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I'd to hear differing opinions from people that have been to both countries.

Would like to know which country is easier to meet women, which country is easier to teach English without a degree, what is the difference between the culture and people of both countries, etc.

I've heard Thailand is advanced. They have good healthcare for Southeast Asia, advanced transportation (Vietnam has no metro), food is better, Thai girls are easier etc. Can anyone concur.
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muh street food
Thailand has better ladyboys.
Thailand is generally easier to meet women however it's not as open as you'd think. I'm not a big fan of Thai women (hate the way they talk), Viet women are tiny so that may or may not be a plus for you. Thailand is easier to get started as a foreigner who knows nobody, in Vietnam you really need to get a few local friends before doors start opening for you.

Food is a matter of preference; personally I don't care much for most Vietnamese food (coffee on the other hand is p good) so Thailand gets my vote on that one. Thai food is also a bit more accessible, and Bangkok has decent western style food available for those occasions when you want it. Bangkok is the only city in those two countries with an actual decent public transportation system.

In terms of people I found Vietnam actually a bit more welcoming. Thailand attracts a lot of scumbags so most locals aren't that excited to meet a foreigner, whereas outside the big cities most Vietnamese I met were very welcoming.

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New ESL General. The old thread is nearing the bump limit and can be found here: >>1080192

Please try to skim and/or f3 the old thread to avoid asking similar questions already posted.

Resources for finding a job (Please help this grow if you have more resources for other countries).


http://gaijinpot.com/ (Note: most jobs listed here require you to be residing in Japan)

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This might be a dumb question but when people say specific countries or programs require a bachelors, does that have to be something related to English? Or are they just looking for a bachelors to see that you speak the language well enough to graduate with a degree?
It does not have anything to do with your English ability. Most of the time you have to be a native English speaker so the degree thing is not related to that.

Generally speaking your bachelor's can be in anything. For some jobs a degree in English or Linguistics is preferred but generally it doesn't matter, just have a degree.
Who /middle east/ here?

I'd like to teach there, preferably not in the gulf though. My ideal location would be Iran, if not then Lebanon or Egypt. I've heard that the best way to find teaching jobs in the Middle East (apart from the gulf) is on the ground through word of mouth and visiting schools, is this true?

I would assume Iranian schools would be desperate for English teachers, as its generally hard for Westerners to move there and they have a young population. Is that the case? I am a native speaker btw, but also have a French passport, which may come in handy as France seems to have decent diplomatic ties with Iran compared to other Western nations.

Would my best bet be just to go to Iran, make contacts and drop my CV into language schools? Anyone else done this before?

Going to be in Reykjavík for a couple days soon, just looking for a few good bars & restaurants - any particularly noteworthy recommendations?
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It's not a place you go to for the bars and restaurants. Enjoy the nature, volcanoes, etc. That being said, I had a nice meal at Laekjarbrekka. There's also a grill place called Chuck Norris, just to say you've been there.
That place looks good, thanks. And I'm just passing through as part of a larger trip around Iceland. Still, it'd be nice to have some fun in the city while I'm there. And I've heard pretty good things about the nightlife.
hade a great fish & chips at a place called Icelandic Fish and Chips. Not that expensive but great as fuck.

There's also a super cozy café with great games, chocolate milk and coffe called Tiu Droppar

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Has anyone here been able to overcome or to minimize an intense fear of flying? How did you do it?

I know I can google methods and stories concerning this, but you guys can usually be pretty honest and realistic so I figured I'd ask.
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this guy again.
For what it's worth, I have an intense fear of heights. So I look at my options like this:
I can visit all the places around the US, driving, and have a p-cool road trip a bunch of times, or I can fly there, minimize the time I have to take off work (and pay for gas, and possible car troubles), and spend the maximum amount of time in the destination I wanted to go to.
You don't have a fear of flying. You have a fear of dying from a flight. Two completely different things.

This guy knows what's up.

Don't self-diagnose. You have a fear of falling.

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Post all your random questions that you were too afraid to ask/didn't deserve a new thread in here and they will be answered by Real Travelers.©
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How easy is it to cross borders in the Balkans as an American? Do some countries give you more fuss than others? Do you have to change currencies in each one?
When someone asks for destination suggestions, why are people deliberately biased toward places they themselves have been? "I've been to Barcelona and literally nowhere else in Spain. You should definitely go to Barcelona, it's AMAZING."
Why, why, why?
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Can we exclude burgers from here? I know it's a question thread, but Christ.

You'll cross just like any other visa-free country.
Yes, different countries use different currencies. Why wouldn't you?

Because they've enjoyed their time there? Just as easily they could not have enjoyed +followed by reasons why and let you decide. This is not really a question too.

Used Greyhound during my sophomore year. Going from Louisville KY to Savannah GA. Wore nothing but Converse shoes and a yellow sundress. Got turned on when the freaks were clearly fucking me with their eyes. One of the stops include Atlanta around 3AM. Black guys everywhere. Blew kisses. No one did anything. 16 hours later, got to Savannah. The end.

I need to step my sexy game up.
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I imagine a nearing 30 year old vigrin balding white man with hairy legs doing this.
Road head in the Middle East
>don't tell me how to dress, tell men not to rape

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1099327
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First for Tokyo is a meme city
I've heard that most places that tourists would look up, places with high trip advisor ratings etc, are swarming with tour groups or chinese

Are there peak times to avoid the big crowds? Do you have to accept a crowd of some sort? The pictures are mostly empty temples and one or two people at those orange gates in Kyoto but I'd imagine that's not the reality

Ask language-related questions that don't deserve their own threads here.
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What are some countries/regions that learning their language will serve you best with? A country where not everyone has perfect English, and they appreciate it a lot when you learn their language.

I mean like the opposite of the Netherlands/Germany/Northern Europe.
>What are some countries/regions that learning their language will serve you best with? A country where not everyone has perfect English, and they appreciate it a lot when you learn their language.
As a Westerner with fluent Thai, I can say that Thai people are often impressed and delighted by foreigners speaking good Thai. Those of us who can read and write are an even more amusing party trick.

The downside is that it is not a useful language anywhere but Thailand and Laos (Lao is very close to Thai, in large part mutually intelligible, and everybody in Laos watches Thai TV, so fluent comprehension of Thai is universal, and city people can almost always speak it).

I have also found a few opportunities to use it in Cambodia, where a chunk of the population has lived in Thailand either as economic migrants or refugees (there were still camps on the Thai side of the border until the mid-1990s), but it's a little weird because the Khmers mostly hate the Thais. Also used it a tiny bit in Burma, mostly among minority peoples near the border. But overall, not a useful language globally.
Oh, and was also going to say that anywhere off the tourist track in Thailand (almost the entire Northeast, rural parts of the North, many inland/non-beachy Southern areas), there isn't much English. Even in the most sophisticated parts of the country the quality of English is rarely high among the general population.

Whats /trv/s opinion of jamacia? Is it safe to visit
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She makes me get up stand up if you know what I mean

But on a serious note, a coworker of mine visited there. She is a 19 year old small blonde girl, and she didn't have any problems.
>She makes me get up stand up if you know what I mean
I honestly don't.

>Whats /trv/s opinion of jamacia? Is it safe to visit
The Blue Mountains are lovely. It is if you stay on the resorts, which have consumed most the island you want to seeanyway.
She makes my buffalo soldier yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo if you catch my drift

Is Airbnb really safe? what's the creepiest shit that happened to you while traveling? Share stories!
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>Is Airbnb really safe?
Creepiest shit? There was a black guy and his Chinese girlfriend in one house. The kitchen door was always open even though there is a sign telling to keep it closed and the air current just channels smoke from the smoking area to the kitchen. So one day I was in the kitchen with the chinese girl, someone started smoking so I closed the door. The girl immediately left and instants latter the black guy came angry about how I'm not supposed to close the door even if there is a fucking sign on it telling to keep it closed.

Also someone stole my flip-flops there. I'm assuming someone just mistook it for one of the indoor shoe-wear provided by the house but theft is a possibility.

Aside from that still didn't got any issue.
I only book 'entire house/apartment' places from airbnb.

Experiences have all been flawless.

My only gripe is that you have to organize meeting the people to get the keys. Usually they'll offer to pick you up from the airport.

I'm just really anti-social, and would rather rent a place with 0 human interaction.

Once again, it's time.
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what happened to Nigeria?
What's the deal with Uzbekistan and Bolivia?

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What's the most dangerous thug that has happened to you or just by you when abroad?

Afraid I don't have anything to share, not sure if I'm lucky or just inexperienced, but I do enjoy reading other people's stories.
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In Marrakech with my girlfriend. We got lost and someone pretended to guide us but led us to a deeper part a souk and tried to get money from us. Someone else intervened and helped us find our way.

He probably wouldn't have done anything, but considering how lecherous 90% of men there were over my girlfriend, I do wonder what could have happened.

That happened to me as well. Me and my father were looking for the palace gardens in Marrakesch and everybody said they were closed.
Some guy said they were open and asked us to follow him.
When I realised we were going through empty alleys I got suspicious and faked stomach ache so we went back
I'm so sure we would've been robbed.

So maybe I should've written it down in the OP but since nothing happened I can't say for sure if it was a dangerous situation or not.

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Is upgrading to first class worth it?
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If you can get a cheap upgrade for a long distance flight it's worth it. Else Business is good enough.
Not unless your work is paying or you have a serious disability that prevents you from flying econ.
If you don't have to pay for it, no question. If you have to pay for it, only if you are rich enough to never have to care about money. I think it's lovely, without question much better than economy. But I think it's overpriced, and I can survive anything for 24 hours or less of transit time.

Apart from the food and from crazy suite-class services, I think business is good enough for me when I want a bit more comfort. And I've even paid for it a few times. But there too, I prefer it on someone else's dime.

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im going to Amsterdam on friday, any tips?
>general tourism shit
>im a faggot
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Take the train to Utrecht
There's too many tourist restaurants that serve shit. So prepare your dinner plans on Tripadvisor. Try Castel for some meat, Phutakun for Thai for example. Source: I live there.
wouldn't you recommende some traditional food ?
I mean, go to Amsterdam to eat thai ? come on.

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Eurofag Gaijin here. I want to GTFO from Europe before the 3rd world war breaks out. Any tips on how I can successfully move to and integrate in Japan?

Also any tips on how I can find a native qt 3.14 to show me around Japan when I get there?

>inb4 hire a prostitute
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Move to Japan, no problem.

Integrate in Japan? Not possible. No matter how perfectly you speak English, no matter if you marry a Japanese girl and her father adopts you into the family name and business and your last name changes to Sato, you'll still be viewed as an outsider, basically a dog walking around in people clothes that's been cleverly trained to mimic human speech.

> Also any tips on how I can find a native qt 3.14 to show me around Japan when I get there?

Find local girls who have lived abroad themselves, either for college or dual citizenship. They will be much more open to you and way cooler about everything.
Dude just join the Yakuza
>you'll still be viewed as an outsider
I don't really care about that as I already pretty much feel like an outsider in my country desu. So makes no difference.

>Find local girls who have lived abroad themselves, either for college or dual citizenship. They will be much more open to you and way cooler about everything.

Where do I find girls like that?

Spoiler alert: I don't look like a chad btw. So dating sites are out of the question.

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