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Why is the F/A 18 so underrated?
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underpowered poor range and aerodynamic problems like the falling leaf and offset weapons stations and the engines are too close together
Your mom has aerodynamic problems
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Maybe the E/F/G models but the A+/++/C/D models have plenty of power.

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Is urban planning of the former Warsaw Pact/Eastern Bloc countries something the west should strife for?
Built around mass transit/public transport and equal access to amenities like schools and healthcare.

Also post Commie public transport of every kind.
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Pic related is Nowa Huta (currently a district of Cracow) built from the ground up as an "utopian ideal city" according to soviet/socialist ideals.
those commie blocks make me even more depressed

As for the whole planning and such, can't tell, as most if not all Eastern Bloc planning was already done taking into account previously established public transport systems and areas

As for my city, Riga, they wanted to build a metro, which would have probably collapsed , one of the main reasons why it was cancelled (also protests and other factors)

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low production volume
high quality (I assume)
Bug chunk (1/2?) of the cost is the shell. They might have bought molds for that, which would not be cheap.

You can build yourself an electric recumbent trike for under half that (new). I rode one for a few months, it was not for me. Dangerous and slow to ride in a US city w/o much bike infrastructure. Recumbent looks good on paper; there are reasons besides the UCI that they're not ubiquitous.
Because that's what hipsters can/will pay for it.
You can buy a decent used car for that much. Without even looking, I'd bet you could buy a used Prius for that much.

I'd be annoyed if I had to dodge around one of these because it took up the entire width of a bike lane on a public street. I'd be even more annoyed if I had to dodge around it on a bike path -- and I'd consider reporting it to the Rangers if one was available to complain to.

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My wife is a lazy little turd. but she's my lazy little turd!

She doesn't really care for cycling, and honestly, it's a seasonal hobby at best for me. So I want her to come along with me on rides, but her Wal-Mart bike is always so slow, and she gets tired and uncomfortable on long rides.

Are there dog/child carriers big enough for a 5'3" 105lb Asian woman? She thinks it's a funny idea to have me tow her, and I think it'd be a good workout, while also having her come along with me on bike rides.
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Tie a radio flyer wagon on the back like we used to do as kids

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did any video games make you want to get into riding?
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LOL no.

What I'd like to see though is a video game that teaches actual road racing tactics and strategy.

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After going back to my childhood 26" small frame bike, riding my 29er large frame feels fuckhuge. 6'1" ~185lbs. Is it too big? I love how nimble and agile the 26" small light frame is. However the trails near me are not technical, I need a big monster truck of a bike like the 29".
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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ITT we discuss why paramotoring/gliding is the patricians tra/n/sportation of choice
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Alright, you go first
people should be allowed to para sail to work from their homes and to their grocery stores.
you mean you don't?


Paddled boats thread(?)
like kayaks and canoes etc.

How do I know if a spray skirt is tight enough on a kayak?
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hol up
kayaking isn't always a sport though

is there even a point in this
A G G R E S I V E G E O M E T R Y? I mean this page is for buying and selling bikes in NYC so most of these bikes are meant for urban commuting with a small percentage of messengers. Would this even be practical or do these fucks just want to look cool hunching over at a negative angle while navigating traffic?
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They give you about a 2-5% advantage, moreso at higher speeds.
Important if you're doing 400W down the french countryside but if you're a hipster whose AIDS legs can't manage more than 100, then this aggressive 'fuck me in the ass' position is more for retaining flexibility for when big boys want to fuck them in the ass.
most of the people on this page are beans. As are, apparently, most messengers in NYC, not really hipsters, but working class. Also what is the practicality of having no brake fixed gear in the city? Another side effect of "Fixed gear no brakes cant stop dont want to"?
Yes, please let's not have this discussion once again

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>mfw I realized TdF peleton rides around 60kmh on the flat sections, and I cant even reach 50kmh sprinting
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Really makes you think
Really makes you think about what, exactly?
>hurr I suck so much I should just quit
That sort of shit? LOL. Nothing quite like defeating yourself before you even get started.
>If you're not as good as a professional, you're wasting your time and should quit!
That's one of the dumbest things that someone can say about anything.

Guess what? Even the top pro riders started out as slow and weak compared to where they are now. You're not a loser for aspiring. The real losers are the ones who won't even bother trying. Maybe you never reach that level. So what? For every pro rider who can perform at that level, there are hundreds and hundreds of amateur racers who can't compete with that, but that are head-and-shoulders above the typical garden-variety recreational rider. Even if you never even think to try road racing, you can still improve your level of fitness as a rider to raise you above the typical, ride-on-the-weekends-only-when-the-weather-is-nice casual. You crank up hills and make it look easy, and they marvel at how strong a rider you are. You ride for distances on the flat like you're a machine, when they have to slow down or take a break. You sprint to beat the light before it turns red, and they have to stop because they know they won't make it. It's all relative. Then maybe your efforts inspire some casuals to make an effort to improve. Who's the real hero now, you or some pro rider they may never have heard of and will never meet?
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