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when you train semi early in the morning (8, 9am), what do you eat and how much earlier before you hop on the bike? do you take a shower before riding? i dont.
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On weekdays I train indoors on the kickr at 5 am. I don't have time to eat a meal early enough to reap its benefit for the workout, so I focus on getting my nutrition the night before. (No, 8 hours of sleep isn't going to void the carbs you put into your body.) I usually have a bowl of oatmeal and that will get me through a 1.5 hour TrainerRoad workout
About the last 6 weeks, because it's been regularly over 100 degrees out in the late afternoon/early evening, I've been getting up at 4:00am, out on the bike usually by 5:30am. I might make myself a coffee, maybe just an energy drink, and maybe some toast. You don't really want to eat anything too heavy before heading out for a potentially hard ride. I'll eat some actual breakfast after I get back, get cleaned up, and before heading in to work for the day.
some gels and a banana

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I am a designer and engineer at the company that makes a concept called AeroTrax....

It's an elevated Bike Tram that features an columnar support system to suspend the rails over streets, or in some cases attached to the sides of bridges and retaining walls.

It's a fairly inexpensive system at about 500K per mile of track if erected the right way, and makes an impressive transportation effort to move a mass of cyclist-oriented commuters over long distances with a relatively symbiotic mode of operation, similar to a seated exercise chair, but much more advanced.

Each individual can mount a bike to the rear of the pod, and being enclosed, an aerodynamic can maintain a faster pace of travel for the average person, that is relative to bike racing speeds.

We are hoping to make NYC the first project, and have interests from larger companies that are moving to innovate their lines of commerce, and assist the masses in their needs of providing safe commuting systems.
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A preliminary design is ready and we are pumping the ideas around the net to drum up support of the ideas.

BYoB is not a solution to making the schweeb more acceptable
You bs that you are en engineer at a company that designs some idiotic "bike tram"... Wtf is that?

You uploaded an image from this company that makes bike trailers and workhorse bikes:

Your trolling is too low effort...

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It's a 2000 Kenworth W900, 13 speed transmission, with a CAT3406 under the hood. She can go 115mph if I want her to, also General big riggin thread, or cool rigs.
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no one cares
Nice seafoam green

Also post dash
Top definition
Big Riggin'
When a female is laying on her back on the edge of the bed with her legs in the air and the male is holding onto her ankles, moving her legs back and forth, as if switching the gears in a big rig, during intercourse

Source: Internet

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Hello cycle men.

I'm in need of some advice and I'd really appreciate any help.

I'm about to start mountain biking as I've always wanted to start with a couple of friends and I now have a decent car with a roof rack that I can use to transport it to various trails.

While looking for a bike, a person I've recently become friends with offered me his Ghost AMR Lector 7700 with a few bits and pieces, originally for £500 - 600 but he's now saying he'd take £300 as he's desperate for cash due to his shit financial decisions.
It has a few issues, he reckons it needs a front and rear cassette (he reckons shimano xtr or xt), a chain, and I'm concerned there might be more issues but the bike was listed online for upwards of £3000 when it was new so I'm wondering if it's a good deal.

I only took pictures for the name and the serial number but I have some of the rims too that I'll post. Kinda kicking myself for not getting more but this is all I've got.

Should I buy it?
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That's very cheap. I'd be concerned that a guy that's presumably quite into mountain biking and knows how much it's worth is selling it for so little, I would say it's either fucked or stolen.

Looking at the first photo that's a pretty nasty scrape on the top tube, not a good sign with a carbon frame as it's probably been treated rough so you really need to know what you're doing when you check the bike over. If you have any other closer friends that know about mountain bikes that can have a look at it or the guy will let you take it to a bike shop to get looked at then do that, otherwise you'll probably want to steer clear unless £300 is fuck all to you and you don't mind spending potentially the same if not more.

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Hey all.
Post some good cycling documentaries.
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Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story (2014) is a good documentary that exposes what Fred wannabe idiots still don't wanna know: you cannot compete as a pro or even the highest amateur categories successfully without doping. There was in particular one scene where they pointed out what should have been obvious, Lance never showed signs of the great fatigue and pain he should have shown if he was subjected to normal human limitations. Also they took about how they sold team bikes to get off the books cash for performance enhancers. Floyd Landis was pissed that he had to ride crappier bikes because they sold those Trek team bikes.



Chengdu /n/erds, guess who this is, btw?
Around the World on a Bicycle
Thomas Stevens
Anyone got The Fire in the Frame? Documentary about Marinoni. I can't find it anywhere online :(

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Hi /n/ I have a practical question to ask.

I run and recently start a marine/reef aquarium service/installation business, and I have 3 employees now and I've divided out my clients from suburban which we have to drive to, to metro accessible city clients. Right now I offer unlimited ride metro cards to my employees but I wan't give them the leg up and offer the option of using a bike as well.

So I'm looking for a folding bike (the city I live in allows bikes on the train/racks on buses but not during weekday rush hour) that's light, utilitarian, robust and has some sort of cargo carrier with it.

This would be a great help since some clients are near but closer in bike range to a metro stop.

If I made an order, I would probably be 10 bikes since I'm going to do it on wholesale and assemble them if necessary.
The other option is using the bikeshare program in my city.
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those are crap bikes that weight a ton
otherwise they would all be stolen the next day
buy carbon racing bikes with frame bags
90s mountain bike with slicks

Why does it need to fold?

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Post steam still running and being restored to run again
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Gosh dang sideways pic but it's 1630 at IRM
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765 at Franklin Park Railroad Days, June last year
Also Soo Line 1003 is making a show at Galewood on August 12.

dude cyberpunk lmao
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What's the point of that asymmetrical front door?

Maybe do you at least exit on a foot step, rather than the coupler?


I think London has been recieving some pretty aesthetic shit recently

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Yo /n/egroes!

What do y'alls think of the South Eastern Chatham Railway 01 Class locomotive?
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Trains are boring. Get a bike.
bikes are boring get a car
Bikefags are bikefags. Get hit by a train.

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Quick /n/, where is this?
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everything looks busted, so I'm going to say either eastern europe or the northeast corridor in burgerland
I'm pretty sure it is in the Czech Republic, but if not it is for sure in Eastern Europe.
Beautimus m8


They had to re-route the railroad and waterway for the riverboat to build the new Star Wars Land section.
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Fuck Disneyland and fuck Star Wars Land, ruining NOS and Club 33 wasn't enough for them, they're not going to stop until they just gut the whole park from top to bottom.
How did they ruin Club 33?
They ripped out all of the historical stuff and the old lobby with the french lift and gave it a new entrance. It also ruined the Court of Angels and some of the facades in NOS.

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Went touring in the Alps recently. Oberalp pass seemed like a place /n/ would like. Beautiful landscapes, glacier express, very winding climb/descent etc. (couldn't see stuff for planes though sorry /gag/)
Show me your /n/ shangri-las
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post em if you got em

This is a "lombard"
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I don't get this. Is the blimp pulling the train or the train pulling the blimp?
Well, you see, it works like this: https://youtu.be/cbJSxl_9JQc

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hey guys can someone identify this peugeot so i can get the right decals? it looks like a uo10 super light frame but the fork throws me off because it looks like a uo10 course. Which one is it, or is it a different model all together? thanks guys
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Check for serial number. Maybe under bottom bracket.
>but the fork throws me off because it looks like a uo10 course
/n/igga please, a course fork with FUCKING HUGE mudguards holes ?

That's a "randonneuse" fork, with hardened "mudguards" holes because they are also purposed to serve for luggage carrier, or maybe a "porteur" bike
Considering ornaments at the top I won't be surprised it was made by Vitus

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/n/'s thoughts on DART?
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Those cars look cool. And it crosses the bridge JFK was shot while approaching.

-t. San Diegan who's never ridden DART

DART owns.

They're going to expand it into a legit subway system (right now Cityplace is the only underground station).
Pretty great rail system, bus system needs improvement but at least they're working on it. Historically, their main strength has been expansion, but while there are upcoming projects that need to happen, they need to get better at actually running it.

For anyone who is actually in DFW, which D2 alignment do you prefer? Commerce Street seems to me the best option, close enough to the current line for convenience but far enough to not be too redundant.

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