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... is that property developers are asking the city to make it for them at their new properties.... acc to vox, and they use Portland as an example.

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>2 mile Disneyland-like streetcars are shit
Who would have thought.
Clapistanis use Skodas?
pic rel

>ambitious 37 mile network
People didn't know this?

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Can someone redpill me on the Canadian Tire Supercycle SC1800?

I'm about to go buy this bike as its only 100$. I only plan to go cycling maybe once a week about 10-20km. I might not even ride during the winter, i just need to get to places for the next while cause i dont have any other mode of transport so i really dont want to spend over $500 taking into LBS and worry about it getting stolen. I'd rather work on the bike at home and develop maintenance skills as well.

From the info I've gathered this seems to be the 'Lada' of bikes in canada. It will most defintely need to be constantly maintained but thats no problem for me. I heard of some japanese kids touring with one across BC without much problems and articles citing it survives through the harsh Canadian winters.

Should I bite the bullet? I'm just afraid it will fall apart into pieces like some reviews say but thats really because they didn't do regular bicycle maintenance right?
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Low department store class. Canada is loaded with mountain bikes. A quality used one at a comparable price should blow the wheels off that hiten steel piece of crap.
New bike for a 100 bucks?
Abort man. Abort.

We all (or most of us sans douches with rich mom and pop) understand what being on a budget is.
The best way you can go with a 100 dollar budget is get a decent USED hardtail mtb and put the rest of the money in decent tyres and whatever accessories you may need (mudguards are definitely a plus).

What you posted is worst of the worst Chinesium grade stuff that noone sane would recommend to anyone.
If you're going to put work into a bike (no bike is maintenance free) at least make sure you're not trying mend what the stupid Chink in factory did to save production costs. A baseline of a decent old MTB frame will give you much less hassle in the long run.

You might even stumble on some gem that has good mid to hi-end groupset and hardware from the 90s too.
I bought my shoddy commuter/tourer for like 120 USD and it had a 90s STX-RC groupset in it probably from a different bike. It was a good deal.
OP you should be completely aware of the difference between spending $100 and wasting $100 on garbage that falls apart after a month. If reviews are saying it falls apart then that's a massive warning sign, since people who don't maintain their bikes don't complain about their bikes falling apart.

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Hey /n/, I'm thinking about purchasing the new Giant TCX SX. I get it at a really great deal from my LBS, and I plan on using it to race cyclocross, go on adventure rides, and my winter road bike.

Do you guys have a cyclocross rig? What do you think about them? Do you prefer a MTB?
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It may not be responsive enough for CX depending on how serious you want to get.
how wouldn't it be responsive? It's full carbon and has the "overdrive" headtube which is supposed to be the best steering system out there.
Have alu CX bike as my commuter. It's great around 95% of the year and the 5% it sucks on are days when fatty would be the only type of bike with which riding wouldn't be a chore.

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Okay /n/, I want your Input here. How Fucking Hard is it to reestablish fucking rail service between Philadelphia and Allentown? I find it disgusting that the 3rd biggest city in the 6th largest state in America is being stiffed, despite being one of the largest freight hubs on the east coast. Allentown deserves adequate passenger rail service. Allentown is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Why can't it have nice rail service to Philly? Which would then allow even more connections. I understand there a complications with laying new rail between NYC and Allentown, but The rails exist for a Philly to Allentown route, but they are being held hostage by SEPTA. The fact that I can't drunkenly stumble out of a bar drunk in Philadelphia and take a 3 hour train ride home safe and soundly depleats my faith in humanity. I am an angry man, an Angry man who is forced to drive the PA turnpike. An angry man deprived of a train. What are your thought's /n/?
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We don't want your trashy miner people over here.

Let's make Long Island great again.



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Fun trivia fact, nikolasv was born in dis island:
>Long Island

Trying to pick up a new hobby, I cycled before (when i was 13, now 21), and I really want to get back into that, the only problem is money, I'm still studying and I don't have a lot of money to throw into


(I know the page is in italian but I can't find for some fucking reason an english one)



this fit 100% in my budget, but I really don't know if it's good or not
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That's like a step above Walmart crap. Save up some more money, or buy used.

what manufacturer should I look at?
for the price of a new decathlon bike you'll get a superior in every way used bike and you'll have enough money left for repairs and a set of decent tyres.

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That's not even the first time Boeing has done something like this. They did this for the Dreamliner a few years ago.
>not having at the very least 3 engines


>implying you need to spend anything moe than $200 on a bike if you aren't Lance Armstrong

Pic and link related

What reason do you have to spend so much money on a bicycle? I've been doing 40 miles per day on this thing for 2 years now. Never had a bad issue and the maintanence isn't often.
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for bling and comfort mostly if you just do short rides, nobody is saying you're going to turn into a superstar from riding an s-works but the cranks probably feel a lot more smooth than the 200$ shitter that you ride. Bikes are an art, if you ride every day as your main transportation then might as well get the cassette, the brakes, the tires, the saddle, the cranks you prefer. If you're touring then you need the reliability regardless.
It looks like the same cheap "mountain bikes" that walmart sells but with drop bars

Why do you buy meat, and vegetables? I have survived the last 20 years on potatoes and mulitvitamins. I haven't died yet, fat cat!

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>on public shuttle
>tard gets on bus
>severely limited, possibly Downs
>starts singing Elvis Presley - Falling in Love
>the entire song
>sings beautifully, sounding exactly like the original, no mistakes
>gets off bus
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that was you being visited by the spirit of Elvis Presley via a retarded prophet. wish I had been there.
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>big momma black lady gets on train
>few stops go by
>big momma walks to back of train car
>drops pants
>starts shitting in front of everyone
>whole train car smells like shit

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Guys can you help me out?
Where can a guy get a sub 400$ dollar fixed gear bicycle that ships to canada?.and not one of those shitty zyclefix/purefix bikes. thanks
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>sub 400
>not shitty
Pick one
Get a real bike instead

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Sup /n/iggas,

I need me a bike.
Getting fat. Want to negate that. Walking sucks. Can't run/jog cause my ankles crap out after 2 weeks. Loved riding bike as a kid(30 now) and a really fat friend(like 300+lbs) lost a shit load of weight by riding a bike. I want a new bike but I have some criteria and I know dick about bikes so here goes...
>I'm 6'2'. Long legs. Need something for my height.
>i want some gears.
>its going to be mostly ridden on the road/sidewalks but I don't want to be able to take it off the beaten path. Not mountain biking or anything like that but I want it to handle riding through a field or going off the road shoulder.
>reasonable price. I don't want to spend a mortgage payment on a bike but I know cost and quality usually go hand-in-hand. I'm think 300-400 is my max range.
>heres the kicker- I'd prefer American made. Or at least not Chinese made.
Help me out peoples
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>heres the kicker- I'd prefer American made.
>I'm think 300-400 is my max range
Buy a bus ticket to northern NJ and steal Nikkipoor's used Waterford
Giant is taiwanese but still great quality. However, specialized is an American company.
>Go anywhere commuter
That's a tall order and it's likely not going to happen. Your options are winning the Craigslist lottery, dropping one of your requirements, building your own bike starting from a relatively low cost made in America frame, or a 90's rigid mtb.

Many big name American manufacturers, have their frames made in Taiwan anyway.

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UK MTB Thread?

>pic related
Anybody around Exmoor know where this trail is?
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holy shit that guy was mobbing

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How do we fix Acela?
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You fix the NEC not Acela.
Quads speak truth. That whole line is barely up to high speed grade, which means the Acala can barely stretch her legs.

I just do not understand how they make it a high speed train, and then limit it on subpar track. Bringing it up to snuff with better track and catenary would be an economic initiative and would make the service even more noteworthy.

The trains are fine. It's the tracks that need to be upgraded to handle high speed traffic. Frankly I'm not sure why amyone rides the Acela except for the longest trips across the NEC. It costs about twice as much as the regular Northeast Regional and is only about an hour faster on the whole stretch from Washington to Boston.

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Hi /n/, you have some general tips for driving? I've been taking lessons for a while now but I still don't feel quite "in control" of a shift car despite driving decently, i.e. I always feel like I'm barreling forward through turns unless I spam the clutch. Often my left foot will hurt after a lesson. Am I being too rigid or is driving just hard?

And general tips would be appreciates.
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Look for cyclists and peda at all times, all times. Use your blinker at all times or I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU.
It has to do with the 'mechanism' by which our brains allow us to be tool users: Any tool you use becomes, so far as your brain is concerned, an *extension* of your body, like a new limb you've gained. Believe it or not that also applies to driving any vehicle. The catch is that you have to be consistent and experienced enough with that 'tool' for that phenomenon to occur. You're not experienced enough yet for the car to feel like an extension of your body, it's still this foreign 'thing' that you're struggling with. This will come with time, consistency, and experience.
just keep at it and eventually you'll find it becomes natural.

it took about a year for me to get to that point, although you can drive just fine before everything becomes fluid.

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Is it possible to get a speeding ticket if you take off from normal road on Cessna 172 in Alaska?
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you can get a whole bunch of other shit for operating an aircraft on a roadway
da fok outta heah nigga

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