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Excluding flights I want to spend about £2500 for a trip of 8-12 days in Tokyo for 2 people. I am not sure how to get the most for my money. I want a relatively nice hotel, but think I would prefer to have more spending money while there. I've currently booked a hotel which I can cancel the reservation for at no charge for a while and have calculated for the 9 day trip my girlfriend and I would have about £200 a day as spending money. We both love food (not necessarily expensive food). Any tips on what kind of hotel/spending money trade off should be? Also any recommendations for restaurants and hotels etc. would be appreciated (prices would help!). I was also open to visiting other parts of Japan but getting to Tokyo is significantly easier and cheaper than anywhere else.
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Stayed at Smile Hotel Mitsukoshimae a few years back. Not luxurious or anything but not bad at all and pretty cheap, relatively. Walk about 5 minutes to get to a subway station to go to more popular places around Tokyo.

Thanks for your reply! The hotel I have booked is cheaper for my dates. It seems located fairly well (not expecting true city centre for this price)...http://www.hvf.jp/eng/location/tamachi.php what do you think?
During my trip I always stayed in a toyoko inn. Best business hotels

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Hey guys,

Travelling to Italy in June with my GF. We plan on staying 11 days total and visiting mostly Rome and the Amalfi Coast.


1.Is a car worth it? Specifically in Amalfi?
2. How reliable are the trains? Are they on point like Germany?
3. How safe is Italy? My gf is worried but I assure her it's fine
4. Anything specific to do in Rome/Amalfi besides the obvious things
5. Is 11 days over kill? I throw in a few days for travel and what not, fearing trains are late or slow.
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Id recommend getting a better taste in video games.

Trains are pretty reliable.
Whats 'normal'?

11 days might be too much for just those two places. I'd go to florence at least a couple days, venice for a day.

Go see pompeii/vesuvio while down near amalfi.
Ride the chair thing to the top of anacapri.
I am a RPG guy and I found Witcher 3 to be one of the better games of 2015 along with a host of others.

I was thinking Florence too. I have been Europe a few time and I speak fluent German so I am familiar with mostly Western European trains. Because of this I was conservative with time not knowing if there will be delays or slow downs because obviously the area is unfamiliar.

Pretty easy to get by just with English?
1. In Rome, no. Amalfi is doable on foot, but it's pretty far away from everything.
2. All Italians like to bitch about them, and they're nowhere near German tidiness or puncuality, but they're alright. Keep in mind, though, that the train station closest to Amalfi is still 20kms away.
3. Rome has some bad areas, but they're far from the city centre. There will be rubbish on the streets and a lot of hawkers, but that's just part of Rome.
4. I'll leave that to people who were there less than 6,5 years ago.
5. Maybe?
>throw in a few days for travel
That's definitely overkill. Amalfi is +-3h30m away from Rome, whether you're going by car or by train. Like other anons said, check out some other cities. Definitely visit Pompei. Check out Naples for a day or two, it's madness. You could consider going to Ischia, which is nice but very touristy.

>Pretty easy to get by just with English?
In Rome, you should. Firenze as well. Naples and Amalfi, if you do decide to go there, might not be as easy.

/k/ here, exploring the possibility of working in security in Africa when I leave the military (in a few years). Some of the places I thought of was South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Any particular language I should know, customs, etc?

I know this is really open ended, any response is appreciated.
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If you're a white man with a gun you don't need to know anything. Not even joking here. Anywhere is fine as long as that AK is loaded.
Language depends on the country (Swahili for Kenya, Afrikaans for SA, etc.) English becomes less and less valuable the further into the bush you go. I hate to generalize Africa, since it's an enormous continent and what I'm about to say will vary immensely from location to location- but a sizable chunk of the continent is not as bad as most Americans will assume. There tends to be significantly more petty strife and small-scale fighting than developed nations, but I've traveled and lived here for almost 2 years now (Mozambique) and feel quite safe most of the time. Travel tends to be the scariest since drivers here completely disregard rules, often driving drunk.

Having said that, working security in Nairobi sounds like hell. It's known continent-wide as one of the worst cities for petty crime.
>I've traveled and lived here for almost 2 years now (Mozambique)
Interesting, any neat stories to share?

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Going to italy soon any tips
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Try Croatia instead. It's the same thing as Italy, only less crowded and cheaper.
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Ma che cazzo.gif
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>Going to Italy
>No other info except for that
>Pic related

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Where can I go this Spring that won't be full of collegefags and their degeneracy? Obviously, places like Hilton Head and Cancun are out of the question.
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Go away frogposter
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There you go, now go back to your Bernie rally while the grown ups figure out how to avoid you and be civilized.
Maybe go to the mountains or the desert vs going to the beach?

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Hey /trv/

I'm planning on going to the Florida Keys in a few months and wondering if anyone has some recommendations for a nature/beach bum vacation.

I'll probably be going for 5 days so I won't be there for long enough to go to all the keys but I can probably visit a couple. I can stay in a decent hotel for the entire time but I'd like to camp once or twice also.

I'm trying to do some hiking, take some nature photos and maybe get wasted and bone a chick back at the hotel a couple times.

Is there a specific area with a nice beach, a nice hike, and a decent night life nearby? My friend from Orlando will be meeting me so we'll have a car, too.
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The Keys don't have many beaches desu. It's loaded with mangroves though. Key Largo is a nice area to visit, and is a great place to go diving/snorkeling. The coral reefs off the coast are a must see, and there are many charters that can take you out there.

The Everglades are more fun than people would think.

Key West is your typical tourist hotspot, but there you many find some beaches, bitches, as well as good food. There is a strong Cuban influence in the focal food scene. Great Mojitos btw. Also, some of the best seafood I have ever had was while I was at at the Keys.

Dry Tortugas National Park, while hard to get to, is worth seeing. Fort Jefferson, a giant abandoned US military fortress is located at the park. Pic related.
Thanks that all sounds great.

Do you recommend renting a car or can I wander about either w public transport or on foot?

Key west seems like a good place to do some drinking and beach lounging though I'm usually not one for touristy places. I def want to get into some snorkeling too, it's too bad the two keys you mentioned are on completely opposite sides of the islands.

I can get free hotel stay at a Marriott or Hilton, need to check to see where I can make home base first, I suppose.
Were you planning on flying into Key West or Miami? I'm sure of Key West having big name hotels like Marriott and Hilton. There are many inexpensive options as far as lodging goes.

You can get around on Key West via foot, but if you plan on doing more I would suggest a car. I recall there being beaches just south of Islamadora.

There are reefs all over the Keys, so I'm sure you can find a charter close to where you are staying. Key Largo is just one of the more popular areas to snorkel.

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I plan to leave my home country and teach english overseas. Places I am considering: Thailand,Taiwan,Malaysia,HK,Japan and S. Korea. Any other places I should consider or not consider?
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No market whatsoever in Malaysia or HK, where the education systems are largely Anglo phone and there are literally millions of fluent-enough natives.
Money and perks are best in Korea. I taught in Thailand for a while and loved it, but the pay is terrible and you won't get housing or flights paid (as you do in some Korean schools).
*Anglophone. Weird autocorrect on my Korean phone.
maybe not for people without a teaching degree. But I have had multiple friends leave Thailand for Malaysia. They actually teach other teachers. They get a good salary, housing, gas, cell phone, and I think food stipend each month too.

Thailand is great fun, but yeah the money sucks, especially when its 35THB/1USD. The high paying international schools are damn competitive since everyone wants to be there.

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Was planning on traveling to Serbia this spring.
Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
What other cities besides Belgrade do you recommend, and is Kosovo even safe to travel to?
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Novi Sad is a beautiful city located north of Belgrade in the province of Vojvodina. I'd recommend going during the summer (especially during the EXIT festival, look it up). There are some really beautiful sights there & great food. If you ever go, make sure you go to "Toster" and get your self a Toster Monster. Or, if you'd like to try some traditional Serbian food I'd recommend visiting Sarajevski Cevap on Temerinska street. That's all in Novi Sad. I wish I could give you more info about Belgrade but I was there only once (for half of a day).
Definitely visit Djavolja Varos while in Serbia, it's a truly phenomenal sight.

Kosovo - no, just don't. It's not worth it.
Why not Kosovo? Not OP but was planning to go there during a Balkan trip this summer

Just hiked up Mt batur for the sunrise. Left my home stay at 2am, had coffee and banana pancakes at the base, made it to the top by 6. Harder climb than I thought but shit was so cash.

Off to the gilis for some beach and mushroom shakes before heading to kota kinabalu. Anyone been? Any suggestions on jungle hikes around there other than the big mountain?

Favourite one day Hikes that you've done? Give me some trekking inspo.
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Every single one of those words in your post makes me want to vomit.
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Me and a friend are thinking about opening a guesthouse in the Philipines.

We have been travelling together in the past and were always talking about the idea (both unhappy with our modern life, willing to do something with our own hands, fascinated by the idea of making a unique place...). So when we travelled the Phillipines during February and March, by chance we found some cheap piece of land, roughly 1 hectar on Palawan in a not yet well developed area. Right now, there are many road projects and even a new airport being built in the North of the island and neighbouring villages have already grown into semi-touristical, but still very romantic and quiet places.

We feel like this could be a nice place for a guesthouse.

If there is interest in discussion, I am gonna share some more information. Right now, we are looking for all insight we can get on the procedure. So if anyone can share something, like stories of people who did something like that, financial knowledge, maybe first-hand experiences, we would be very glad.
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I built a earthship/ guesthouse in cambodia. What do u want to know.
the fuck is a earthship
Google it u inbred sub human scum

I've been learning Spanish for five months. How's my accent? Can you tell where I am from based on my accent?: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0rT4sIyX8TE
(sorry for posting here, it looks like people on other boards have no interest in this thread/no knowledge of Spanish)
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Definitely the Anglosphere. I'm going with USA. Having an accent is not the end of the world, certainly not when you've only been learning it for five months only.
One tip however: try not to sound like you're reading words off a page. That makes you sound stilted, which is a bit more annoying than having an accent, IMO.
Anglo as fuck.
Also can't tell if girl or underage b&.

Have you tried /int/? Language threads usually make them take a break from flinging shit at each other. Mainly so they can fling shit at Esperanto instead, but still you'll get your vocaroos rated.
Isn't /int/ for people to troll? I don't want people to tell me to go away because I am a girl.

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Planning a cycling trip starting in Oslo, moving down through Sweden into Denmark, then Germany to finish in Berlin.

I've heard about the massive bridge that spans from Sweden to Denmark and was really excited to cycle it, but have been regrettably informed that you cannot cross except by car/train.

I've never been to Scandinavia and I'm wondering how scenic Sweden's coast is, and Denmark? I'm very disappointed about the bridge as I wanted to complete it entirely on bikes.

Anyone done anything similar?

Been to the south of Norway, Sweden or even Denmark and know good cycling routes or things to see?
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Swedish west coast down to helsingör and take the ferry over. Bike paths most of the way.
Check out eurovelo
this. there're more sights on the danish coast there compared to the swedish side.
Does that still allow me visit Copenhagan?

What are the best sites along the way?
Cities to stop at?>>1091443

Anyone here ever traveled specifically to go watch space launches? The thought suddenly popped into my head to wonder about the cost/practicality of scheduling a trip to Cape Canaveral, Baikonur, Kourou or some other spaceport to watch giant rockets blast off into space.
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I've thought about it, have yet to be about it.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that a launch can be postponed at any time, even going so far as to abort a launch when the countdown gets to one. So with that in mind, Cape Canaveral is probably your best bet, the tourist infrastructure within 50 miles is quite possibly the best in the world,so if your launch gets scrubbed you can at least go chill on Coco Beach or whatever, and you haven't wasted thousands of dollars to hang out in Kazakhstan.
All of this.
I've seen shuttle launches from the Florida Turnpike back in the space program. I've randomly seen rockets as well. They're all beautiful. Visiting the space center has some museum infrastructure which is fascinating.
Soyuz are so big that they are rarely delayed. Russia is so strapped for cash that their space agency allows for tours, they're just expensive and have to be booked through a connected agency.

It's a 5 day trip, but expect to pay over $5000, from Moscow.

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On Saturday I fly down to Costa Rica, have a 19hr layouver in Panama City starting at 9pm. Got a room, plan on hitting bars at night, city in the AM and off to San Jose on Sunday.

Do I have enough time to do this:
Sunday 20th 4pm, Land in San Jose, get to Arenal by night.
Mon-Tue @ Arenal
Wed - Thur @ Monteverde
Fri-Sun @ Manuel Antonio Beach
Sun Night back in San Jose, fly off 11am Monday

I would like to see Arenal Volcano, some nice waterfalls, get out in nature and chill at a beach with a bit of partying there. However, I love to ride motorcycles where ever I can. Part of me wants to design a loop I can ride, but I fear I am trying to shove too much into a short amount of time.

Any insight /trv/?
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Haven't been to Manuel Antonio, but SJ-Arenal and Arenal-Monteverde are easy transit in a few hours each. You can supposedly do part of the trip between Arenal and Monteverde by boat and save some time; it's a surprisingly long drive, quite a bit slower than SJ to Arenal (I did it in about four hours in a private car, but we stopped for lunch). The big highways are generally in good condition, and if you're OK with curvy, mountainous routes (like CA1/Pacific Coast Highway, sort of), I imagine it could be a good bike trip. Not a motorcyclist myself.

But in general, if you are willing to budget half a day in transit between your various stops (understanding that it will likely take less), you can totally do it.
How are you getting around? How set in stone are your plans? Based on my experience in Costa Rica, I'd do something different if I wanted to see a volcano, rainforest and beach.

Arenal is really weather dependent. It might be nice, it might be foggy. It's pretty unpredictable. I went there and couldn't see the crater. It was kind of neat hiking through the fog though.

If time is a limiting factor, you might not want to go north, then south. Transportation in Costa Rica isn't very efficient. If I only had a week, I'd want to spend the least amount of time possible on the road. Just because something on a map is only 50km away, does not mean you will be able to drive there in an hour.

San Jose is pretty dirty. Cartago is an hours drive south and a lot nicer, especially in air quality. A lot of the diplomats in San Jose live there. Irazu volcano is right next to it, and is more often visible. It's not as foresty, but it's kind of like a poorer version of the alps. There's a bunch of ranches on a hairpin road with shepherds taking their flocks up and down. From there I'd go to Tapanti National Park. It might be a bit busier and not as nice as Monteverde, but it doesn't take the better part of a day getting there. You could go to Cartago on Sunday, and then have two separate day trips and you can go to Manuel Antonio on Wednesday?

Or maybe do what you wanted to do originally, but switch Manuel Antonio with something closer like El Roble?
My plans are not set in stone at all, and I am very aware of road conditions and time being chewed up by taking them. I am not against domestic flights either.

I know my plans will probably change based on weather and what happens when I meet others etc etc, but it would be good to have a rough plan.


Whats the best way to explore chernobyl if youre on a budget and dont want to spend hundreds of dollar for a guided tour with no freedom to explore on your own?
The only thing I can find online are expensive as hell tours in groups. Not really something we are interested in really...

Im hoping that its similar to what I experienced with Machu Pichu in the way that the only easily accessable way was through the heavily overpriced and lame official tours and you had to dig far deeper into it to find out how go get there in a cheap way.

That being said: if there really is no way at all to get to pripyat on your own we might not even be interested at all, so:
General Ukraine travelling thread I guess? What are some other must sees that really stand out?
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Why would you want to go to such a potentially dangerous place without a guide? I mean normally I would be with you but for this I think its better to be safe than sorry
the bus trip to chornobyl is probably more dangerous than pripyat itself, since radioactivity fell on a low level 30 years after the nuclear accident. So don't worry about safety when going there
Just pull a Jeremy Wade.

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