my daily life and Japanese religions in my video.Sorry, but I'm poor at English.
Please see my video on YOUTUBE.

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Good video sir
I prefer polytheism tbqh
Thank you sir.
I think that The polytheism has the strong point and the weak point.
the strong point is The flexibility.
the weak point is probably The cowardly little.
I lived in the polytheism.I'd like to be happily by conquering the weak point.
Are you aware of pre Christian European paganism?

I can recommend many books.

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New Nepal thread.

I'll be in Nepal this October and have a few questions. Feel free to contribute or answer some of mine! Here we go

>Which national park is worth it when it comes to seeing tropical flora and fauna? Is Chitwan the non plus ultra or are there better options?
>(quite old) lonely planet speaks of very cheap prices like 8$ for a day trip on an elephant back. Is it still that cheap?
>How's the infrastructure; should I count in some days just for driving/flying to the next destination?
>Are two-week hikes too incriminating for an mediocre fit European?
>Is the air pressure as oppressive as I think, when you aren't used to it?
>What do you bring for multi-day hikes? I want to take my camera and tripod with me - is that possible?
>I saw many pics of yaks carrying the hiker's equipment. Is this common for multi-day hikes?
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Hey there comrade, Nepali here.
Chitwan is the best option. Elephant riding prices vary per week. They are usually low, but I would go to Nepal and ask for the price. The infrastructure is still bad, but managable. However, some days, the politicial parties close all the roads in Nepal. Flying is always an option, 24/7. You can still drive pretty much everywhere. Two week hikes for a moderately fit man? Eh... posibly not. Gain some lower body strength (Legs) and you will be good. Air pressure is notbad unless you go north, but its managable. Look in travel forums for materials to bring in multi-day hikes. Many people will rent you yaks, horses, and donkeys for long hikes. Just ask around. Hope this helps somewhat. If you need more help, go on reddit to r/Nepal.
I've just recently gotten back from a 2 month trip to Nepal, can answer any questions.
>Sorry if some of my answers are long winded

>Which national park is worth it when it comes to seeing tropical flora and fauna? Is Chitwan the non plus ultra or are there better options?
I went to Chitwan. Spent total 4 days there, was the highlight of my whole trip. Did a all day walking safari through the park. Is a very intense safari,and one I dont think you can do anywhere else. You also get the least reassuring safety briefing in the world.
Managed to see a bunch of crocs & birds as well as tracked down (and sprinted through the jungle after a few slow bears). Next night arranged through our lodge to spend a night in the park. Went out sunset and were literally 200m away from a royal bengal tiger, then a one horned asian elephant.
Probably my number 1 travel moment, only in Nepal can you walk after wild tigers on foot.

>(quite old) lonely planet speaks of very cheap prices like 8$ for a day trip on an elephant back. Is it still that cheap?
Not that cheap, but still cheap. I didn't do an elephant tour cause fuck that, but 3 nights accom plus two visits to the park & permits/lunch included cost me 4500 Nepal Rupees, so you do the maths.

>How's the infrastructure; should I count in some days just for driving/flying to the next destination?
You're average bus ride to a main tourist center will leave in the morning and take the better part of a day, yes. transport in Nepal is slow - but thats a good thing as they're driving is the worst I've seen anywhere.
For trips going far across the country you'd be looking at at least 17 hours.
Flying is faster, but keep in mind nepal has one of the worst domestic flying crash rates in the world.
>Are two-week hikes too incriminating for an mediocre fit European?
Where are you planning to hike? Some hikes are easy. Some are not. I did Jiri to EBC, and it was definitely tough in parts.
If you're worried about AMS, try to plan a route that has you going above 3500, then back down again in the same day. Walk high, sleep low. You do notice the lack of oxygen as you get higher up, and yes it does make things harder.
>Is the air pressure as oppressive as I think, when you aren't used to it?
See above.
>What do you bring for multi-day hikes? I want to take my camera and tripod with me - is that possible?
I took camera and lightweight tripod, had no issues at all. But make sure you only take trekking 100% what you need. Everything else is wasted weight. Most hotels in Ktm will store your stuff for you while you go.
>I saw many pics of yaks carrying the hiker's equipment. Is this common for multi-day hikes?
Not as far as I'm aware, most yaks take supplies to villages where there are no roads.
You can however hire a porter, and a lot of people do. Upto you whether you think it will add to or detract from the experience.
If you do, make sure you're 100% what you're covering when you negioate. Some expect you to cover rooms, food etc where some will sort it themselves. There are lots of companies that will sort everything for you (permits, guides, etc) and these vary in prices from good to complete ripoff.
I personally just bought a map and a permit and set off, but that's definitely not for everyone, and my first week was a struggle, and I got lost a couple of times as well.

Nepal is an amazing country that 100% needs the tourism money right now, as the infrastructure and peoples lives are still very fucked from the earthquake in the more remote places. It is however a beautiful country, filled for the most part with tough people. You will have a blast.

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I am from Hong Kong. I've been learning Spanish for half a year now. I've been learning at a much faster pace that I expected, but now I am thinking about switching to another language.

The story is this. I've always wanted to learn a new language but I didn't have the opportunity to do so during secondary school. Back then, I would have probably picked French, German, or Japanese. During high school, I met an online friend who happens to be Spanish and we ended up talking every day. At uni, I had the opportunity to pick whatever I want as a new language for fun and the beginner courses here have a reputation for being easy to get good grades. I picked Spanish as I simply have someone to practice with and I think having a language buddy will definitely help me to become fluent in a language.

I ended up enjoying studying the Spanish language very much and I made surprisingly fast progress by myself. I love the way Spanish sounds. However, I do realise that I did initially pick a language because "I have some online friend who speaks that language". I don't have a crush on him (I am a girl btw), yet I think this is kind of a ridiculous reason to pick a language to learn and will lead to assumptions from other people and I do not want that. The truth is I wasn't particularly interested in Spanish/Latin American culture (I tend to stereotype type it as weedland). My parents do not allow me to travel there as they think that it is dangerous and very far away.

I self-learned a bit of French, yet I didn't like French as much as I do not like the way it sounds. I think switching to another language may be a good idea as I don't want my online friend to think that I have feelings for him while I don't. However, I do realise that if I learn French, German, or Japanese, I will not have a language buddy and finding a language buddy who you can talk to all the time is not that easy.

Whatever language I pick is unlikely to affect my career prospects.
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You speak English, and most likely Cantonese + other dialects from China.
You are set for life.
Pick a language you have genuine interest in, don't make it a chore.
>You are set for life
This, so I don't know what to pick. And I don't know, I sometimes feel like the efforts spent learning a new language are wasted.
I don't which foreign language is my favourite.
>I don't which foreign language is my favourite.

We don't either.

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What is the worst city you have visited?

And why did you not like it?
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Berlin for me. Just felt like the city was a total mess (I guess its obvious considering the Division)

Much better cities in Germany.
What's bad about Rotterdam? Just curious.
Pensacola, Florida. Awful place full of hicks and murderers

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