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>Buy a bike
>Set height just perfect, where my knee is only a little bent
>spent 900$ on this MTB
>All of a sudden, with the seat higher the bike feels flimsy and a piece of shit

Regretting i bought a trek.
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>if you buy a trek, you might find yourself rekt
Maybe you need to bend the knee more.
>not wanting the seat as high as manageable for muh aero and range of motion
>not feeling confident/safe in a non-carbon bike
>not getting a used 1990's hard tail trek with knobbies

Unintentionally kys.
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bend the knee.jpg
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>".. my knee is only slightly bent"
This is your problem right here...

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>he removes the reflectors on his bike

It's like you don't care about safetey
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But spoke reflectors throw the wheels out of balance.
>remove shitty plastic pieces that do nothing and ruin aesthetics
>add on a quality light if you ride in anything other than the daylight

Reflectors and dork discs come off ASAP on a new or new to me bike.
Why? dork disc is there for a good reason.

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hey guys, new cycler here have some questions, hope you don't mind;

considering buying pic related for commuting in Istanbul, gonna be using it for medium distance, 3 km to work and 3km back 6 km every day. Shit roads mostly, is pic related ok for me?

I'm 1.90 and 90kgs, pic related i believe is 23inches frame, (59cm here), did some research and i think its okay.

so anyway, as i said im new, i kinda know the bike is low class, reason being my low budget, any ideas are appreciated. thanks.
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Raise the saddle to proper height
Clean and lube the chain
Check if the brakes are working properly
Learn how to shift gears

Other than that, don't worry and just go ride.
Blue and silver looks good. I would buy that, yes. Then after riding it for a month or so, see if you want to change the saddle. Or maybe the handlebars. Wear the back tires until its bald, rotate the front to back, and get a Schawlbe Big Apple

what he said.

apart from that that's basically the perfekt bike for you.

Using pic related, Giro Trinity, is cheap but not very comfortable.
What helmets do you use if any? How comfortable are they?
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Giro quarter, pretty comfortable. I don't have aby other cycling helmets, so I can't really compare it to anything.
Best helmet I've ever used was the specialized prevail. Super cool and comfy and very simple straps, although that means there's little adjustment which can be annoying

what do they do with airplane wreckage once the investigation is over?

do they stick it in some warehouse for all of eternity or do they just dump it?
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There's one NTSB uses for training.
>do they stick it in some warehouse for all of eternity or do they just dump it?
They have to stick it in a warehouse to hide the fact that jet engines don't exist
The entire air industry is part of the conspiracy to hide the fact that the earth is flat
When you board a plane, it goes into a tunnel under the earth to take you to your destination
Looking out the window, you just see a giant tv screen that makes it look like you're flying over a curved earth
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Pan Am 103 is in a a scrapyard in Lincolnshire

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>trackfags on the road
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Why was he going so slowly
>vehicles typically go faster, kill people, rarely face charges
At least he didn't take a plea in this politically motivated bullshit, like that guy in SF. The average pedestrian has less sense than animals when it comes to crossing the road.
The contention is that it's the law in Britbongistan to have two brakes on bikes. It resulted in death and as such there's criminal liability.

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What would he say if he was reading /n/ right now?
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>"we should build a road right through this fucking board and fill it up with /o/tists."
probably something along the lines of "oy vey"
"We should implement small posting bridges to deter those blacks from posting here."

Electric freight thread. Share your rare freights running under the wire
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The Virginian has an interesting history. Started by a millionaire and an engineer. Grades were so extreme they had to run electrics on certain parts of the main line.
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Melbourne's L clas loco used to do freight how ever i think they took more suburban passenger trains than freight. they were in sevice between 1953 to 1987
BC Rail: GF6C's that ran on the Tumbler Ridge branchline They never should have scrapped them.

The MILW also had some electrics that were interesting.

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Fuck, I got 30 seconds in and now I hate Fixies like 1000x more than ever.
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All of my this
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I actually like his videos especially that series.

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What went wrong? Automobile competition? Demographic shifts? Apathy?
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It was purposefully killed as part of the US Oil industry pushing suburbs and personal automobiles.
Nothing was wrong it it, it was just killed on purpose.
And that's it.

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