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>always had to take bike to bike shop to get my gatorskin tires mounted because of how hard it was
>buy this tool to mount brand new tires
>do it in less than 5 minutes

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>using gatorskins

also get stronger hands
Most of the time the tightest tires can be mounted by hand if you push the beads to the center of the rim all the way round the tire.

Bead jack is pretty slick. Pulls bead straight up instead of out and up like a tire lever does.
my hands are very strong from death grip during masturbation

it was awesome to see how easy it was. using tire levers to mount a tire looks dangerous as fuck. this thing just effortlessly lifted the bead up onto the rim

for the price of labor bike shop charges to change a flat you get this thing (literally paid $12 on amazon)

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Hey /g/

I got a pair of Sony MDR v6s and the jack snapped

1. What jack should I buy to replace it with keeping the sound quality.

2. What do I need to be aware of when replacing the jack?
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Wrong board bud
best quality jacks is pretty /g/ and so are headphones no?
Oh absolutely
It just happens you're on /n/

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That feel when you will never have a perfect view of all from of transportation on your balcony/rooftop aparment.

Oh wait!
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all forms*
I can watch ships, trains, bikes and cars. Occasionally a balloon or heli comes along.
Planes tend to fly further away so they're hard to see.
Where is this?

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Automobile homicides in Charlottesville, Paris, London, etc; Solution:

Security posts installed far from any pedestrian/cycle/skate traffic, keeping all autos from coming anywhere near people.

Entire downtown areas could be free of traffic. Force people to use transportatio/n/

There are solutions for handicapped, delivery vehicles, etc. it can be done!
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They already have tank barriers laid up in city squares in western eurabia.
in English?

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Are these good wheels? I need to replace the crappy 24 spoke wheels my bike came with
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Find wheelbuilder in your area and have them build you a wheelset to your specifications. You'll get exaclty what you want and you'll get a better quality build with local support. Many wheelbuilders will even true them up for you later for free.
Yeah good luck getting hand built custom wheels for $80
It's worth paying extra to not only get what you want but get it handbuilt by someone who's good at it, you get a better quality wheel. Or did you think that the ones you buy online are all handbuilt, too? They're not, much of it is automated.

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Previous thread hit its limit.
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I started another one.


Also, here is Gazelle.

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Why are ships travelling in risky waters even built to let hijackers easy access onboard by providing LADDERS?

I had a rope ladder to my treehouse when I was five years older. I pulled it up when I didn't want anyone to enter. Five year old me was literally smarter than every naval engineer in the world.
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Theyre not

Have you never seen that gif of those wanna be stowaways crashing their bkat into a cargo ship and then drowning because they had no way to get aboard

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What do you guys think of bamboo bikes?

I feel like it might be possible to grow bamboo on my patio and make bikes out of it and sell them to yupee hipsters in my city for extra dosh.. what do you guys think about these kits?

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they're heavy but actually pretty strong and nice, you can use them for touring but I don't because it feels too hipster
if you plan on just making money from hipsters (i would), isnt buyting bamboo a better option? like ork yourway with a bamboo supplier and stuff.. growing it could slow and time demanding (not sure)...sounds as an interesting business.. just add up costs of shit and see if its profitable .

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anyone on /n/ riding a uni?
im thinking of buing one; any tips on choosing a beginner uni?
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Not doing it
>that guy at college who rides a uni
>thinks skills are what you need to make friends
>really good at magic tricks, hacley sack, and checkers
>switches to community college sophomore year
>ends up being a pizza delivery guy
I ride occasionally. It's fun. Not even remotely practical, but fun.

My first was a 20" $40 no-name from Amazon. My second was a 26" Torker. I recommend getting the cheap one in case you don't actually like unicycling.

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Poorfag checking in. What's a good 200$-300$ Bike for getting around?

Pic not related
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Buy some used shitcan until it completely fails and discard it like a dead hooker
$200-300 is not too poor in the bike world
$300 will land you a bretty good used bike senpai

Wasn't sure where to ask, but does anyone have any recommendations on a knee brace? Specifically for cycling. My knees were shot before I ever cycled regularly and sometimes they're sore after a long ride.
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Guess I should mention that a lot of them I've tried have bunched up behind the knees or slipped as I ride and start to sweat
Have you ever had a proper bike fit done ?
Started off with the seat relatively low because of previous knee injuries. The aches got better so over the last couple of years I've brought it up to a proper height to get full extension on my legs and then I just played with handlebar orientation from there.
But no, in answer to your question.

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Guys am i the first to notice how close the Boeing 767 and MD-11 look alike? I mean obviously apart from the third engine and the 4th landing gear. The engines have relatively the same size and the front of the plane have almost the same design. Can i get a Nobel Price for discovering something like this?
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pic related is boeing 76- oops i mean MD-11
File: IMG_1443.jpg (13KB, 300x168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pic related is the plane that made me question everything when i saw one of them (same airline) getting towed to a gate; the md-1 ehh i mean the boeing 767..
This is the worst thread ive ever seen.. a bunch of airplanes are really similar cause the manufacturers copy eachother. I posted something similar about the suhkoi superjet and bombardier c series but i posted it in the thread already about airplanes instead of making my own thread like you did.

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I have 2.1" kenda small block 8s on a 29er hardtail. I want a more stable, safe grippy tire for dusty dry hardpacked SoCal trails. Im nkt sure whether to try narrower or wider. Ive heard narrow is faster, but Ive also heard wider is faster. I just want safe stable predictable tire. Currently ride around 28 to 30 psi.

Also, would it be okay to go a little wider tire in the rear since I have a hardtail? To provide more plush
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Kenda Nevegal.jpg
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>I just want safe stable predictable tire
Go nevegal front, small block rear.
>I have 2.1" kenda small block 8s on a 29er hardtail. I want a more stable, safe grippy tire for dusty dry hardpacked SoCal trails. Im nkt sure whether to try narrower or wider. Ive heard narrow is faster, but Ive also heard wider is faster. I just want safe stable predictable tire. Currently ride around 28 to 30 psi.


The inner width of your rims is one limiting factor. If you want fat tires and low pressure (you do), there is a point where your rims will be too narrow to use them properly. They will be "light bulb" shaped and squirm in the rear, also causes flats

I've only ridden socal once since moving here. Black Rock on 43c. It was raining so my narrow-ass CX tires cut through the mud while everyone on the 27.5+ tires was struggling. but outside of that I'd go as fat and low pressure as possible if you're not doing technical riding
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>They did this to a bandit

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A friend of mine is moving to another country and he left me this bike. How shitty is it and how could I improve it?
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Very shitty. You can improve it by throwing it into a river.
That bad?
it's pretty trash - a step above walmart BSO, really. At least it shouldn't explosively disassemble if you take it down a trail.

>be edmonton
>picking name for light rail transit system

>name it the lrt

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>be Calgary
>thinking of LRT name

>name it the cTrain


Only reason I like this shit city. Dank ass looking trains.
>literally the same train with a body kit
body kits are dank though. And the best part is the inside of it anyway.

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