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Why do motorists revert to autistic screeching children when you call them out for being in the wrong?
Some guy literally just tried to ram me off the road after he pulled out dangerously in front of my bike and I calmly told him to look where he was going.
Last night a guy cut me off by pulling an illegal U-turn whilst on his phone and then gave me the finger when I asked him to put the phone down and pay attention to the road.
Why is it so hard to just say sorry and maybe next time pay attention to the rules of the road?
Courts need to get more aggressive with the ban hammer imo. Driving awareness courses clearly do fuck all to break people's bad habits.

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Just punch one of the mirrors off to teach him cause and effect, and get on with your day. There's no point in getting mad at a cager for not having any situational awareness or knowledge of traffic laws. It's like getting mad at a dog for pissing on your rug. Your personal feelings do not contribute to the training process and should be set aside.
m8 put ur fooken mouth shut you cunt
Is this viable?

I've wanted to punch quite a few mirrors off but it's obviously illegal. If I do it when they come to a stop and bike away, what are the chances I'll be in deep shit?


>cuts off traffic hoping it stops and gives him the right of way
>run red lights, stop signs, ignore any and all road signals
>cuts through pedestrians on the crosswalk
>"I ride for the adrenaline rush [of being a dangerous piece of shit]."
>the fucking comments section on this video
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that if this guy is the pinnacle of bike messaging then bike messengers are human garbage.
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We are
worse is when they can't judge how wide a gap is like at 3:05
So does this guy just ride away after he fucks up someone's paint?

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Why are there so many goddamn buses in Seattle? I mean holy shit there were no less than 3 buses on that particular intersection at any given moment.

How do you cuckd city fags deal with it? Last time I was on a bus it was absolutely disgusting with weird people everywhere. I mean, we literally made fun of other kids in school for taking the bus, and now they're all adults they all take it like good little goys.

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Imagine all those people were in their own cars, or even on bikes, and imagine the death of all movement in the city. Buses are needed more than ever but when the majority of people who take them are considered 'undesireables' it is usually linked to where you are going or coming from more than the mode of transport.
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Build more roads faggot.
The way Americans look down on buses never seizes to amaze me. It's just a mode of transportation. And a pretty effective one at that.

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Hey /n/ any Londoners like to offer their opinion? Which were better, the Boris Busses or the Bendy Busses brought in by Ken Livingston?
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>Bendy Bus

Are you 5 years old or something?
No, just british.
We actually call the connected long buses bendy buses.

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So what causes someone to end up purchasing a spider? I can only imagine that their thought process goes along the lines of "hey I'd like to ride a motorcycle, except I don't want any of the things that makes motorcycles cool." So why do these things exist?
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>why do these things exist?
for people too fat to ride a normal motorcycle
And for people that donĀ“t have a motorcycle licence.

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>that post ride sock peel feel
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>that first-week-of-the-season sunburn
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>That post ride shower during the winter months
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>that i ordered a 3/4 zipper jersey by accident and now the only way its coming off is if i tear it in half feel

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an Axa defender frame lock with optional plug-in chain lock hole
You know.. I'd think that if you really want a bike lock that really positively protects from theft, the right way to do it is to make the lock integral to the design of the frameset in such a way that if you destroy the lock, you destroy the frameset and thus the value of the entire bike. Couple that with wheelsets using bolt-on axles, using some sort of proprietary nuts that require a uniquely shaped tool, and that you can't just clamp onto with Vice-Grip pliers or anything like that, so that even if they cut through the chain/cable/whatever locking the wheelset to the frame, you won't be able to unbolt them and make off with them. Of course none of this would mitigate the ever-present threat of a frustrated thiefs' Crab Mentality act of destroying the bike because he can't take it.. and any bike designed this way would be bike-sharing-level, not anything high-performance. In the end the best way to prevent your bike from being stolen is still to not leave it anywhere out of line-of-sight, or even indoors anywhere someone can just walk off with it.
>I lost both my primary and spare key(within one day,I,ve seen this too many times X_X)

Better destroy that bike :^)

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>check weather for commute tomorrow
>see this

Goodbye /n/ it was nice talkign to you
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I used to live in Fresno and commuted nine miles each way during one summer on bike because all I had access to was a Jeep that cost $4-5 each trip in gas. You'll make it bro.
>15% humidity

must be nice.

meanwhile here in the South. the temperature is 79, but the humidity makes it feel like 90.

i guess that's cool. Just means that CA is 112? But hey, it'll feel like 100 in the shade instead.

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Elastomers on the seatpost instead of suspension forks. Dumb?
Never used one but i figure it is the same as using a soft saddle
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>Elastomers on the seatpost instead of suspension forks.
It's not a one or the other. The seatpost is to keep your ass comfortable while sitting down (though it doesn't work because it's a dumb gimmick). Suspension forks are to keep your front wheel on the ground/retain traction on rough terrain, they aren't for comfort.
It is if you arent riding off road
You'd be more comfortable on a well worn in hybrid (basically a "road bike" with wider tires and maybe also a MTB drivetrain geared for low torque).

What are your thoughts/recommendations with turbo trainers?

It's going to start snowing soon.
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Rollers or bust
Why not just go for an actual ride?
Use one if you must, but it's always better to ride outside, even if you have to bundle up to do it. For many people riding indoors on a trainer is highly demotivating over the long run. Also you may not get the same quality of workout using one. Also by not riding outside you don't improve your bike-handling skills; all you're doing is turning pedals. Get one if you must but ride outside whenever possible.

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