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How long would it take to learn how to sail a boat by yourself and go around the pacific or somewhere like that
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Haven't you made this thread like 10 times already?
I've never seen it and I'm interested as well.

Do you have anything worthwhile to contribute?
only that it takes years of experience to do something of that magnitude, people literally die trying to cross the pacific or atlantic in a sailboat

do you own a boat?
if not, a good boat is very expensive

if you really want to do this your first step should be joining a sailing club, learn the skill, partake in competitions and such

I wish you all the luck in the world but this is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it a matter of practicing for a few weeks

it also takes a very strong mind btw, being alone for weeks on something that's only a few square meters big could very well fuck you up in the head

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Hey /trv/, what do you think of Cyprus?

Having finally been to the North, I must say I greatly prefer it to the south (which I visited several years ago). In particular, I liked the Dipkarpaz peninsula, with its natural vulgarity over the extremely tourist leaning south (I won't profess to being a REAL TRAVELLER TM). I found some of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Med in the Karpaz peninsula, all naturally occuring - warmer water than Spain, France, Italy, and Greece whilst being almost entirely devoid of human life.
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Scotsman living down south here, can I ask what part of the south you visited while you were here?

I wont deny the entire economy relies on tourism down here, particularly Agia Napa. But when it comes to getting shitfaced and dancing til you get heatstroke surrounded by 6/10 essex girls, there's no better place for it. Anywhere, I think.

Of course, that's probably not your thing if your favorite beach is devoid of human life. Did you visit the beach where you can look into the dead zone? Creepy shit man. Gorgeous though.

I'll admit, it was on a lads holiday. Stayed in Nicosia a bit (which I'll say is much nicer than the Turkish side) before going to the clubs. I visited Famagusta - sadly can't access any of the interesting parts (i.e. derelict parts).
im planning a vacation in northern cyprus this may! just wanted to ask if you guys think its safe down there? are there any refugee camps? is cyprus even on the refugee route to europe?

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New Japan General:

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your wee fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Rail Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1088524
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How is graduate education in Tokyo? I am specifically interested in a computer science doctorate.
How much should I need for 2 months in Japan eating decently and staying in 3 star hotels?
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I hope you don't mind if I ask a second time.

So I'm thinking of travelling a vague route like in pic related.

Start out in Tokyo, go down to Osaka/Kyoto (Is Hiroshima worth visiting?) and then going upwards towards sapporo via the other side of Japan, hopefully seeing some nice countryside, going for a hike and visiting an onsen on the way. What are some places that I should definitely visit on my way up to sapporo (and on the way down back to Tokyo)?

The whole trip will be a bit less than a month.

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So I am 25, and I never experienced a real adventure in my life. This year I started to work, so I get a little money to spend, and I found an intresting offer from a travel agency. 26 day long journey from China to Tibet, Nepal, and India.

I am very tempted by this offer, basically the program would be following in a tldr version:
China - Beijing, great wall of china, forbidden palace, shanghai, terracota army, pandas in sechuan
Tibet - Lhasa, buddhist temples, flight around mount everest
Nepal - Kathmandu, durbar square, rafting, travelling and observing rhinos on an elephant
India - Varanasi - River ganges, Taj Mahal

The price would be for 3500 euros, and I need at least 1000 euro spending money because the price is without any food, so basically I would need to buy something to eat with my group everyday.

Because I am every inexperienced traveller what do you think? Is it worth to go (especially for that price?) Is there anyone who already tried something like this? What should I expect?

Thank you. This is my first post here, I hope I didn't do anything wrong.
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It's all good mane, we all start somewhere. The general consensus (from a current thread about solo travelling) is that it's orders of magnitude more meaningful and fulfilling.

On one side it's prolly worth it because navigating Asia for yourself might be hell, on the other side it isn't because you're doing memes and nothing else and it's guided, not really an adventure there.

Alternative suggestion: plan ahead and meet people from the countries/cities which you can meet, you can still do the memes and then find some interesting local stuff, plus they'll help you with rail station and you're not on a schedule.

If you want to spend extra 2 days in any place, nothing is stopping you.


I can already see the loud and obnoxious burger family that will be with you and taking up 8 seats for 2 people.

Plan ahead, go on interpals and /soc/, get the apps (tinder, baidu, foursquare), be sure to have interwebs at where you're staying and research the city on the spot (if you haven't planned on being there).

Captcha: 747
Does the 3500 euro include flights? If so that's pretty darn good. I hope it doesn't mean the tour will include 40 other tourists.

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I have a flight booked to Brussels April 13th from Dublin. Will the airport still be closed by then?
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Keeping Belgium's main airport closed for that long would likely have a bad effect on the country's economy.

That said, it'll probably be filled with armed guards and things like the security check will take 3x as long.
I came here to ask that.
My mother is coming on friday and we are travelling together on sunday.
I wonder how much time it will stay closed. Belgium pretty much only has zaventem and charleroi, the rest of the airports are so small
Yeah, it'd be massive economic shutdown if they kept it closed for more than a few days. Don't worry OP.
Maybe worry a little bit. You can always call your airline for more info.

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Anyone here travelled with an equipped bus ?

With a friend we're getting our bus licence, we should be able to buy able for the end of the year and then start working on.

We're 8 people (possibly 10 by this time) and we were wondering if a 2-floor bus would be a good idea.

Is there country where bus cannot go ? Not place like jungle but country where for some stupid reason bus would be forbidden.
Also bus general.
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Imagine the shits every morning with 10 people
3 years ago we were 8 in 35m2 for 2 weeks and it was pretty ok, a 2-floor bus allow pretty much the same size so it should be ok.
>8 people (possibly 10)

You would want to be REALLY good friends.

How long are you going for? It would want to be for a while to make it worth it but the longer it is, the harder it will be to bear all those people in an inescapable space.

Two floors might be better because you could break up the group a bit and people could avoid the people they're sick of.

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hey /trv/, my gf starts to work for an airline in june (lufthansa) and i already saw the discounts we will get on stand by flights (she is in the training already and has an account). the prices look very nice but im wondering how it will be in practice. is the waiting time for a flight acceptable or is it not worth it to safe money on the flights? anybody has experience?
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I fly standby all the time. The key is you need to know if that flight is popular or not. Friday night flight to vegas? Not a chance . midweek , mid day , sure .
thank you for sharing your experience. how do i find out which flights are popular? vegas on friday night is an easy example. also im wondering when my place on board is safe? could it be that someone buys the full price ticket half an hour before departure and im out again?
flew standby from Chicago to England in 2013.
It was super easy, but we got a bit worried when our plane was 'full' a few minutes before we boarded.
Saved us a fuck ton of cash though.

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I'm a Canadian, and I'm looking for somewhere hot to travel in in April. I have about 7k saved up, and I'm am thinking about just taking a week trip down to a Cuban resort, but I'm unemployed and a longer excursion is an option. what are some good travel destinations in the hot part of the world? preferably South America.
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>bumping on /trv/
>bumping after 4 minutes

As I'm sure you know, you can find all-inclusive package vacations (flight included) for under $1000 easily in Cuba. Probably shouldn't expect much though. Shit food, a pervading feeling of 'fake' everywhere. Dominican Republic is equally popular for sun'n'sand vacations.

Jamaica is a little more interesting for independent travel (violent crime is concentrated in Kingston slums and rarely affects tourists, unless you hang out selling drugs in Kingston slums). Petty theft and being ripped off are common in the entire region, so don't get drunk/stoned and then be stupid.

Mexico is also interesting. You can sit on a mega-resort's beach, or you can go exploring cities or countryside. Cartel violence is easy to avoid, as you're not really the target. Heed local warnings about where not to go, and/or when not to go there.
canary islands
french polynesia
south east asia

I up a picure in youtube.
I'm Japanese and my English is unskillful.
But,a language is English.
Please see.
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Short, but sweet. Keep it up, and check out the Japan general thread, I'm sure you'll be able to help and find more interest in your videos there.

Some advice on your English: Try to read pronounce sentence as an actual sentence, usually in one breath (basically, a comma = take a new breath and speak again) and not word-by-word.

Nice video! I suggest to just continue making videos and your english will improve.

Also, Japan seems like a very beautiful country I must visit once in my life.
Not bad.

Google "youglish". It will help you a lot with pronunciation.

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Hey /trv/, spring break is next week and I want to travel. I have 6k saved up and I have the option to either go to NY where relatives will pay for about half my trip but I've already been there or to new Orleans which I have never seen but ill be paying the full amount of the trip. what are the pros and cons of these places?
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Con for New York is it's still cold there. Con for New Orleans is rain and thunderstorms are predicted throughout the week of 3/27 thru 4/3.
Personally, I'd go for New Orleans; the chance to see somewhere new is almost always worth it.

Unique cultural mix, lots of history, great food, music, drinking.
I don't drink but i smoke alotta weed t.b.h. Im kinda leaning towards going NOEL but at the same time the price of going to new York would be like 1/2 with relatives helping pay

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myrtle bath.jpg
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Does anyone know of any locations with sink arrangements like the one in the Chamber of Secrets? And more specifically, what a term for that arrangement might be?
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Here's another example of the type I'm after.
Wow that is pretty great.
I should specify though that I'm more interested in the arrangement of faucets in a ring.
Thanks anon; does this apply if the basins are separated?

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2 Weeks ago I was in Dublin but only for a weekend. I really want to go back and drive around the Isle.
How long should I take off and what places shouldnt I miss?

Aso, here's a vid from my last trip:

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>How long should I take off
2 should be okay. 3 weeks should be plenty

>what places shouldnt I miss
What storta shite you into
2 weeks*

>What storta shite you into
nature, photography, hiking, beer, whiskey in this order

Locals and Travelers welcome

Share info about:
>Places to see
>Places to eat and drink
>Places to shop for great deals
>Places to Ho/o/n
>inb4 not the citadel
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OP here, I've already got a list going. I have family in LA, so I have done lots of the typical tourist stuff like disneyland before as a kid.

I've got some stuff I want to re-do, and then some new stuff. feel free to comment.

Things I want to do (new)
>The Getty
>Griffith Observatory
>something downtown that isn't citywalk
>get good Hawaiian food

Things I want to redo (old)
>original phillipes
>Little India

any suggestions? Also where are all the junkyards/salvage yards in LA?
>also name your favorite beach
>I like Redondo
I'm going to spend a few days in LA in about 6-8 weeks. Not sure how many days yet but I would love to find someone to host me on couchsurfing. The hostels there are really expensive, as much as I'd love to stay in them.

As for food, I recently watched a docu about a food critic in LA, Jonathan Gold, and apparently his 101 best places to eat is a good list to start with. The one I'd like to try is Guelaguetza.

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>hostels in the U.S.
are literally the same price if not more expensive than a motel.

it may be worth getting a motel somewhere outside of the city with good access to transit (near the airport comes to mind) and taking the train or the bus into LA. the cheapest places are going to be the worst, obviously.

also try the Heji Guiyuan Inn, they are advertising $15 rooms on trivago.com
>probably a scam but mfw dat price

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Moving to St. Louis (Montclair & Ridge Aves); what's it like there and what should I expect?
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>In 2010 Hamilton Heights' racial makeup was 97.4% Black, 1.0% White, 0.3% Native American, 0.1% Asian, and 1.2% Two or More Races. 0.5% of the population was of Hispanic or Latino origin.[2]
Lots of black peoples which unfortunately means a lot of crime. Good luck
I've decided to open up my new place in Saint Louis as a sort of sporting club, like a hunting lodge....


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how do people afford to travel? I'm a college student and would like to but it seems impossible to get the money.

The study abroad program at my college cost 6thousand dollars for a morocco. THAT'S AS MUCH AS MY TUITION !

also how do I figure out how much my trip would cost without consulting a trip advisor.
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Because it never costs as much as travel bureaus and exchange programmes would make you believe. You're adding yet another middleman trying to make a big buck to the equation and the itinerary he offers never goes for the cheapest options. Trips to exotic countries are especially bad since people just assume they must cost a fortune, which isn't true since a dollar goes a loooong way in a lot of them.
Plan this shit out on your own, hunt for cheap flights, book hostel beds yourself and suddenly it's a third of the price.
sentiments of a college reject and real traveler
This is at least the 3rd thread asking how we afford traveling that's still up on /trv/. It's a slow board, please look at other threads before posting your own questions.

The people here are most likely somewhat older than the average channer, work, save up, and use their saved money to travel. Others are really into this hobby and manage to do it on the cheap, there are certain ways to travel cheap, the main costs are transport, food and shelter and almost all 3 can be free if you want to go that route. Although it might not be comfortable.

Study abroad programs usually are not very cost efficient. It's a great opportunity to study in another culture for a short while but if you can't afford it I say wait until you're done with school. The less debt you have after you leave the better. One of the rules most people here have a strong view about is not to get into debt for travel, save first then travel.

>also how do I figure out how much my trip would cost without consulting a trip advisor.

Which trip? the study abroad one or another one?

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