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Do you use gloves when riding a bicycle?
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Only when it is cold enough outside.
Only when I'm gay.
Every time, the real faggy fingerless kind.
Truth be told, I do it because I think they're fucking cool, but it comes in real handy for wiping snot away, for keeping my hands clean if I need to fiddle with something, and in the ever-so-rare chance of falling, I won't have skinned palms which are fucking horrible.

Me too!

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design your own unorthodox vehicle in ms paint!

the more unorthodox the better! we must shake the foundation of design to ascend to greatness. We must escape our local maxima!
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inb4 blimptrain
wheres the motor

Just got back from a leisurely 15mile ride to the mall. On the way back, I was minding my own business in the right lane of a four-lane road where there was very little traffic out. This was in a residential area and not any kind of highway, the speed limit was only 25. All of a sudden I hear some honking from behind, and an SUV swerves around me just feet from my rear tire with some obese woman in the passenger seat shrieking at the top of her lungs. They stopped at the stoplight about 10 feet ahead, and I stopped next to her.

>"Are you talking to me?"
>"I know I'm in the middle of the road, I have the legal right to ride here. You're the one who has to pay attention"
>"I wish you had hit me so you could explain that to the police"
>YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OVER THERE (pointing to the left side of the street, i.e. riding against traffic) SO CARS CAN SEE YOU
>"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard"

That's a bit paraphrased, but it's not exaggerated. And yes, she really did call me a "little kid" multiple times, even though I'm 23 and have a beard. What causes people in cars to be so stupid? Anyone else care to share a road rage story?
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It's just middle aged women in general they get everything handed to them in life

Not college educated

You don't explain chemestry to dog. So don't bother arguing. Just ignore move on.
Regularly someone yells obscenity loud out window as they drive past. It's like 4chan that way, but slightly less anonymous and slightly tighter on time constraint.

so angry to be in cage I spose
>Going for ride after work today
>Riding on fairly busy road, on the way to empty road through a state park
>Hit long line of stopped cars, drawbridge is open
>Sit and wait
>Wait some more
>Finally closes
>Ride the next half mileish with the speed of traffic(only like 20mph) until I turn off
>Motorist in convertible passes with plenty of room
>Says "Nice job" and gives thumbs up as he passes
>See like 3 more cars over the next 20 miles

So, there's a chance that if you use youtube fairly regularly the arcane depths of their recommendation system will have given you this video (https://youtu.be/JN4ATDfCYmo).

Do any anons here have more like this?
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In the meantime, I'll post some aesthetics of my own
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The failed SPSF (Southern Pacific-Sante Fe or "Shouldn't Paint So Fast") merger in the mid-1980s had a very 80s paint scheme. It was nicknamed Kodachrome.
Such a simpler time

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Hey /n/ can you recommend some decent cycling shorts that wont give me swamp ass for hours.
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I have done alright with Merlin's stuff. It's cheap, but it seems to work for me.
Whatever fits.
Go to the Voler site, it's not Assos or Rapha or anything, but pro teams get their shit there and I've been wearing it for years and it's not bad at all, and not hideously expensive. Just be sure to get bib shorts and not just shorts, they're better.

Sup guys, im a pretty poor student studying medical engineering and finally scrapped together 150 bucks to buy an old road bike (pic related)
Turns out it was a pretty shit deal

A few days into riding it the saddle holder thing broke, had to buy a new one.

Now the left pedal thread seems broken, the pedal just fell off in the middle of the road. As i have a crank arm of 172.5mm length i couldnt find a single left arm to buy cheap and the oldschool crank sets are 50+ bucks
Well, long story short, i ordered a singlespeed steel front crank set thing for like 8 bucks and i was pretty happy but now i found out its for 1/8" chains and i have a 3/32" one.

Im really sad cause no one will buy the bike now unless i repair it, which costs money, which i dont really have much of. Hope you guys can help me, im pretty frustrated now

Whats the cheapest way to turn it into a singlespeed now? Do i need an 1/8" crankset for the back?
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Cant you return the crank and get a 3/32 one?
If you use it for commuting dont turn it an SS, SS and fixed are only good for exercising. But if you do, all you need is a cheap freewheel.
Yeah i guess the best way is to return it

Okay, gonna look for a regular crank with gears, thanks
What goes on in the mind of people when they take a picture like that? Don't they realize you can't see shit?
In any case you should just return the crankset you bought, go to your local bike co-op or any workshop really, and ask if they have a spare 172.5mm left crankarm laying around somewhere

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If these bycicles are so much faster and comfortable why people dont use them?
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Maneuverability, visibility. Try hopping a curb, weaving around an obstacle and not getting run over.
look like a twat
Is it true that a guy won the Tour de France with one and the UCI fags got so butthurt they sued the guy that created them?

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I have neglected my bike for a good year before I restored it to good condition with new tires and all that stuff.
I am on holiday right now so I had to borrow a friend's old bike (old crappy thing for retired people) to get some food and noticed how it felt easier to ride than my road bike.
Mayor differences: Mine has a hub dynamo and old breaks.
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Do you have running brakes?
Are your tyres pumped up enough?
Did you make sure your bottom Bracket turns smoothly without lateral play?
Are the wheel hubs turning smooth enough like the bottom bracket?

Hub dynamos slow your bike slightly, but not noticeably.
> Do you have running brakes?
Never even heard of those, no.
> Are your tyres pumped up enough?
I pump them regularly, but the vent on the back wheel has a different format for which I dont have an adapter so that one is a tiny bit flat maybe.
> Did you make sure your bottom Bracket turns smoothly without lateral play?
I had to look up what that means, I haven't. I will get onto that.
> Are the wheel hubs turning smooth enough like the bottom bracket?
see above.

thank you.
1. Please learn the difference between the word 'breaks' and 'brakes'. It's annoying as fuck.
2. Hub dynamo, even if the headlight is on, is only 6 watts. Even if you're weak as a kitten you won't notice the difference.
3. Unless your brakes are adjusted too tight and are rubbing, or your wheel(s) are out of true and therefore the brakes are rubbing, your brakes shouldn't make any difference whatsoever.
4. You say you 'restored' your bike after neglecting it. You sure you did it right? Does everything spin freely? Take it to a shop and have a professional check it out. If you, say, left it out in the rain all the time, or rode through puddles, or otherwise grossly abused it and didn't even understand how or what you allowed to be damaged, it could be totally fucked and you might not know the difference.
5. Is your bike adjusted/fitted properly to you, or did you just do the typical 'make the seat high enough' and thought that was good enough? If it's grossly misadjusted for you then you could be wasting all sorts of effort trying to ride it, effort that never makes it to the back wheel.

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Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit opened last Friday. I was there and got a few pics (this is the only one on my phone). For the first time in sixty years, the North Bay has rail service.

Next up is rebuilding the connection to the Larkspur ferry terminal, then up to Cloverdale and (one day) up the Eel River to Eureka.
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About damn time.
>then up to Cloverdale and (one day) up the Eel River to Eureka.

lol, you're a funny guy.
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you don' smell-a so good-a yourself!

>he doesn't commute on a 3 speed IGH bike.

No worries,lance.
I'll be waiting here for your excuses to need "30 plus" gears.
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I could probably live with 3 gears but they'd need massive jumps in between, 11 gets me the range I need.
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here's my excuse
>wasting your watts because you are too dumb to shift gears

IGH have literally no advantages

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Should i go tubeless?? I
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I ride downhill BTW. So far ive had 3 pinches in 6 months
>ride downhill
there's your problem. Your life may be improved by riding your bike for the purpose of transportation instead of to break bike and human parts.

I found tubeless to be a huge pain. But I don't like bike maintenance and I like when the bike pays me instead of having to buy things for it all the time

Huge pain? You must have had something wrong in your setup.

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velo speed.png
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well /n/, time to start saving up for a velomobile
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What kind of bitch ass old man made this chart? On my single speed i ride at higher speed than the "racing bycicle" in this shit
I remember as a child my top flat ground speed on a mountain bike was 40km/h.
That, "strong headwind" catagory really makes me cringe. I would probably ride directly home, so it wouldn't matter.

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2012-05-26 12.27.47.jpg
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Fauber edition.

How do I get the left bearing cup removed without destrying it?

It was like two hour operation few last times and now I don't have half the tools.

Planning on using heat tomorrow (butane camp stove), will report how it went.
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Use a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer.
Reverse thread?

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Is using a derailleur as a chain tensioner okay? I removed all the cables and tuned it with the little screws. It seems to work okay. Any reason not to do this?
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Yeah its ok. would look, feel nicer, and be more efficient if you shortened the chain and used your nice long dropouts to tension it though (although if everything is worn to shit that's likely to drop a chain under load). Could go Dringle or tringle like a boss
This comment is legit. You have no need for a tensioner with those dropouts. You could even ride fixed if you wanted.
If he's still using the front derailleur to change gears, he'll need a tensioner.

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An invention or just another fad for fags?
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another fad for fags
Well rather simple gear shifting, compared to deraileurs, looks like an advantage. But what when the roper got longer over time?
I have heard it got banned from races, because it gives too much of an advantage

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