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Should i go tubeless?? I
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I ride downhill BTW. So far ive had 3 pinches in 6 months
>ride downhill
there's your problem. Your life may be improved by riding your bike for the purpose of transportation instead of to break bike and human parts.

I found tubeless to be a huge pain. But I don't like bike maintenance and I like when the bike pays me instead of having to buy things for it all the time

Huge pain? You must have had something wrong in your setup.

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velo speed.png
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well /n/, time to start saving up for a velomobile
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What kind of bitch ass old man made this chart? On my single speed i ride at higher speed than the "racing bycicle" in this shit
I remember as a child my top flat ground speed on a mountain bike was 40km/h.
That, "strong headwind" catagory really makes me cringe. I would probably ride directly home, so it wouldn't matter.

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Fauber edition.

How do I get the left bearing cup removed without destrying it?

It was like two hour operation few last times and now I don't have half the tools.

Planning on using heat tomorrow (butane camp stove), will report how it went.
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Use a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer.
Reverse thread?

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Is using a derailleur as a chain tensioner okay? I removed all the cables and tuned it with the little screws. It seems to work okay. Any reason not to do this?
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Yeah its ok. would look, feel nicer, and be more efficient if you shortened the chain and used your nice long dropouts to tension it though (although if everything is worn to shit that's likely to drop a chain under load). Could go Dringle or tringle like a boss
This comment is legit. You have no need for a tensioner with those dropouts. You could even ride fixed if you wanted.
If he's still using the front derailleur to change gears, he'll need a tensioner.

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An invention or just another fad for fags?
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another fad for fags
Well rather simple gear shifting, compared to deraileurs, looks like an advantage. But what when the roper got longer over time?
I have heard it got banned from races, because it gives too much of an advantage

So I want to get to my Uni by bicycling on a dedicated bike trail I have near my house (no cars) but I'm horrible at biking because I had brain surgery and lost my balance. Is there a guide out there on like learning how to bicycle and what is a good height to have or position with the handlebar? Thanks in advance. I also put this on fitness
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I'd be more concerned about the height of the saddle; since you're learning, put the saddle at a height where you can comfortably (leg nearly fully extended) place your feet flat on the floor.
You'll be able to retrain your brain to ride a bike again.
There's no real 'guide' to learning how to ride, since it's basically keep trying until you get it. I recommend learning somewhere soft so when you fall over (and you will fall over) it's not so bad.
Practice over and over again.
Find a small hill, like a 1% inclination or less, and try maintaining your equilibrium. Do as >>1102573
said and lower your saddle so that you can stop with your foot. There's no good position nor height for the handlebar, it depend on your flexibility. You can go to a lbs after you mastered the way of the bike to get a pro fit.

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Patricians choice.jpg
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It's like you hate the warm soothing light markings of your incadescent headlight,illuminating the road before just enough to pave the way for a safe journey on a slightly windy tuesday night.
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>destroying your tire sidewall with a shitty dynamo
its like you're too lazy to plug in a charger
I don't want my light to turn off when I am stopped.
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>he uses tires which sidewalls can be destroyed running a feather along it.
Tupical trackfag

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Should I her pic related for short commutes and general fucking around? I'm looking for the bike equivalent of a Supermoto
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If you hate yourself, sure.
elaborate pls

For me it's the parclo interchange
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>sharp circle entrance ramp
>Encountering traffic lights immediately upon exiting the freeway
Why is this better than a full clover?
It's almost entirely at grade so it's much less expensive. Also full clover is not necessary for arterial road exits only for other freeway connections
Less weaving

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Post bus pictures here
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This one gets the old people to where they need to be.
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