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The Queen of /gag/... FO Sabrina edition


Old thread: >>1088421
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I'd have no issue blowing in her stall warning horn.. if you know what I mean
Is she...dare I say it, /our girl/?

she's mine

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Post rare trains you encountered irl or in the internet.

Recently saw this one near Düsseldorf, Germany.
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For me it would be Gazelle here.
I saw a Ontario Northland rail car in Amsterdam last week, no pics.
Those DMUs were formerly owned by the AKN running local lines north of Hamburg.

In 2016 two of them were sold to a company called BayernBahn that uses them around Nördlingen.
This year they were leased to handle additional traffic on Düsseldorf's S28 during the Tour de France.

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Rolls Royce v GE v P&W
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CFM of course.
I don't get how jet engines work. The compressor blades push the air backwards but then the turbine blades use the airflow to turn the shaft. It just doesn't make sense that the turbine can provide more energy to turn the shaft than the compressor is expending to push the air. I guess the combustion helps but how does it only help the turbine turn and not slow down the compressor? Jet engines just don't make sense.
and then they do shit like this that makes even less sense

I'm pretty sure science is just an elaborate hoax by college elitists to make us think God isn't real

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They won't happen. If you believe this, you're a hype-drone retard

No, there are no self-driving cars on the market today. No, nobody is actually going to make one. They are Jetsons tech: nice to dream about, will not exist in our lifetime

Stop worry about them and chill. Also, Tesla and SpaceX will go out of business by 2019.

Ride on!

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You're dumb as fuck. I see them driving around literally every day. Not to mention there are a bunch of models out there that are already semi-autonomous.
>You're dumb as fuck. I see them driving around literally every day. Not to mention there are a bunch of models out there that are already semi-autonomous.

Oh look, a silicon valley bubble person. Remember this post, retard. Remember it when you're old and retired. Think about how naive you were, so arrogant. lol. Keep dreamin bub
They're pushing them, but I don't think they'll ever really catch on, not the fully autonomous type with no controls. It's all about psychology; people won't trust them because they can't control it, won't trust it, and it takes away choice. There are about 10 basic emotional needs that all people have and self-driving cars violate 3 of them. At best it'll be a more sophisticated 'cruise control' feature, or a safety feature to prevent you from rear-ending someone. But people just plain won't trust it.

Also the technology is being rushed to market by companies like Google and the auto manufacturers, who are more interested in making back the money they've invested than they are human safety. They have whole platoons of lawyers who will tell them that paying off some wrongful death lawsuits is cheaper than waiting another 5+ (probably more like 20) years to develop REAL 'AI', not the half-assed 'learning algorithms' they're passing off as AI.

Also, currently NO ONE has any actual PROOF that they're safer. All anyone has is Google and auto manufacturers' word that they're safer, and worse, they're being pushed by beaurocrats and politicians who have no fucking idea how any of it works, they just listen to all the HYPE and believe it because they don't know any better. The tech is NOT READY to be out in the wild. Your DOG is smarter than a self-driving car, and I'd trust a dog more.

What are the best looking bicycle jerseys currently on sale?

no /n/ jerseys do not look good you cringelords.
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Go to your local thrift shop and get a vintage one
That or sell an arm and buy Rapha
Maybe it's just my area, but you aren't going to find any cycling kit at thrift stores.
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Do people just not know how to use a roundabout?
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Yes. /thread
lazy faggots never use blinkers when leaving one.
I stopped looking at their indicators and watch their front wheels to see whether or not they're leaving.
Some faggot overtook me and swung right in front of me to make the exit, causing me to hit him. What a piece of shit.

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Im pretty fat I want to lose weight but in scared Im gonna get loose skin how do I prevent getting loose skin
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Fill space with muscle
Stupid fucking question. Either lose weight and find a way to deal with skin or stay fat and take years off your pife
You brainwashed media victim are not fat.
> years off your life
BMI of 25+ but well under 30 gives you longest life. That would be overweight in BMI terms.

Advice: Purchasing first fixed speed; Fuji Feather vs. Pure India

Hello all, I test rode two bikes today in fixed gear setup. I do have to ride Flat Bar style on both these bikes as it feels more comfortable and safe.

Fuji Feather: $490 (On Sale)
>Like: Speed, this bike is definitely not slow. Feels faster than the India. It is more aesthetically pleasing, and even though the weigh the same feels lighter. >Dislike: The handling is a bit wobbly. I felt like it was easy to lose control on turns or bumpy roads.

Pure India: $329

>Like: Aesthetically pleasing. Feels more stable on turns and bumps in the road.

>Dislike: Not as fast as the Feather, felt like I had more to give. While I'm actually kinda in love with the feather, a bicyclist friend who accompanied me told me for about ~$50, I can change the fixed cog from a 15/6T to the 12T. Then I can change the chain ring (43cm Micro: 40T Alloy , 47cm-64cm: 44T Alloy) to a 46T. He said this will solve my speed problem, and save me a ~$100. Does anyone own either of these bikes? I would greatly appreciate feedback! Thank you so much!
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>"fixed speed"
It's either 'fixed gear' or 'single speed' you autist.

Also that BSO in your pic is a 'fixie', i.e. a fake track bike that's only ever ridden on streets by hipsters.

If you want a REAL fixed gear bike (i.e. track bike) it has to have DROP BARS, NO BRAKES, and is NEVER ridden on streets (because it's unsafe without a brake). Learn the difference.
I ride a fixed speed, the speed is fixed at 30km/h.
I zoom past froome on the climbs.
You will love your new fixed speed bike! You will need to fix your knees, and your face after you attempt to stop for thr first time! Good luck have fun

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s class.jpg
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what do you think? 760 km
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Looked like pretty favorable conditions.
Thinking about stealing a hang glider since i'm autistic and have not been given a chance to get back into employment, and once i do, my brain cuts out bc of the merc,,, well anyway.. hopefully i will buy one before

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